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    • Questions and Issues with the Upgrade - Post Here
      Before when I would click on a post it would take me too the most recent unread post in that thread.  Now it just takes me to the first post and I have to scroll through and skip through pages. Is there a setting that I can change to have it do that again?  Thanks
    • Double Overhand Axle Deadlift World Record
      Burke versus Horne on any day during 2013 or 2014 would have been no contest. The Mighty Mitts contest in Ohio in March of 2014...Burke went 15 for 15 in the medley. He would not have had any experience in those implements. He simply "goes for it". If he dedicated training to "grip" (instead of just thick bar and some gripper work), he would be FAR ahead of anyone to date. In recent years, David has tended to have contests featuring implements invented designed and sold by David. As far as I know, I am the only one on the planet who has "competed" in the same contest as David, Burke, and Chris James. In 2007, in England, Chris James was injured after three of the five events (torn bicep from the one-inch Vertical Bar). His two hand pinch on that day was 80kg I believe. Had he finished the contest, he would have finished third behind Horne and Gardener. That day, Gardener lost to David by less than one point out of a possible 500. I am not sure there is anyone who "competes" who is as serious and methodical and scientific as David Horne. That has a lot to do with his success. Mike Burke on the other hand...practically "reckless" the way he shoots for things. I don't think that the IronMind "Fit Expo" contests are the best judge of grip contests. Burke dominates. I don't think that the Mighty Mitts represented the best of a grip contest. Burke dominated the 2014 one in which he fully competed. I don't think that the International same day contests that David runs are the best representation of grip contests. David cleans house with those. Burke has never competed. The format I would like to see anyone compete in, the best test in the world, are the US contests held in Ohio run by Andrew. In the Summer of 2013, I mentioned that to Burke. He sounded intrigued, and chimed in "Andrew's a good guy, yeah, sounds good". Love to see him, David, Alex, Rich, Chris James, Steve Gardener, and the usual gang of participants (plus Chad and Wade) in it. It is, in my book, the best overall test of a balanced approach to grip strength. Despite the efforts of many fine people over the years, something like this has never happened. And, unlikely it ever will either. So, we will all just speculate and pontificate.
    • Avasatu's Training Journal
      Workout Bodyweight: 164 lb 2/10/16: Press/Block Pinch Contrast before workout. Squats for CNS. Rear delt flies between Press sets. Opens/Closes/Rolls between pinch sets. Seated DB Shoulder Press (paused on shoulders, full extension): 45s x 8 55s x 6 65s x 3 75s x 6 2" Sorinex Overhand One Hand Block Pinch (RH // LH) : 48 lb. x 5 54 x 1 58 x 1   64 x 5 (4 min) 64 x 5 64 x 10 R // 20 L then 2 more right PR.  Reps were done alternating sides.  Pullup Stuff: Typewriters feel weird and stressy on the joints on this gyms pullup bar (it's not an actual bar), so I decided to go for weighted ultra wide, thumbless pullups: bw x 5 +25 lb x 5 +45 x 3,2,1,1,3,3 starting ultrawide and moving in every set, 10-20 seconds between sets only. This pullup bar is both thicker and less grippy than the one at my old gym, and the grip goes much wider. I was kidding myself before when I was doing sets of 8-10 with BW +45 "ultrawide" at my old gym. Got some work to do. However, pullups are bothering my hip sciatica. Especially one handed stuff. Gonna nix the one hand stuff and try out just good old thumbless wide weighted stuff. It's not my form for sure, which is strict as can possibly be on pullups I think. My back isn't feeling too good right now, so something needs to change there. Functional Trainer Rear Delt Flies (2 Handed): lvl13 x 20, switching top hand at 10. Thumb Ring (pauses at top and at full extension) (2 handed): 15 lb. x 10 15 x 10 15 x 10 Notes: Felt good. Sick Pinch PR, tied my Shoulder Press and rear delts. Upped dynamic thumb volume.  Pullups/low back kinda garbage, but oh well. Persist and pray!
    • Under the Spotlight - Grip Profile - Juha Harju
      Juha is my true inspiration, This really was awesome to read. 
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