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FAQ - Date of Each List

Bill Piche

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This was a good question. 

Question: I was just wondering why none of the lists have been updated for years? There's a rule with only 1 submission/week, does it still apply? 

Answer: That is just the date on the original start of each list (when each was first created).  When you edit a list, it does not change the date of the thread when it started. So, the lists have been updated with names as people do the feats for years now.  When a person does a feat, we don't put a date next to their name on the different lists so the only date is when the list was first created.  It gives the perception the lists have not been updated when in fact they have.  So, yes, the one feat per week rule applies. 

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We also put up a thread in the main Gripboard section when we add people to lists.

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