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    • Nuttgens
      Today’s training Just got home from work last night after a 10 day shift up north with the gym closed. Today was the first workout after 10 days it felt good to work out but it’s getting frustrating constantly having to take time off the gym. I am still behind where I was at the end of 2019. incline press 2 sets 8 reps 1 set 7 reps 175lbs landmine rows 3 sets 8 reps 150lbs chin ups 3 sets 8 rep 40lbs reverse hypers 3 sets 20 reps 65lbs face pulls 3 sets 15 reps 130lbs DB preacher hammer curls 3 sets 12 reps, 10, 8 30lbs
    • AdamTGlass
      Continuing the tradition of a winter grip contest started by Eric Milfeld and Paul Knight - we will have a DFW Grip contest this February. 27 Feb (Saturday) 4 pm. Weatherford Tx.    this contest will be held on private property and will absolutely be hosted on time. PM if you have questions/concerns. Guests are welcome to protect themselves as they see fit but no one will be asked to anything other than enjoy themselves and lift strong.    classic 4 event contest with ArmliftingUSA rule set  - Silver Bullet hold with Captain of Crush grippers. A new out of the package #4 will be used as we have multiple competitors in reach of World Record- highly likely to see the record moved this weekend. Contestants will have 60 seconds on the platform to establish a good lift. The timer begins once the athlete has the tool correctly set in a single hand. The judging criteria will be consistent with league standards. Athletes will be given 3 attempts to establish best hold time.    Rolling Thunder lift. Last man standing. Lifts judged to lockout with down command. Contestants will be allowed unlimited attempts as long as they successfully lift each attempt. Lifting belt is permitted, all other support equipment/tacky/liquid chalk is forbidden. The opening weight will be determined day of event by consensus of competitors.  Double Overhand deadlift on Apollon axle. Last man standing. Lifts judged to lockout with down command. Conventional & sumo stances permitted. Straddle lift&behind the back are not permitted. Lifting belt allowed, no straps/wristbands/knee wraps/suits/tacky/liquid chalk. The hook grip is not permitted. Lifters will use only the double overhand grip to lift the axle to the ArmliftingUSA league standard of lock out- head is up knees/hips/spine erect. Unlimited attempts as long as last lift was successful.    two hand pinch deadlift on the 3”x4” saxon bar. Last man standing. Lifts judged to lockout as per ArmliftingUSA standards. The Sorinex bar will be used. Only double overhand grip is allowed. Sumo or conventional stance permitted, no straddle or unorthodox starting position. Lift will be same standard of lockout as the axle is judged- head up- knees/hips/spine erect. A lifting belt is permitted, as with Rolling Thunder and axle no other equipment is allowed.  Unlimited attempts as long as last attempt successful.    after the 4 official events for contest position we will feature a record breaker for the Ironmind Blockbuster lift, the Ironmind little big horn anvil, and the Dabloom two hand key pinch by John Oka. These events will be submitted for leaderboard position but will not count for the meet podium finish. These events will be judged by ArmliftingUSA rule set for the leaderboard, all rules will be explained before the event begins.    Venue will be released closer to event but location will be Weatherford Texas, approximately 50 minutes west of DFW airport and 30 minutes west of downtown Fort Worth. There are many options for travelers to stay from 1 to 4 star in Weatherford and up to top accommodations in Downtown Fortworth.    contest entry for ArmliftingUSA members $40 dollars. I will serve Chili & brisket, byob. Those with RV /travel trailers pm me if you would like to stay at venue.    weigh ins will begin at 2 pm. Contest rules and immediate start at 4 pm. Contestants Please be at the venue no later than 3:45 pm. Guests and spectators are welcome.    We will judge the contest by weight classes and as an overall. Top 5 trophies will be awarded for the overall.  I will post additional details as we get closer if there’s anything you are wondering post here or message me directly. This event will feature some of the best in the nation and some of the brightest up and comers I truly look forward to seeing your efforts on the platform 💪💪💪💪💪    
    • AdamTGlass
      That kinda monkey biz will only work on scrubs and new guys - you don’t want to get in to a mindset of grip limited submissions - for every submission you want maximum leverage & power transfer from your spine to one tiny end of motion on their joint. Against a skilled player my grip strength can delay the opponent but I still lose the same as a weak handed guy - remember bjj is where weaker people crush stronger people it’s not about strength it’s leverage. 👍👍 where you roll at? 
    • AdamTGlass
      15 Jan 2021  training 4-5 days a week and smashing PRs every week  for 2021 Arm Lifting numbers are off to good start  axle - 440, 3” Saxon 271 lb, rolling Thunder 229, silver bullet #4 8-10 second  still not actually in range point wise to secure a first place with Tanner but closing the gap.    some feats  double 45 lb plate curl  120 lb two hand key pinch on Dabloom a WR  thumbless axle hold with 288 lb for Andy Bolton’s challenge over 30 Seconds  some cars tearing    training every week without fail 
    • Kluv#0
      Additional information. IM Axle Bodyweight timed hold: BWT 185lbs and under 1 x 1 second held (example- actual 60 second hold would be 60 seconds total) BWT 186- 230lbs          1.25 x 1 second held( example- actual 50 second hold would be 62.5 seconds total) BWT 231- 260lbs           1.5 x 1 second held (example - actual 40 second hold would be 60 seconds total) BWT 261-300lbs           1.75x 1 second held( example - actual 35 second hold would be 61.25 seconds total) BWT 301lbs plus            2 x 1 second held ( example- actual 30 second hold would be 60 seconds total) Women- no weight categories   Wrist Medley - 9 items with 90 seconds time limit.     
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