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The 50lb Blob Falls To A Grip Punk

Bill Piche

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I lifted the 50lb blob today to full deadlift. Basically two months after I lifted the 45lber.

I want to thank Rick Walker and his KTA - The Blob Program. I knew that when Rick lifted the blob and did so using KTA principles, that I would be able to do it as well. Or, more so I was pretty confident I could do it. This is not a slam on Rick and he knows this. I know Rick is very determined and is a “thinker”. He takes his genetics farther because of this. After 30 years in the Iron Game, you have a tendency to be able to “spot talent” or assess genetic potential – at least with a good guess. So, for myself, I was not at the back of the line nor was I at the front of the line either. I think Rick fits in there somewhere as well and we have actually discussed this in the past.

So, what’s my point? My point is I now believe the 50lb blob is not much different than closing an average #3 gripper. Well, this grip punk lifted the 50lb blob and I’m only 5’9” and weighed in at 183 this morning. My hand size is 7 5/8”

By me lifting the blob, I have proven that it something anyone with an average size hand can do given some dedicated training. Rick actually proved this first, but for some reason people have ignored his program. And, that is a mistake IMO. So, with me doing this, it puts the nail into the 50lb coffin.

I basically took Rick’s program and applied it with some minor tweaks. Here are some other observations to share with others.

If you are not at the front of the grip genetics line, my belief is you must SPECIALIZE (Nick McKinless has pointed this out several times in the past) to perform some of these feats. That means dedication, discipline, and opening your mind to new thinking with respect to training the hands. Total focus on the goal.

You must figure out how to manipulate your own body’s alarm response with respect to recovery. This takes time and experimentation

Those guys with stud like genetics can go much farther. The 50lb blob should be a toy for you-- if you applied the same principles including some specialization.

The wrist and the strength of your wrist or lack of strength will affect where you can go with wide pinching and thick bar IMO.

My pinch was ZAPPED for about two weeks thanks to the Powerball (especially in one area of my hand that Rick addresses in KTA the Blob). In the end, this little puppy filled in a last gap in strength for me that I believe helped me lift the blob. I had to stop the powerball by the way for a week to get the “rebound”. You’ll note my PR Powerball has gone nowhere. Again, I screwed up myself and I could not do both powerball for a goal and the blob. I had to go back to specializing on the blob only.

To point out again about me being a grip punk, a few people have asked about why I have not gone into the Mash Monster yet. One reason is I must specialize and was working the Blob. Another is I probably don’t have the genetics to go past the MMG1. This is not being negative, it’s just the fact. I had to bust my chops just to close the #3 with consistency. To get the MMG1, I will again have to specialize on grippers only. I don’t have enough “stuff” to be able to lift the blob and be at the top of my gripper game at the exact same time.

In addition, I think one could probably put some sort of “overall strength” marker on the ability to lift a blob or close a #3 gripper (old way, not the credit card way). I’ve done a lot of thinking and given someone with an average build size (length of arm, height, weight), a guess might be if someone can bench press 300 lbs and has average hand size, they have it in them to close a #3 or lift the 50lb blob. Just a theory!

A couple tips. With the blob, you must be either in one direction FULL or the OTHER with respect to the blob surface. You either have to go fully dirty (chalk, etc.) or fully clean. If you go in between, it puts variation into the fray. I like going fully clean. I recently re-painted a couple of my blobs and you’ve probably heard people complain how slick they get. They do, but only if your hands are dirty. Guys have also said to “rub chalk all over them” and even some dirt. Again, you need to decide what works best for you – either fully clean or fully dirty. Not in between.

Thumb clamp. I continually added rubber bands. I forced the addition of them on almost a daily basis! The video clip shows this as well. Progression.

The “workout” before grip, for most, will result in superior grip performance. That means, squats, deadlifts, presses, etc. A good sweat up and nice and stimulated! I had just performed a full body workout prior to lifting the blob.

In hindsight, I would get some magnets for microloading. I probably could have made faster progress.

Hopefully, I’ve opened up some guys minds by lifting this thing. I fully believe there are a ton of guys on this board who can do it. If a “grip punk” can do it, so can you!

Here's the video clip: http://www.cyberpump.com/gallery/album158

P.S. Thanks to Eric, my lunch time grip training partner, for the battles at lunchtime and telling me I was a wuss.

P.P.S. I had figured I was due for a "rebound" effect but was shocked when it came up so easy. When I did it, I was shocked how easy it was. The grunt/strain on the video is one of concentration due to it being the second time I lifted it. I had to run and get the video camera, then my wife called (great timing!), and I had to grab my son to shoot the video.

“Over the years I have come to believe that the people who are successful in the world aren’t the most talented ones or the smartest, or the luckiest, or necessarily the bravest. The ones who make it are the ones doggedly determined to succeed. They are just plain tenacious. They refuse to be beaten and they are totally committed to succeed.”

Dr. Judd Biasiotto (PLUSA, June 2004)

“Your talent determines what you can do, your motivation determines how much you are willing to do, your attitude determines how well you will do it.”

Lou Holtz

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Congratulations Wanna! :rock

I measured my hand up against the dimensions of the blob and had to write it off my list of goals but now i'm not so sure!

Lucky you got a video! although it would have been hell funny to see you have to lock your own post under the proof rule J/K :tongue

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Congrats Bill - a great grip accomplishment!! :bow


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Huge accomplishment! Congrats!

Thanks for posting personal insights stating your training

philosophy for this feat

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Good work Bill! :mosher

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great job bill! calling yourself a grip punk doesnt give you the enormous credit you deserve, because without you, all us grip freaks would all be left without something we love-THE GRIPBOARD! congrats again, you fully deserve it. BTW, I do not think the mash monsters are as above you as you say. i think you could do well for yourself.

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Rick actually proved this first, but for some reason people have ignored his program.

Congratulations on a huge milestone. :bow

I think the reason the program hasn't taken off is due to the difficulty in attaining Blobs not a lack of interest or fear that it can't be done. Assuming you find one, then you'll probably pay a premium price and have to pay shipping on something that weighs 50-100lbs. Hex-heads are available but personally I want to be able to say I lifted the Blob, not "I lifted a xyzlb hex head so I know I could lift the blob". If I ever get my hands on a Blob, the book will be my next purchase.

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Great news Bill! :mosher

I always knew you had it in you. I am glad I could help.

Rick Walker :rock

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I want to thank Rick Walker and his KTA - The Blob Program. I knew that when Rick lifted the blob and did so using KTA principles, that I would be able to do it as well.

:rock I think we should rename the particular training program the RWTA after Rick Walker its developer.

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Way to go, Wanna!! :bow Since I have the BLOB myself, and a set of them... maybe I should start training to lift it! You've given inspiration to everyone here!! Congrats!! :D

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You guys will get it if you train for it. No question in my mind. You may have to specialize for awhile.

Thanks everyone.

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Great job! What's up next? :mosher

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Great job! What's up next? :mosher

Good question. I think doing it with my left hand for one thing.

The MMG1 is another one to go after.

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