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Race To The Red


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Its now my goal to beat Clay to the red.

I'm going to actually decrease my frequency, but increase my volume. I was bending 6 days a week. I'm now going to bend 3 or 4 days a week and lever sledges 2 days.

Bend schedule will be something like...

1.high volume light

2.medium volume heavy

3.medium volume light (sometimes I'll omit this day, depending on other training)

4.low volume maximum effort

Other than bending, my workouts include training with stones, farmers walks, hub lifting, sled drags, sprints, truck pulls, kegs, and a little traditional weight training.

Today's bends-medium volume, medium effort

10 TT's (5 twist)

10 common 60d's (shiny HD)

5 IM blues

I have much respect for you Clay, and present this challenge if you want to accept it Big Brother. :rock

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Yes, lay out ALL your training secrets for me to harvest...I mean steal...I mean laugh at...yeah, that's the ticket! ;)

Sure thing man, I'd be happy to race you to the red. Good luck to you! I know I will definitely need some luck!

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I know you will Clay a rough time. I have no doubt that you will be U'ing Reds. Just don't get so motivated that you break every bone in your arms from the elbow down! :flame:rock


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This sounds like a fun challenge!!! :rock

Based on recent form I would have to back Clay so far, but reading Thaibox's post he seems to be ready to put in the real hard yards, so it will be interesting to see who gets there first :cool

Good luck to both of you :mosher

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How far along would you say that you and Clay are at this point? Are you guys right around the 240k bar? Good luck to you in your race to the red!

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My best on the challenge bars is a 220. I think Eric has the advantage in that he has more experience and is probably a stronger bender...but I am MUCH better looking. ;)

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...but I am MUCH better looking.  ;)

This may be true, but I look better sporting my COC t-shirt and hat :D

I haven't hit any challenge bars yet. I need to order some to see where I'm at. I suppose that will be the only way we can really guage our progress. I'll order some today. All I have is blues, various h/crs, and all the 60's I can get my hands on.

Here's a pic of some things I've done since I've been back home after my surgery. Nothing too special lately. The top row is blues(shortest is 4 5/8). Middle is different types of 60's. The rest are just misc crap I've picked up.

some bends

Edited by Thaibox
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This is gonna be great watching you guys duke it out on the Road to Red. I'll roast the popcorn.

I wish both of you the best of progress! :rock

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Thanks guys

Today I did a lot of stone carries at waist level for distance, with a few shoulder carries with smaller stones in a creek bed.

See Clay, we're both tall, bald, fat, tatted, and ugly.... :Da pic of me carrying a stone too far

When I got back I had a very light bending day.

some 3/16 and 1/4 square stock from 5-7"

a few TT's

a few uncut blues

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I couldn't get either one of the links to work. Maybe Yahoo doesn't allow direct linking"

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That works, thanks. You're right about the ugly thing. ;)

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I'll keep updating the stones gallery for random crap.

Amazing! I didn't think stones that big could be lifted, unless they were like the ones used in the originalStar Trek series. I'll have to try some smaller ones sometime.

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Did a lot of carries today and some overheads with smaller stones. I have a reallllly bad sunburn, so shouldering rough rocks was painfully motivating :D


-Grade 5 this is the first G5 I've bent in a single attack. Went immediately

through all stages of the bend. Felt good.

-5" G2 bolt easy

-4.25" G2 fairly easy but painful

-2 pretty hard 60's

-4.5" IM blue ouch.....starting to not enjoy shorty bends too much.

Pic of today's bends updated in my "bends" gallery. G5 is on the far right bottom.

I want to do more G5's but I left them in CA, and I've been to every single hardware store within 45 minutes of here. I'm getting pissed. Everyone carries G2 and G8 but no G5 from 5-6". :cry

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Yes, a great milestone the grade 5. Congrats!

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Thanks guys

Today I finally found a place that sells G5's and 8's in every length!!!! The old dude that worked there said he'd make sure they were always stocked just for me :D HEHE!!!

Todays training.....


heavy x 5


heavy x 4

That was it. Had to give my back a rest.

took a couple pics of my hi-tech sled that I made. I put them the stone part of my pics link.

Gonna do some light-high volume bends later.

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Worked a tractor tire over with a 14lb sledge for 5 sets- high reps, overhead and side. My arms/grip got pretty smoked.

Shoulder medium stones x 10

I tossed the stones as far as I could(not far), instead of OVP, after shouldering them.


1 Grade 5 , 6"

10 G2 , 6"

5 60d's common

I may try a couple more g5's this evening.

Wanted to bend heavier, but the sledge work really exhausted my wrists/forearms. So even squeezing out the g5 was quite a chore. Next heavy bend day, I'll go for multiple g5's.

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Okay. Add another 11 5.5" g2's and 10 TT's to today's total.

Extra volume courtesy of my realization of Clay's progress so far.

Thanks for the motivation big bro :rock

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And comin' around the first turn, we have Eric Townsend gaining on the Monster Man himself- Clay Edgin! But this battle has just begun, race fans...

Great, firey workout, Eric! :rock

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