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You are right considering the picture, however there the abs are with 4 names.

I train like I selected the body since I was 20 years.

Calves/adductors/hamstring/quadriceps/low abs/midsection/obliques/low back/latissimus/shrugs/trapezius/wrist/fore-arm/


For me this works, because when you use the full anatomy it is a bit too much.

But thanks for correcting if I was wrong.

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Today a very carefull workout; still feel nautious and dizzy.

For the strong man comp. (will decide at the begin of next week if it is sinfull to go out there)

Log lift 40kg: 4x (each time touch the ground after a rep) 60kg:2x

Against the wall 2 arms stretched out: 10kg: 25seconds/35sec 15kg:31 sec

Posing for 5 minutes and boxing 3 min.

2 PR's on the one arm chinning: both hands 5 reps

A lot of stretching because I can hardly move my fingers and arms and loosen the muscles by arm turns.

Now off to work for a couple of hours. Used to work 42 hours, but because of tiredness and pain now 22 hours.

I work for myself so that gives me rest and I know later the possibility is there to work more hours everyday.

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Did some throws today with the weight for distance (max 5,00 meters) 25kg

Stonethrow 22kg 5,00 max.

Around 25 throws and than it feels heavy in the end.

4 sprints in the sand

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Got up at 4 o clock. zzzzz. Felt like Rocky 1: only didnot put 4 eggs in a glass and drunk it. :whacked

On the crosstrainer for 20 minutes.

RT:57 l+r:2x 72 failed on both arms. Wristturns 7,5 kg:3x15 hammerwristcurl 7,5:l+r;10x

Tonight will work on the strong man; now off to a long workday.

Changed my goals: 28th June: Strong Man 6th September:Strong Man/Highland Games 28th Septerber:uphill sandrun

17th October 7,5 km run in Amsterdam


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A few strong man exersizes today:

Against the wall stretched arms 10kg:0.53 Dumble deadlift 2x42,5:3x 2x52,5:4x 2x62,5:3x

Log lift 60kg:4x 70:1x SQ:10x10 10x30 Combo goodmorning/twist 30kg: 12/20x SQ/Goodm/twist 50kg:12/6/12x

Dumble row:42,5:5x 62,5:4x Back shrug 2''bar:101:3x 91:5x Bent over row 2"bar 61:6x/8x

Hanging knee raise 2x10 Bench press (knees in the air) 8x60/5x80 Seated neck press:12x30/3x60

Seated calf raise 1 leg 20kg:3x20

4 sprints/2 Parkruns (wet track) 32.30 minutes w/D1 (run)

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Super ab-day and over 1.300 reps :D

I was feeling good about my numbers lately, but not about the way I felt afterward, so I decided to do much reps and not look at kilo's today.

Twist:30x/40x/50x/60x/100/120x with 50k in neck:16x Hyperextensions:2x12 +4kg:2x12 Crunch 2x15 with 5kg:2x15

Kneeraise on decline bench:25x/30x/20x/30x/20x/35x Leg raise:12x Reverse hyperext:2x8/1x6

Goodmorning 10kg:25x T-bar:49:6x/10x Plate wrist curl 10kg:50x Pinchblock 1h 12kg:l+r:8x

1h Pinch: 2 plates x 5kg:L+R lift 3x5kg:R lift L no lift Dumble pull-over 12,5k:15x 17,5k:20x/23x

Sitting goodmorning 4kg:20x 24kg:25x Dumble press decline bench 2x17,5:6x Dumble press/flye 2x17,5:5/5x

Lateral side raise 2 plates of 1,25kg:20L 20R/3 plates of 1,25kg:8L 8R Knee raise:20x/23x/20x leg raise:20x

1 Leg seated calf raise 17,5k:50 per leg 2leg seated calf raise 20kg:120x

Cooling down crosstrainer 6minutes 1km; stretching

Will feel this tomorrow, but good for the muscles to have high repping since ages ago.

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Medley:dumble walk 2x47,5kg 16m/One handed V-bar flip 102kg: 2 flips/3 plates 55kg 16m: 47 seconds

Log lift (after 1 rep touch the ground) 70kg:2x 75kg:1x Against wall arms stretched out 14kg:30 sec 16kg:31sec 21kg:7 sec

Dumble deadlift 2x72,5kg:1x (feels like 2x120 timbers or a Peugeot 106/206/306)

Rope with 70kg between legs and walk (=3000kg truck) 4m 100kg 4m (=5000kg truck)

Dumble deadlift for hold 2x62,5kg:31 sec

Highland Games 12 stone throws 10kg Min. 7meter max.8,30 PR on the square stone (PR round 10kg stone 8,54)

Weight for distance without cord 10kg:10,5-12 meter Highthrow 10kg 5-6 meter.

Don't think I will be number last next week, even though my preparation is only 10 days. :flame

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7 o clock in the morning: did a few strong man exersizes and it went well:

Log lift (1 rep)40 and 60 very easy and 80kg over my head, but not stretched out.

Dumble deadlift for hold 2x62,5 kg:48 sec 10kg against wall stretched arms in front 10kg: 1 min exact (was my goal for today)

Now off to work. Take care and train hard.

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The last few trainings are really for Saturday; still doubts in my mind whether I should go or not. The strenght is there,

but like yesterday I couldnot eat untill 4 o clock in the afternoon and if this happens Saturday... :cry

2"wristroller 80 cm up/down: 2,5kg:3x3 Hub 13kg: 3x L+R 2 brick pinch (14cm wide) 1 lift

3 minutes boxing on the punchball 6 new poses

Crosstrainer 2km in 10.34 (1st km5.42/2nd 4.52!)

Benchpress with a 40kg stone:8reps

3 sprints Stonethrow 10kg: 10 throws max.8,10 Weight for distance 10kg:12,30 PR (was 12,20)

Some abwork with hanging knee raise/twist.

I am very tired, because of a little bit overtraining I guess; my head wants it, but my body cannot follow.

Hope for improvement...

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Today 25th of June I am working in my own town so I can train 2-3times short:


Logdeadlift and then hold 80kg:3x + 30 seconds

Dumble walk 2x42,5kg:34 meters 1 hand V-bar flip:122 L+R 3x 162kg:L+R 2x

Stretched arms against a wall 10kg:44 sec 13kg:33sec 18kg:17 sec

Walking with a cord on a bar and pull 120kg (=7500kg truckpull) 4 meter

Wallsquats:2x8 with 5kg 10x Twist 70/40x Twist/broomstick twist/bent over twist:50/30/40x

hanging knee raise:13x/8x Leg extension with dumble between foot 15kg:12x/15x 20kg:10x

I am still deciding to go or not and will do that Thursday night after the last training.

The trainings go quit well, only the problem is that I am not feeling so well.

2/3 training to go and hope for the best :)

No more legs, because they must not be too sour :happy and no sitting in the sun.

Friday no work (nice to be my own boss) and then an afternoon in the outside jacuzzi? :erm

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A hopefull training: not all on the max, but still...

Streched arms against wall 13kg:35 sec PR 15kg:35 sec PR

Log lift 70kg + hold for 30 sec

medley: Log lift 70kg (1) log walk 70kg 20 meter/walk with rope and cord 100kg(truck 5000kg)8 meter/1 hand V-bar flip 162kg both hands: 1 minute exact.

Front press 50kg:4x 60kg:4x Neck press 50kg:4x 60kg:4x 80kg:2x

Twist/jump squat/goodmorning 10kg:100/10/25x V-bar flip (like the sound KABOOM) LH 212kg PR RH212kg PR:3x PR

Hanging knee raise:5x8 Cross trainer 15 minutes D1 60%/D2 30%/D3 10%

Will decide tonight weither it makes sence to go or not. I am positive but am not allowed to go for the maximum.

These are the exersizes for the comp. Saturday:

Truck pull 9.500kg

Log Lift (max)

Deadlift hammergrip (car for max)

Medley: timberwalk 2x80kg/wheelflip 340kg/loading a fust of beer 80kg (better to drink it IMO) ;)

Accu hold against a wall as long as possible.

75% in my head says go, but my body is still weak specially the lower back and the (of course) abs/stomache and I don't want have bleedings or pain because of 1 comp.

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Will decide tonight weither it makes sence to go or not. I am positive but am not allowed to go for the maximum.

Then you shouldn't compete imho.

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You are right, but i can also step out after 1/2 events and noone expects anything from me, because I've only prepared it for 10 days and the others know about this comp for 6 months.

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In the morning after getting up and having diarea (the watery shit) decided not to go. First time since years that I have this; felt nice for me, because it is cleaning me inside. A friend of mine said that I do perfect numbers for a natural athlete, (he is not natural) but I must look at my history of the last couple of months and if something would go wrong it can affect me for the rest of my life.

I am training today and was yesterday. Will put this on the Gripboard later.

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I felt good about the decision I made not to go and appear stronger than now at the next comp.

Did a few combo's: dumble walk 2x62,5 kg:16m and log lift 70:22sec

Dumble deadlift 2x62,5:3x and log walk 70kg 24 meters: 34 sec

Highland Games Stone throw 22kg:5,10m WFD 10kg:12,00

Marathon 2x40 minutes Hanging knee raise 3x8 Hanging twist 2x24 Crunch 2x25

Rolling Thunder 57kg LH 2x RH 8x PR

Squat 5x30/5x50/6x80 Goodmorning 6x30/5x50

My concern was specially focussed on the length of the competition; sometimes a match takes 6-8 hours and that weakens me, because my trainings are maximum 60-75 minutes. Log lift and deadlift puts to much pressure on the inside of my stomache, so training in stead of a match was a smart move and helps me to recover better. ;)

Will start preparing for the rest of the season with an improved schedule.

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It was my first big workweek since a long time; (55 hours) can be the reason that I was not writing in my log or the heat?

My friend (Steven) and I have no competition for at least 2 months so we decided to have a nice competition for ourselves.

We want to see who is the better allround athlete; not who is stronger or better, but allround=multisports

The rules are: 2 times at my place and 2 times at his place.

First we rule out 5 events that both couldnot choose from. First our sizes:

Steven 1,85m and 106kg (anabolic) I am 1,88m and 85,5kg (forever clean)

These are the sports we could choose from: Highland Games max 2 events,Weightlifting 1, Strong Man 2,Athletics 2, Grip 2,

Powerlifting 1, Bodybuilding 3.

He ruled out Loading, medley and Weight for distance

I ruled out Bench Press, Squat and Front Press (Bench Press and squat is not possible to win when you are clean)

Another rule is choose 5 events and the one that is your choise will start.

He chose:1.Standing neck press 2. Maximum 2"Deadlift 3. Clean & Jerk 2" 71 kg for reps (was 2nd from Holland ages ago :D ) 4. 1-hand push-up (He doesnot know that I train according to the Rocky movies for minimum 10 years ;) )

5. Standing Barbell Curl 54kg.

My choices: 1. Stone Throw 10kg 2. Sprint 50 yards 3. Dumble Deadlift for hold 4. 2"V-bar max 5. 2x Parkrun =650m

We get 1 point for a victory

This was the surprising (?) outcome:

Steven Marco

1. Standing Neck press 110kg 90kg

2. Stone Throw 10kg 7,75m 8,21m

3. 2"Deadlift 205kg 175kg

4. 50 yards sprint 6,87sec 6,34sec

5. C&J 2"bar 71kg 6x 8x

6. Dumble DL hold 2x62,5kg 27 sec 1min 15 (my best exersize = 2x100 farmers hold)

7. 1-hand push-up 15x 16x (could be my choise)

8. 2"V-bar 94kg 102kg

9.St.barbell curl 54kg 14x 9x

10.2 nonstop Parkruns 3min 3sec 2min35 sec

Together a homevictory 7-3; First one to get 21 points wins 75 euro

The training from the last week will come later; first celebrate this; it is going better with very weak and good days.

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The training went well this week.

Abs: Twist 2x25/40x/50x/60x with 10kg: 40x Crunch with 5kg:2x15 with 34kg: 10x/8x 44kg:6x (Burning :flame ) Crunch 10kg with knee raise 10kg:10x knee raise 10kg:12x hanging twist 2x16/22x with 2kg:22x

Leg raise decline bench:25x/3x22 with 2kg: 3x13/18x/12x hanging knee raise;10x with 2kg:8x/6x/8x

Side bent 2"dumble 8kg:2x12 decline knee raise with 6kg:2x12/20x

Crunch knees in the air:16x/14x

Squat:50kg in 4 parts going down 110degrees and then hold down for 3 seconds:3x 1x85


Combo:Seated neckpress 60kg/Bench press (knees in the air) 60kg (spaghetti arms):3x/6x

Seated neckpr.50:8x 55:5x 50:5x bench (knees in air) 5x50/5x70/4x80/1x85

T-bar row:59:8x 79:2x5/1x8 101,5:3x Bent over row 2"bar:61:2x6 81:3x Dumble row:42,5:3x/5x 45:6x

Back shrug 2"bar: 61:2x8 81:6x/8x

Hyperextension: 2x18/reverse 2x15 with 15kg:hyp:10x rev:10x

RT LH 42:1x 62:1x 72:- RH 42:1x 62:1x 73,25 -

RT L+RH 42:4x 52:4x Appolon's Axle:4x61/1x101/2x121 1h pinchblock 22:1x/4x/2x (both hands) 2"DL:141:2x (lots of pain) Wide front chin 15kg:4x 20kg:2x

The rest i must look up, because I have a new book for a new start: 6-7-8 Today's date; Must get rid of a few bad habbits and this is a good day to start the beginning of a new life.

I donot know if I continue writing, because it takes a lot of time and my goal is for 51% achieved.

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