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My Recoverybook


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Since 3 years I have big stomacheproblems. Every 2 months doctors have to make sure 2-3 liters of fluid has to come out.

Friday I had my second session and it feels slightly better, so I think a recoverybook is good stuff also for people with injuries, sickness and other health issues. I can train at a level of 70-80% (no maximumattempts)

I will start training with my log today, Sunday 24 may 2008 and will try to write my things on paper as often as I can. :)

I am happy that I got the geen light to continue my training; one of the most important things in the life of a powersporter.

I am Marco Bouma, 37 years, 85kg, from Holland and these are my performances:

2003/2004/2005/2006: strongest man from Noord-Holland

2001: 2nd place weightlifting champs of Holland

2003: 2nd place Highland Games (B-Class)

2006: 7th place European grip Champs

2004-2008: 18 runningcompetitions: 2,6 km minimum and half marathon maximum

Personal records: Tire Flip 400kg - 2 time

Car Lift: 320kg

Truck Pull 15000kg: 16 meters

Medley: timberwalk 2x70m 20m/Car flip/Barrel rum 80kg 20m: 31,5 seconds

Appolons Axle: 143kg


1 hand pinchblock: l 27/r 33

Hope you will enjoy the log ;)

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I hope your recovery and training will go well. I will follow your log, bro!

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Hey, I know your name.... Probably have heard it on dutchbodybuilding where a lot dutch strongmen are active.

Didn't know you where serious into grip as well though. Will follow this for sure.

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This feels so good...really thougt this had to be the end of my sporting carrier, but it is not! I'll be back.

2 trainingsdays. The first one was after 4 weeks without weighttraining and it felt like having s.x.

1. 20 minutes of running outside and then 7 sprints from 50 meters.

That was the warm-up.

Upperback: rowing with the RT 17kg:3x6 27kg:2x6

bent over row 50kg:10x 70kg:6x 90kg:3x

T-bar row: 79kg:2x6/89:4x/5x/106,5kg:3x/4x

Lowerback:hyperextension:2x20 reverse hyperextension:2x15

This was the first one after a long break and :D.

2. Legs: problem because it gives a lot of preassure on my very weak stomache and mostly also in the lower back so a

very carefull training.

Front squat: 50kg: 6x/60kg: 2x4

Squat: 50kg:7x/80kg:3x/85kg:2x/60kg:2x6

Leg extension: Footweight (2kg) +12,5 kg dumble:12x/15x footweight + 22,5 dumble: 8x

Calves: seated with a dumble on 1 leg:25kg:25x/35kg:25x/40kg:20x

Standing with a barbell in the neck: 50kg:8x/80kg:8x/85kg:8x/60kg:2x8

Chest: Concentration Bench press(foot and knees in the air!): 70kg:4x/75:5x/85:2x

dumble pull-over: 27,5kg:15x/37,5kg:8x

Lower,upperabs + obliques: twist 150x,hanging knee raise 2x15,crunch with 10kg:25x/with 25kg:20x

I have done more, but that was more because I was so happy to begin a training and be able to finish it.

Since January it was only 2 sets grippers, 1 set pinch, 1 medley,and maybe a medley and that 2-3 times per week and with

so much pain that I really thougt take no more than 10kg per exersize, but 2 times losing 3 liters of fluid and a few kilo's

makes a happier world for me. 4 more times and who knows?

I know the numbers are not good, but all will come in time. :D:D:D

Thanx Flo for your nice post. Hope to see you maybe this year if all goes well and with permission from the doctor.

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Thanks for all the nice posts. I have some good news;maybe because sporters have a higher painlevel or because we recover better from injuries, but my doctor has given me green light for 2 matches in September. :D

I have a few goals now: A strong man/highland games match and a run from 120 meters against a sandhill. 40 meters high.

So 33% climbing.Heavy!!!

I have had 2 sessions with the doctor (4 to come) and the healingprocess is enormous according to his words.

Double good news: back in training and in 3,5 months my first competition. ;)

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Today the first Grip workout. The 2 days before was to improve my fysical condition. In the morning a 3 km. run and after my work 6km. running. I was really lacking condition.

First a medley. Pick up as many objects in 1 minute left and right:

Objects: 2'' V-bar 82,5 kg; hub 15,5 kg; 1 hand 2"bar Deadlift 61kg; gripper RB 130 (after 1 rep go to the next one): 8x

RB 130: left: 6x right: 12x

Appolon's Axle(hands over the bar): 101kg:4x 116kg: 2x 111kg hold: 15 seconds (hands under the bar) 111kg:2x

Rolling Thunder 57kg: l:2x2 r:2x2

1 hand pinchblock: l:22kg: 5x 27kg:2x PR :D 28kg:1x PR :whistel r:22kg:5x 27kg:2x 28kg:1x

2"V-bar 82,5kg: l:4x r:4x On 102,5 1 inch from the floor but not enough.

1 hand chinning both hands 4 reps.

This felt very well and records was not my what I expected, but gives a very good feeling.

Tomorrow I go for it again, but then also a bit strong man training.

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Good news, :) I had another session at the doctor and I handle it very well he said; we will now go for 1 session per month instead of once every 2 months, because the weightdrop has stopped, (I lose 2-3 kg per session) because I eat well -6 shakes per day, a lot of water, protein and fibres. In the middle of October he said I can perform 100% without pain.

After this news I felt strong and with 87kg a bit heavier than before.

I have also set goals for 2008/beginning of 2009 (will put this in my signature)

The weekendtrainings:

1. Parkrun 300 m.(difficult turns): 1.08 minute / 1.04 minute (=practice for the sprint on a sandhill)

25 minutes running

2''backshrug: 10x61kg/8x71/6x81/4x101 1 hand side raise stretched arm:10x7,5kg/8x9,5/6x12/5x14

T-bar row: 10x70/8x80/7x85/4x100/3x120/2x125

finishing with ab-work: twist 5 sets minimum 50 reps/hanging knee raise 5x10/crunch 4x20

2. V-bar singles: l:82v-102v-104,5v-114,5v-124,5v-134,5- -(two attempts failed on the 134,5

r:82v-102v-104,5v stopped, because of an elbowinjury (overstretched)

RB 130:l:8x r15x/l:6x r:12x 210C r:2x

partials on the 210C l:3x/3x/3x r:8x/6x/7x

partials on the 240C l:2x r:5x

RT l:42:4x 57:3x 62:1x 67:1x PR!! :):D

r:42:4x 57:3x 62:1x 67:1x

Standing barbell curl: 10x34/ 8x36,5/ 6x40,5/6x43,5

For 2008 I want to compete in 1-2 strongman/highland games competitions, 5 running matches and if possible 1 Gripcontest and of course the run uphill in the sand. climbing %: 35%

In the beginning of 2009 compete in the bodybuilding contest for Naturals.

I like especially that there are still goals and that the recovery is going well. MY stomache still makes a lot of noise, like a waterfall sometimes, but it goes well ;)

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Today for the first time an outside training; it was raining so hard that everyone was at home and than...practice.

I guess about 40 stonethrows with 10kg: distances 23-27feet (7-8 meters)

weight for height 10kg: 8 left and 5 righthand: about 5-5,5 meter high

Weight for distance: discus throwing with a 10kg weight (without handle) 10meter

5 sprints in the upcoming water and a few ab-exersizes: I came home as a black man and smelling...like horseshit,

but satisfied to go out.

Nice have a few days off from work. Tomorrow back to regular business.

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Thanks Chris,

Writing on the Gripboard is addictive I think; I write more now than the past 3 years.

Did some fungripping after the rainy beachtraining.

thumb/pointingfingerpinch: l and r: 2x5kg plates

thumb/pink: 5kg plate

3 plates of 5kg: l and r:2reps

6 plates total 8kg:1 and r goodlifts

8 plates total 10kg and 9 plates 9kg:no lift: too wide, but nice sounds to hear on the ground

hammerplatecurl (is this a name? I give it this name) 2x2,5 kg:l/r:20x/20x 2x5kg:12x

reverse RB 100??? :1x/1x

For the rest:twists/hyperextensions/rev.hyperextensions (helps relieve the pain on the back and stomache)

Goodmornings and reverse goodmornings to close: goodnight, sleep well,train hard and go for it.

Inspiration to train use Rocky music/films EYE OF THE TIGER/THERE IS NO TOMORROW/GO FOR IT!

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Had a very bad wednesday. A lot of pain, so decided to skip 1 training.

Today 45 minutes of jogging in a very slow pace.

Also why I do more than 1 sport. I donot have the power to be at the top of one sport, but when you put everything together I win a lot of medals and cups, because I participate at minimum 4-5 sports and I like to look at the every now and then. :)

I am inspired by looking at the logs everyone is writing; keep up writing in your nice log.

Tomorrow will be a decent training, but I see that rest is needed.

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When the feeling is good then I have lust to train and I felt good after a bad day.

Dumble walk 2x47,5 16meter (dumble is about 60% heavier than a timber)

Medley: dumble walk 2x42,5 16m/Caber 45kg 16m/Platewalk 16m 3plates of 20kg:52 seconds.

By the way: I train at home, so every 4 meters I must make a turn and that makes medleys at home hard.

Dumble row(upperback): 47,5kg:4x5

Posing 10 minutes for the natural BB championchip in February

3 minutes punching on the punchbag

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Today in the burning sun a Highland games training.

22kg stonethrow: 10 throws about 5,20m max (almost broke my record)

25kg weight for distance 10 throws 5,10m max

22kg highthrow about 3,5 meter high

Swimming, because this was on a small beach.

This is all for the games in september and for the combined HG/SM/Grip match if sponsors and location are known.

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A few very hot days;could only train in the morning. The addict will be at the warmest 45 degrees.

1st & 2nd day conclusion (have no idea in which order I did it: ab/obliques work: hanging knee raise:8x/8x/12x/12x hanging twist: 16x/16x/20x/22x

twist:80x twist with 30kg in the neck:30x/20x twist with 80kg:10x crunch with 8kg:25x/12x

hanging leg raise:3x6 leg raise on a decline bench:15x with 2kg on the feet: 12x/16x

combined:hanging leg and knee raise: 5&5

Lower back: goodmorning:30kg:10x/12x hyperextension:25x/15x reverse hyperextension:18x +8kg on chest:8x

Appolon's Axle: 61:15x 101:6x 111:4x 111 hold: 18 seconds PR (was 15)

Rolling Thunder: LH 42:12x 47:11x 52:6x 62:1x RH 42:16x 47:10x 52:8x 62:1x

Gripper RB100: l+r:5x RB210C: RH:2x reverse gripper:RB100:l+r:3x RB130:l+r:1x gripper hold:LH:0.12 RH:0.10

Gripcombi: RB130/RB100:l+r:4x130/8x100

Chest:Bench Press (knees bent) 15x55/1x85 Dumble pull-over: 32,5kg:12x/16x 62,5kg:2x (unofficial dutch record):

never seen anybody using more than 45kg in this exersize:my singles record on this is 75kg.

Chinning: wide front:2x6 medium front:6x 1 hand chin added with 2 footweights(2kg):LH:3x RH:4x +7,5kg:LH:2x RH:3x

1 leg seated calve raise:42,5:2x20 62,5kg:12x

Finished with punching on the boxingball, posing and stretching.

Had a short day with my job;now off to beach and later watch Holland-Italy (0-0?)

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A small training today.

2 Parkruns of 300m: average 16km/h Too hot 80% intensity

15 minutes on the crosstrainer 2,56km: min.hartrate 64 maximum 117 average 93 about 10,1 km/h

T-bar 12x59kg/8x69

bent over row 6x70 dumble row 8x32,5 3x52,5

twist 120x

crunch with 10kg:27x

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Did a nice medley today: V-bar 92/RT 52/dumble walk 2x42,5 16meters/V-bar walk 92kg 4 meters (2 hands): 45seconds

2" backshrug 61 kg:2x8 Nosebreaker 34:8x 44:4x Barbell standing curl:34kg:8x 44kg:6x

Bent over row 70:2x8 Table set gripper 130: L+RH:3x Wristcurl 2"bar 61:2x/3x (heavy) RT52:l+r:2x 62 both hands 1x

Twist 100x

Had no more time, because of a very intense workday.

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Recordsrain :D Something has happened with me since I began writing my log. I have broken 10 records in the past 4 days. My doctor told me I would loose minimum 10-20% of my power, but he forgot spirit,mentality and a lot of will power.

Appolon's Axle for hold 111kg:22 seconds (was 18) 126kg:11seconds (was 9) grip under the bar 116 2x (was 1x)

Sprinting about 50 yards 6.02 seconds (old 6.33)

dumble pull-over 40kg: 12x (10X) Hanging knee raise with 2kg on the feet:15x (14x)

1-hand chin with 15kg on the feet:LH 2x (was 0) RH 3x (1x)

1-hand pinchblock LH 27kg 3x (1x) LH maximum 29,5kg (28kg)

I love writing in my log, because normally I break a record every 2 months and now 10 in 4 days :whacked

The rest of the training I will write later.

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A good few days behind me; these were the work-outs I was doing.

Grip: Appolon's Axle:5x61/5x71/6x101/3x116/1x116 111hold:22 seconds PR 126hold:12seconds under the bar:116:2x PR

Reverse gripper:RB130 LH 2x RH 1x table set:LH1x RH5x

Pinchblock 1hand: 17kg L:18x R:12x 27kg:L:3x PR R:2x LH max 29,5kg PR

Rolling Thunder:62kg L:3x PR R:1x 72: both hands from the ground but not high enough.

Plate wristcurl 10kg:20x/20x/25x Sitting leverage:1,5kg:L+R:15x

Wristtwist 2kg:L+R:50x 2''v-bar:L+R82 107kg failed both hands (would be a very fat PR)

Chest: bench press feet in the air:16x50/4x80 dumble pullover:20x30kg/12x40 PR/15x30/17x30

Flye on a decline bench:2x12,5kg: 12x 2x17,5kg:16x

Squat below 90 degrees:5x55/5x70 Goodmorning:6x55/4x70

Twist with 10kg in the neck:120x with 25kg:50x Crunch with 15kg:28x with 25kg:21x

Hyperextensions:15x/17x/15x Reverse hyperext:27x with 15kg on chest:10x

Back Shrug with 2"bar61kg:2x15 1 handed stretched lateral raise with 2''dumble 10,5kg:8x/12x

Biceps:preacher bench curl 17,5kg(1 hand):2x15 Standing barbell curl:10x39 3x59 T-bar rowing: 6x94 4x114

Triceps:dumble in neck 10kg:2x10 Nosebreaker34kg:12x 54:3x

Seated neck press:7x50 4x55

Chinning:Neck chin with 2kg added: 6x Wide front chin with 15kg:5x Biceps chin:12x 1H chin with 15kg:LH:2xPR RH:3x PR

Extra Abwork: Hanging knee raise with 2kg: 15x PR/with 15kg:6x

Leg raise on a decline bench:20x/with 2kg:12x/15x/20x the same only with knees and 2kg:15x/15x/25x

Calves:1dumble seated calve raise:10kg:50x/60x 15kg:50x

Fingerpinchblock:Thumb+pink:3kg all others also 3kg/Thumb/pointing finger:8kg L+R Thumb and middlefinger both 8kg

Medley: 2''V-bar 83kg/RT 47kg/dumble walk 2x42,5kg 8 metres/dry highthrow 2 plates 30kg/3 plates walk 55kg 8m.

In 2 minutes as much as possible. Every exersize I did 2 times so 10 in total.

8 sprints: fastest 6.03 PR Crosstrainer 3 kilometre in 17 minutes.

For everyone: keep a log for yourself and write about it; it may help you to improve yourself and I hope I can help others who have injuries, diseases or other things which may set you back. I have a lot of fun writing about my improved performances. :dry

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I was working in Alkmaar today and that is only 10 minutes away from the sandhill I have to compete on in September.

Took my trainingsc lothes on after work and gave it a go.

120 meters long and 40 meters high and only sand; it is a big motherf.....

50 meters in 14,5 seconds 30 meters in 8,5 seconds. If I am in the right shape it must be doable under 30 seconds.

Last year the winner in my group (age 35+) did it in 31,5 seconds...Hmmm and strange, because I was and still am NOT

an athlete.

Time to change sports???

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Wanted to ask an open question: can anyone explain why I have more power and condition now than when I was 20 or 25 years old? Also hold in your thougt that I have never used or will use anabolics.(donot even know what it looks like)

Strange or not?

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Trained, but felt dizzy and cramping in my stomache.

15 minutes crosstrainer.

dumble rowing:42,5kg:4x/6x 47,5kg:6x Bent over row 2''bar 61kg:2x5

flye on adecline bench:2x12,5:12x 2x17,5:17x

Some carefull abwork and lower abs.

Hopefully a better day tomorrow.

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Will do a strong man comp in 1,5 weeks. Just try and I don't care if the last position is mine.

Truckpull 9.500kg Medley:2x80kg 15m timberw./tireflip 4x 340kg and barrel of 80kg loading

loglift max.

Deadlift max.

I am exited, because my doctor who gave me permission said that the treatment is that heavy, that even for him and me it is a miracle. :)

Hopefully I have a good day 28th June.

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I meant lower back. But lower abs exist: You have the upper/lower abs and the obliques.

A crunch is for the middle/upper part and a leg raise and sit up too. The lower abs is trained by hanging leg/knee raises and the obliques by twisting.

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