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Show Of Hands Grip Cup 3 Results


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				   Euro   Choked   2” V-bar  2” V-bar  Bending  Medley  Points
Pinch Gripper Right Left 6”

Aaron Corcorran 203.9 195 281 235 745 180 988
Eric Milfeld 219.8 189 227 232 670 192 963
Paul Knight 167.0 166 235 227 670 153 855
Mike Hadland 175.4 150 187 167 745 156 829
Matt Chips 162.0 177 227 230 475 152 800
Jeremiah Fox 180.4 143 200 180 670 114 772
Casey Emery 162.0 157 200 182 500 107 713
Shane Musselwhite 167.0 143 185 185 475 91 675
Keith 162.0 138 193 193 385 79 633
Greg Griffin 143.7 113 157 167 500 106 628
Tommy 132.8 143 182 182 500 67 625
Robert Alva 167.0 113 153 154 500 82 618
Joe Musselwhite 130.2 132 142 144 200 51 475

* Mike Hadland established an American Record double underhand bend of 685 pounds
with a 5/16 x 6” grade 5 bolt (“JH FNL” brand) during the contest.

Best Pinch: 219.8 Eric Milfeld
Best Gripper: 195 Aaron Corcorran
Best 2” V-bar right: 281 Aaron Corcorran
Best 2” V-bar left: 235 Aaron Corcorran
Best Bends: 745 Mike Hadland and Aaron Corcorran
Best Meldey: 192 (all 18 events) Eric Milfeld

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Very well done people :rock Ad Eric that's NOT American record but a WORLD record :D Very well done BOOYAH!!! :mosher

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Congratulations to all the competitors, very close contest. Thanks for getting the results up Eric.

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I'll provide more later, but here's a couple of highlights and one correction. Both Matt Chips and Paul Knight pulled 250 on the FBBC 2" V-bar outside the contest. I guess they found that next gear!

And for those of you who at the contest got a printout of the results, there's once correction to be made. Aaron's actual point total is 988, not 979.

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Congrats to everyone who attended! :D I'm sure some PRs were had by all.

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Great results :rock

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A big congrats to all competitors - some really nice lifts were done! :rock :rock :rock

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I just wanted to thank Eric and his wife again for opening up their home and making us all feel welcome. AWESOME contest put on by an awesome guy!! Thanks again Eric!! :D

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Awesome lifts!

Congrats guys.

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I corrected a couple of details on the score sheet. Paul actually pinched 167 and Keith's total score is actually 633, which drops Keith down to 9th place.

Also, Jeremiah Fox destroyed a 595 pound 5/16 x 6" crs bar double underhand as part of the competition! Nice one, Foxman!

Oh, and the gripper necklaces that Joe Musselwhite made by hand for all the competitors are just downright super cool! Thanks again, Joe. I'll have to get a picture up when I'm done cleaning up the aftermath. :whacked You can tell we had fun out there in the garage.

Good Numbers!!

Congratulations to the competitors.

How was the medley?

The medley was a blast! Aaron managed all events other than the harder deck of cards (Bicycles). Here's what we did (in any order, with a 5 minute time limit):

10 lb. lever to the nose

16 lb. lever to the nose

front lever 12 lb. with 13" grip

front lever 12 .b. with 16" grip

easy deck of cards

hard deck of cards

crush a bottle cap between index and thumb

break a 60D spiral nail

no-set a #1

no-set a #2

key pinch two #10 plates and curl them

65 lb. 1.5" wooden pinch block

Blob 50

150 lb. 2.5" dumbbell

120 lb. 2.5" Crusher

110 lb. 3/8" V-bar

hub lift shallow, wide #25 plate

lift 10 lb. dumbbell on top of first knuckles to a platform

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Sounds like a good time! Congrats to all!

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Sounds awesome guys. Great performances.

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Regarding the Medley; I agree with Eric, it was certainly a blast!!!! The rough part of this event was waiting your turn while watching everyone before you leaving their guts in the Medley :bow During this event I saw a man that really stood out to me having BIG Heart and that is Joe Musselwhite. This man left everything he had at that last event. Awesome Joe :rock I was impressed with everyone, WOW!!!! We have some upcoming Gripsters and Benders that in the future are going to be down right scary, Big guys and Thin Guys :blink:D Meeting you guys was PRICELESS :rock:bow:D

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Thanks Eric for having ANOTHER Kick A-- tournament!!!!!!!!! :rock

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Sounds like it was a great day.My hats off to all you guy's,some big numbers there.Awesome job everyone. :rock :rock :rock

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What a great time and contest. I really enjoyed meeting all of the new faces and competing with all. I must thank Aarron and mike for helping me learn the DO bending technique . Everyone was super polite helpful and strong.

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congratulations sounds like you all had a good time :D

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