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Pancho's Best lifts

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Friday's session


3 sets of 15

Pull ups

3 sets of 10

New extensors band

4 sets of 30 reps= 240 rep


3 sets of 5 with #2


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Saturday's Session Dinnie lifts 303kg * 4 singles. The heaviest lifts I've done prior to a peaking phase. Also it was the first time I could lift my 170kg stone, The Heavy Pancho Stone.

Today's Session: Axle Overhead press: 57,5kg*5 60kg*5 62,5kg*5 (on video)  This is my best five on an Axle Bar. My best overhead press has been 75kg*3 on an olympic bar. I hop

Friday's Session Axle Floor press: 92,5kg*8 92,5kg*7 80kg*10 80kg*10 70kg*13 Pinch Block 50mm 27kg*6 (best so far) then, tried 25kg with one hand

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On 5/1/2021 at 4:58 PM, pancho_grip_lift said:

Next friday I'll post an update, on the flex friday 😁 I am feeling way stronger at extensors, with the new bands I bought, I've had a great time trying new band models

Good stuff I will look out for the update. 

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Wednesday's session

Lunges +26kg

9 sets of 10 reps per leg

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