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Bending Quest


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I have begun a quest to improve my bending abilities and here I will record each workout. This will be a long term routine which will hopefully lead me to the RED NAIL. I poseted several months ago that I had bent 60d's, but I havnt been able to bend for a few months so I'm a bit weaker.

My first bending workout in a few months was last night and it went very well! I'll report on it tomorrow because now i need some sleep!

btw I'm 17 years of age as of last april and weigh around 200 at 6'2"

The Quest has begun

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First workout back:

7x3/16" x4

7x3/16" (square) x3

6x1/4" grade 2 hex bolt x3

7x1/4" HRS

6x1/4" HRS

6.5x1/4" CRS

5.75x1/4" CRS

The CRS and HRS was cut from a 3 foot rod and the rest was from the Bender's Bags. It felt like a good workout. I ripped off a big chunk of skin off my left palm so I had to cut it a bit short. Tape on it was only helping so much :ohmy It seems like the stock from the Benders Bags are notoriously hard compared to my other stock, has anyone else noticed this?

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I felt a bit unfocused going into this workout, but that changed really quickly after I started.

7x3/16" round x2

7x3/16" square x4

6x3/16" square x2

40d x4

6x1/4" HRS

5.5x1/4" CRS x2

The two CRS bends I wasn't sure if they were CRS of HRS but they definately felt more like CRS and the second bend took me several painful minutes to complete. Finished with a bunch of sledge work with the 10 pounder. In a few workouts i'll tackle the 60d, the ones i have are unusually tough.

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Good workout.

7x3/16" x2

6x3/16" x1

7x3/16" square x1

40d x2

6x1/4" grade 2 bolt x2

6.25x1/4" CRS

6x1/4" CRS x3

5.25x1/4" CRS :rock

5x1/4" CRS :rock

Those last two bends were tough as hell. I ripped open a dried out blister I thought had healed so I'm going to wait until its better before I bend again.

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Damn good job, my Viking brother! Its good that you rest 4-6 days between bending. I see that you already do that. What style do you bend wiht? Do you use leather or what to wrap your nails?

Rape and pillage those nails, Viking!

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Thanks Meat Loaf! I'd like to bend more often because its so fun, but I keep tearing open my left palm where I had a blister. This amount of rest does seem to be perfect for me because each workout has been better than the last!

I usually do double-overhand, Terminator, style bending. Sometimes on some of the longer pieces I will start it out double underhand. I have an old dish towel I wrap the nails in.

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I havnt been able to bend for a while because my let hand still hasnt healed.

I did some cleans today, its the first time i've gone heavy in a few months! Form felt really good today.

133x3x3 (60 kg)

177x3 (80 kg)

199x2 (90 kg)

those were power cleans which i felt i did real nicely concerning technique, so i decided to go into full cleans






missed the 240 but im fine with my attempt, racked it too low and out of position to stand up. I know i could have done it with my strength at the moment, but my form was a but rusty with the heavier weights. My PR is 250 lbs, but that was a few months ago. Just need to practice more.

Then since i cant bend much right now, i decided to do some grippers on my good hand

#2 x2x2x2x1x1 then i closed it as much as i can and held it

that does it!

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Bent again tonight and felt good!



6x1/4" hex bolt

7x1/4" FBBC

6.5x1/4" CRS

6x1/4" CRS x2

5.5x1/4" CRS x3 (one of the bends is over 1/4" off center)

5x1/4" CRS ( tried a second 5" piece and put about a 30 degree kink)

Felt quite good. The first 5" bend was easier than last workouts, which is good.

Next time, or the workout after I'll attempt some of my 60d's. I figure once I can do 60d's I build up volume for a while, then tackle the G5!

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Did a little bending today, but i benched today so i was lacking a lot of strength. I did a few pieces of steel, down to 6x1/4" crs. My left palm is still a bit bruised, however i picked up a g5 and decided what the heck. I gave it everything i had and got a small, but noticable kink! WOO KINKED g5! :rock

In a few workouts i think ill be good for the 60d's i have. The suckers are tough.

Did some grippers too #2x3x3x3x3x2 with the right and made a bunch of attempts with the left.

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Today i felt like something needed to be bent...so i got out my stuff and went to it!



7x1/4" FBBC round

6x1/4" FBBC round x3

6x1/4" CRS x4

60d nail :rock

I finally nailed the 60d, at the end of the workout too! I have these tough suckers and even when i used to be able to do 60d's a while ago, i could hardly kink these! This is GREAT! Next time ill go for volume on 60d's. Lets see how many i can manage.

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