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Got My Grade 5!


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timber tie x 1

grade 2 x 1

40 x 1

60 x 1

5 1/2" 60 x 1

Grade 5 x 1 plus another good kink :blink

60 x 5

grade 2 x 3

40 x 2

TT x 2

I was able to stay away from bending this week until I was due a workout and look what happened.

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Great work, man. I know that feeling of glory when you bend a new PR! Definately dont bend hard more than once a week! Especially after setting a PR.



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Last week went pretty crappy. I played with some wrist curls for the first time mid week and started to lever again. I'm not sure if this extra bit of work was too much or the tiny bit of soreness in the upper body that I had still left over from mid week pressing. Anyway it went like this...............

warmups were hard

worked up to a couple 60's

went for a grade 5 again, got a good kink but could not finish it............maybe I was still recovering from last weeks G5 PR. The rest of the workout was wasted fighting that stupid thing.

I'm having terrible pain in my left hand. I believe it is from the head pushing into my palm instead of thumb pad.......anyway my grip is being affected.........may be a nerve problem, I dropped a soft drink last week, just couldn't hold on to it. I could not close a trainer today. If I push on that spot I get pain in my palm out to the finger tips.

The solution for now is to cut the heads off nails and bolts and see if that helps. This week I did some levering again and wrist curls mid week.

I bent today and it went like this............



Cut 60'sx10

Kinked one tougher 60

Strained for a few seconds with an even tougher 60 nothing happened.

Tonight Ice

The plan is for nothing until next Saturday and try to kill another G5.

Any ideas?

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