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I recently started a new grip routine after taking about a week and a half off. I've decided to employ the 5x5 method of training and my workout looks like this:

Sledge levering 5x5

2.5" Revolving handle deads 5x5 each hand

Jug handle rotations to curl* 5x5

Wrist roller 5x5

*keeping wrist flexed to stay in position, I rotate outward and then inward, then back to start position and curl

Also, 3 times a week I'm doing 5x5 with a gripper using each pinky and ring finger to squeeze to bring their strength up.

I also use iron balls 5 times a week to aid in recovery and will ice and use contrast therapy as needed.

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I've always wondered if the 5x5 method would tranfer over to grip. There is so much concentration on singles and negatives with grip I'm interested to see how this turns out for you.

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Here's how my first workout went on 7/09:

Levering - used a mini 3 lb. sledge to get a feel for the movement, did 5x5

Revolving handle - did 5x5 with 62 lbs.

Jug handle - did 5x5 with 9.5 lbs.

Wrist roller - changed sets and reps to 3x6-8, with 17 lbs.

Today, 7/14:

Levering - used 8 lb. sledge, did 5x5

Revolving handle - 5x5 with 67 lbs.

Jug handle - 5x5 with 11.5 lbs.

Wrist roller - did 8, 8, 6 reps with 17 lbs.

--left hand is stronger than right on the revolving handle, will be using right first with possibly less weight

--will be increasing weight on rev. handle, wrist roller, and jug handle

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Skipped last week's workout as my left wrist was starting to hurt.

Yesterday (Wednesday):

-Levering 5x5 increased distance down the handle

-Revolving handle 5x5 with 69 lbs., will increase 2 pounds next week

-Wrist roller - 1st set for 8 reps, 2nd for 7 reps, 3rd for 6 reps

I dropped doing jug handle rotations as it put too much stress on my wrist.

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I'm taking a break from the grippers. I did the KTA program before this workout plan and ended up with tendonitis. I rested from all grip work for a while and decided to focus on other things. I'll be back using grippers soon enough.

Today's Workout:

-Levering 5x5 increased down handle once again

-Revolving Handle 5x5 with 71 lbs., will increase by two pounds next week

-reverse wrist curls 3x6-8 with 32 lbs., did 6 reps, 6, then 5, will stay the same next week

Everything is feeling stronger. Next week will be the last at these sets and reps. I will then max out to give myself an idea for future training.

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