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Progressing With Plate Curls


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For a while now i can do several reps with good form on 25 lb plate with either hand, yet when I attempt a 35, I hardly budge it. I tried tying a 5 lb to 25, no success, any suggestions.

Also yesterday I set a pr with 94 lb 2.5 inch IM dumbell clean with my left and 88 with my right, I was excited about my grip improvement, however it was short lived as I barely held on to 385 lb deadlift, while a couple of months ago I pulled 425 and held it for about 10 seconds, grip was certainly the strong suite of my dl, now it became weakness, so I'll do my power rack holds.

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Try doing negatives with the 35 lb for plate curls. Cheat swing it up and try to lower it slowly while keeping your palm flat. It helped me get the 35. Also, plate curls are VERY intense, so i wouldn't do them like every day if you know what i mean!

Keep fighting. :angry:


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Try micro-loading the 25. I use "Plate Mate" magnets on the far edge of the

plate. They come in increments of 5/8 pound to 5lb. Or C-Clamp smaller

weights on the edge.

The negatives are a good idea, just watch the torque.


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I've been clipping 0.5 kg plates onto a 10kg plate with a pony clamp to progress.

One thing to watch is the diameter of the additional plate you clip on.

I tried going from adding 2 x 0.5kgs to a single 1.25kg the other day, and despite the extra 0.25kg I think it's actually easier due to the centre of the added weight being closer to the centre of the main plate.

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I'm a little confused about plate curls. John Brookfields "Tip" on the Ironmind site has him plate curling with his index finger in the hole.

I thought they were done whilke pinching the plate from the edge. :unsure

It seems to me that its a whole lot easier to curl with a finger in the hole, :erm

So which is it?

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Both ways are acceptable. Brookfields new way just hits the fingers differently and seems like it wouldn't put as much strain on the wrist since the edge of the plate could be past your wrist.

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