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Morgan's Grip Log


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Figured I'd start one too. Generally its crush on Mon, pinch/thick bar on Weds and wrist/bending on Fri. The days tend to flex as I need more rest from time to time.

Mon 6-21-04

G-Rex - 55x10, 80x10, 100x6, 125x6, 150x4, 175x3, 200x1

Gripper Overcrush - #Tx1, #1x1, #2x1, #2x1

This was my first real workout on the G-Rex. An awesome piece of equipment that really works the fingers hard. I'm really trying to keep the volume low for a while as I had a real problem with elbow pain in the past. Each workout I will improve, whether it be weight, reps, sets, volume, etc.

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Weds 06-23-04

IM Pinch Block - 30lbsx1R 30x1L, 40x1R 40x1L, 50x1R 50x1L, 60x1R 60xFail L, 62.5x1R (PR) 55x1L

Sorinex Big Squeeze DB DL - 45lbsx1R 45x1L, 75x1R 75x1L, 95x1R 95x1L, 115x1R 115xFail L, 120x1(12" off ground - PR)

Finished with some light thumb squeezes on the spring clamps

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My hands are starting to feel stale so I decided to do tomorrows workout today then take 3 or 4 days off.

Thurs 6-24-04

Standing Barbell Wrist Curls - 45lbsx10, 65x10, 95x8, 115x7, 135x5, 135x6x2

Barbell Wrist Extensions over knees - 45x10, 55x8, 65x3, 55x5

Bending - warm up w/ 3/16"x6" crs. Did a bend dbl underhand and one dbl overhand. Only did one more bend due to my hands/arms feeling crappy. 7.5"x1/4" hrs (double underhand and a PR). Took all I had but got it. The double underhand style seems to suit me best, but puts a lot of stress on the wrists. Just started bending so I'm gonna take it slow. The workout was quick and not very intense, but it was done.

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Monday 06-28-04

G-Rex - 60x10, 85x6, 130x5, 205x1 (PR), 175x5

Gripper Overcrush - Tx1, #1x1, HG250x1, PDA262x1, #3xHardsqueeze, HG300xHS (on this set I alternated HS between ea hand until failure).

I really enjoy the G-Rex. It really hits the sweep hard, which I like. I really suck on the grippers, but I dont set them. My hands are fairly long and it just seems easier to position, then close. I may start adding a few sets w/the SW next week.

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Thursday 07-01-04

IM Pinch Block - 30 x 1R 1L, 45 x 1R 1L, 60 x 1R 1L(PR), 65 x 1R (PR) Fail L, 2 or 3 negatives w/60 in each hand.

12lb bomb - 37 x 1, 42 x 1, 44.5 x 1/2 R, Fail L

G-Rex Pinch (fingers on top plate, thumb on bottom) - No plates x 6R 6L, 2.5 x 5R 5L, 5 x 3R 3L

This one was a lot harder than it looked at first. Thumb on top, I was able to use a lot more weight. Thumb on the bottom plate, and sitting down, it put a lot of stress on the thumb. It felt like one of the better thumb exercises I've done.

Spring clamp negatives - 2 or 3 times

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Friday 07-02-04

Bending - 3/16" x 6" crs x 4 (one of ea: dbl over, dbl under, overhand left and right).

1/4" x 7 3/8" hrs - dbl underhand x 1 (this bend was weird, the first part was the easiest, closing it was the harder part?). Was a PR tho.

1/4" x 7 3/4" hrs - dbl overhand (thumbs on top) x 1

1/4" x 7 1/2 crs - dbl underhand x 1 (much easier than the 7 3/8" hrs)

My bending is progressing pretty good (even tho I still suck at it). I've taken a real liking to the dbl underhand (D. Ostlund style). It stresses the wrists a lot, but my wrists are adapting. I'm trying to throw a tough overhand in to keep some balance. All of today's bends were much easier than my previous best on 6-24-04.

Gonna take 3 or 4 days off as my hands are getting some aches from this week. I think its partly due to the stretch I have to get both hands on the G-Rex. I may put a couple pieces of 1x2 under it to shorten the throw a bit. I've also switched half of all my body workouts to sandbags and I think that with all the gripping is starting to tax my hands.

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Friday 7-02-04

Forgot I also did some squeezes on the grippers.

#1x1, PDA 220x1, HG 250x1, PDA 262x1 and HG300xdamn near got it. So the grippers are progressing some too. Prob could make better progressing with a bit more focus, but I like the variety.

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Very nice work on the grippers Morgan! The HG250 is nothing to sneeze at, and the HG300 is definitely not an easy gripper. Is the HG300 the new narrow version or the older wider spread version? I've tried both but only managed to close the newer narrower version. Have you ever tried a Super Master? You can't go wrong with the SM. Enjoying the grip log and keep up the good work. :D

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I just ordered the HG grippers so I'm sure they are the narrow kind. The PDA grippers I also recently got from a board member (220, 259 and 262). I was told the HG300 was similar to a easy 3 and I'd have to agree with that. I had an easy 3 that I filed and was within a 1/16th or so from closing that. I'm about the same with the HG300 (not filed). My current #3 (dbl stamp) for some reason is a beast and is not even close to the HG300 I have (closer to my BBE). The grippers are cool, but the bending seems to be my new fetish. I went out this weekend and bought a vise, bench grinder and several 10' pieces of rod just to make bending stock.

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Monday 07-05-04

Grippers - T x 1, #1 x 1, 220 x 1, 259 x 1, HG250 x 1, HG300 x R1/Lmiss (PR), HG300 x R1/Lmiss

Strapholds w/HG250 - 5lbs, 7.5, 10lbs

G-Rex negatives - Closed the weight with two hands then stood on the machine for negatives (body weight ~275lbs). 45 x 1, 90 x 1, 135 x 1, 180 x 1. I didnt hold the weight long as it stresses the hands hard. Good exercise though.

Closed the HG300 today! Did it then let the girlfriend try it. I had to have her see it so I did it again for a solid 8-10sec mash! Almost got it with the left hand. I just wish my #3 wasn't such a beast.

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Weds 07-07-04

IM Pinch Block - 40 x 1R/1L, 50 x 1R/1L, 67.5 x Fail both, 65 x 1R/FL, 55 x singles alternating between hands until failure

35lb plate pinch - 1R/1L, w/pin and 2.5lbs 1 x R/FL, 1R/FL

Grex pinch (thumb down) - No weight x 15reps in ea hand

Was disappointed I didnt get 67.5 on the pinch block. I'm gonna quit using it for a while and switch to block weights and plate pinching for a while. I havent plate pinched for a while either. The 35's seemed harder, but the ones I have have a gray finish and are a bit slicker than my black 45's.

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Thurs 07-08-04

Gonna start adding a second day with the grippers.

#T x 1, #1 x 1, 220 x 1, HG250 x 1, HG300 x 1R/FL, #3 x FR/FL

The #3 felt a lot easier today. Cant wait to close it.

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Morgan great progress buddy. I also sent out the york and let me know if you want to try my #3.

Austin :rock

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Friday 7-09-04

Bending - 3/16" x 6" x 2 (one dbl over and one dbl under)

1/4" x 7.25" crs x 1 (easy)

1/4" x 6.75" crs x 1 (easy)

1/4" x 6.5" crs x 1 (pretty easy)

1/4" x 6.25" crs x 1

Best bending for me so far. Finished with some farmers walks levering the hammers front and rear. My 8lb hammers are marked so I can progressively extend the head. I prob could have done the 6", but my wrists were sore.

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Wasnt a scheduled grip day, but some friends came over and it ended up being a little bit of everything.

-a few front/back farmers walks w/an 8lb sledge

-couple of lifts w/a 35lb blob and a 45ish blobette

-kink a 1/4" x 6" hrs

-one close on a HG 300

-got about 6" off the ground w/a 28lb shotput

-130lbs on 3" crusher

-175lbs on Clay's 2.5" RT

-150lbs on the IM little big horn

My hands are really toast now from the week's workout and today - was a lot of fun though. I did find out that all of my bending has been done with HRS and not CRS. Went out and got some crs from the steel yard today.

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Those workouts seem to be the most fun when you can just do a bunch of everthing. Great idea on the farmers. how far are you walking and also how far down the handle? farmers at full length with an 8 lb. sledge is awesome. Ill have to start adding those to my routine, great idea!

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I wish...No, I wrap my sledges w/athletic tape then mark them so I can progressively move down the shaft. I did three trips of about 50' with one turn, moving down the handle ea set. I probably was about 3/4's the way down the handle on the last set, but the handles were by no means parallel at the end. My wrist strength and my bending are my weakest areas (hub pinching too).

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Tues 07-13-04

Grippers - T x 1, 1 x 1, PDA220 x 1, 259 x 1, HG250 x 1, HG300 x 1R/FL, #3 x 1R (PR)/FL, #3 x FR/FL, BBE x FR/FL

Secret Weapon - 55 x 1, 80 x 1

Grex (one hand neg) - 45 x 1, 90 x 1, 135 x 1, 180 x 1

Awesome gripper workout as I finally closed the #3. Tried it a second time for the girlfriend and missed by a hair (figures).

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Great progress Morgan.

Congrats on the HG300 and the # 3.

Keep it up.


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Thurs 07-15-04

Clay's RT - 65 x 1, 110 x 1, 135 x 1, 145 x 1 (L), 135 x 5 (L), 175 x 2 ®

35's around back - 3 times, 25's x 8 times

35 Blob farmers - 1 x 90', 1 x 135' ®, 1 x 90' (L - one catch), 1 x 180' (R - one catch), 1 x 90' (L - one catch). I call a catch when you stop walking and reposition the blob in the hand.

28lb shot by the top - 1 x 4 ®, 1 x hover (L), 1 x 1 ®, 1 x 6" (L), 1 x 1 (L)

Good pinch workout for me today. Got PR's on the RT and 28lb shot. Pinching really makes my hands feel strong.

Edited by maidenfan
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Fri 07-16-04

Austin PM'd me about how I was able to do heavy thickbar and train the grippers at the same time. Since I just recently started training thickbar heavy with the grippers I really didn't know. Well, I found out today that heavy thickbar and heavy grippers dont do well for me. My hands are still pretty shot from yesterday's thickbar/pinch routine. Today was supposed to be the second, lighter, gripper day.

Grippers - #T x 1, #1 x 1, 220 x 1, HG250 x 1, #3 x Fail both, HG300 x 1R/FL, BBE x Fail both.

Decided to do some bending and get tomorrows workout overwith so I can heal up this weekend and focus on the grippers. I'm scheduled to get certified sometime in aug/sep, so I think I'll drop the heavy thickbar until then.

Bending - 6" Grade 5 x 2, 5.75" x 3/16" square x 1, 7" x 1/4"crs x 1(pr), finished by bending six, 5-6" lengths of 3/16" hrs using various techniques.

Levering - 90' farmers w/8lb and 2xrotations w/8lbs (both front and back)

Todays workout really showed me how hard heavy thickbar work hits the hands - it's the deadlift of gripwork. I did get a PR on the bending though, so progress was made.

Edited by maidenfan
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Morgan-Great workout. Also be carefull of the bending and its effects on your grippers as you near certification. I would probably stick to underhand as you get closer to your cert date. It doesnt seem to hurt crush as much as the other styles. Good luck!

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Tues 07-20-04

Grippers - Tx4, #1x1, PDA220x1, HG250x1, HG300x1®/Miss(L), BBExMissed by a butt hair ®/Miss(L), BBExMiss®/Miss(L), HG300x4®, HG250x7(L)

One hand G-Rex - 45x6, 70x5®/4(L), 80x1®/Miss(L), 45x13®/11(L)

Awesome gripper workout! I missed my BBE by the width of my notebook paper (had the girlfriend watch). I really didnt think I'd get that close so I tried again and missed by a bunch. The grippers are going good for me now. The one hand G-Rex is an awesome exercise for those wanting to have a stronger hand shake.

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Thurs 7-22-04

RT - 50x5, 100x1, 150x1, 175x1R/FL, 230xFR, 220xFL

Blobette - I really have no idea what it weighs. Each set I added a funnel of #8 lead shot. The last set the plug squished down into the shot, so I hope its over 50lbs. About six sets of pulls. The last set on the left I failed. Did full DL's with the right on ea set.

35lb Blob Farmers - 50' x 1 ea hand

35lb Blob around back - 30 times

The RT sucked today. I wanted to make sure the heavy gripping and thickbar were not productive for me. My pinching seems to do okay.

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