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Reverse Tricep Pushdowns


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I meant to post this after my workout the other day. I was reading my copy of Target Bodybuilding which is a pretty cool book and decided that I needed to throw (one handed) reverse tricep pushdowns back into my arm workout. According to the MRI scans in the book, this exercise really toasts all 3 heads. You can also do it with both hands using a straight or ex-curl bar, but it's not quite as effective because your hands don't go behind your torso. I haven't done the reverse version of this exercise in quite a while, and now that I train grip, it was a different experience.

Anyways, as most of you who've done this exercise know, it's really hard to hold onto the handle once you start going heavier. It turns out that it really works the extensors as well while you're trying to hold onto the handle. It's kind of the reverse curls' evil twin :) Instead of trying to keep from falling down and out of your hand, you're trying to keep it from rolling up out of your hand.

I think the combination of these two exercises might be a really effective extensor workout. I may be onto something here - though I'm sure I'm not the first. What is you guys' experience?

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I always felt the 2 handed version was harder on the extensors.

It'd be interested to see how weak wristed people attempt this exercise in the gym nonetheless, but I think it is unpopular because of it's difficulty.

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