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Pinch Grip


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The best way to train pinch is to simply pinch, or use the TTK.

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Blockweights of varying weights/thickness would be a good start.


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Building a mister Pinch-O-Grip like in MoHS would be a great impliment to work with. (The handles are 2x4s that are nailed into a flat piece of wood that you can place the weights on.) 2 Don't count out thickbar training as part of you thumb training though.

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Although I'm new here, I'm gonna bttt this.

Just to add a n00bs perspective to big, monster pinches.

For some reason, the vids, and pics, of people pinch lifting 2 x 45, or x number of 19's never struck me as difficult. I don't know why. That was untill last night.

After watching FSU exercise their complete dominance over VT, I went into the parties host's small weight room. On the bar was 185, so the guys took turns doing reps. Anyway, I said "Check this out..I'm gonna snatch both of these 25's up w/ one hand". COULDN"T EVEN BUDGE IT!!!!

So I stepped it down. I could get 3 10's but BFD. I'm gunnin for the big boy lift's now.

So in short, to all you guys and gals, snatchin up multiple plates YOU ROCK!

OH yeah... and that pinch curling a 1/4. That is alot harder than it looks too.


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