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TMickleberry and I (I am the Big Stew he has mentioned a couple times) have been discussing workout concepts and we are not sure about who is right .. prolly both.

Here is what I have been doing previous to the KC Gripfest where I was introduced (and prolly hooked on bending):

1. Do as many reps with the biggest gripper I have currenlty the SA. Currently that is around 3 reps always making it click.

2. Then I do as many with the next one (the Advanced) maybe 10 clicks.

3. Then I do the trainer as many as I could click maybe 15 or 20.

This would take maybe 2 or 3 minutes out of my busy work day with my co-workers looking at me like I need to talk to someone with a couch! Then I would go about my business of building computers, downloading updates, talking on the phone, driving around ... blah blah blah. When I got free time I would do the same thing all over again obviously with less reps. Maybe only 7 or 8 on the SA. If I waited long enough I may do the same numbers again. Anyway, I would do this throughout the day several times and go home barely able to turn my POS doornob to get into my house. I did this almost everyday. Usually not on the weekends as I left my grippers in the car or at work.

I know I will not be at my full potential until I get rested for a couple days but I am not worried about that. I was wondering if it is better to train to failure every day versus every 3rd day (1 on 2 off). When I say better I am not worried about how my arms feel or how much mass I get. I only want strength. And, I want to mash that damn Chineese reverse twist gripper I sold to Mickleberry.

I have seen body building web sites that tell you how to gain mass and ones that tell you how to gain strength. The Mass ones tell you to train heavy weights and then heavier weights. The Strength ones tell you to train reps then lower the wieght and do reps then lower and do reps and repeat until you can't unzip to P. My goal being strength I have been going for reps.

Can anyone here tell me if what I have read and been doing is truthful or wishful? BTW I went from not closing the Advanced to making it click 10 times quickly in about 1.5 months. I now have the SA and I can close it maybe 3 times on a good day. I feel like I am making good progress but everyone I talk to tells me I should be resting and thats not what the strength web sites are telling me.

Anyway, I talk toooo much. :whistel

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What I have found in 2 years of training grippers is this.

Different people respond to different kinds of training differently.

If your method has been working for you then that is great.

I've modified my training routine countless times over the past 2 years.

I like your methods and ideas and may be giving them a try myself.

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