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Eric Milfeld

Bill Piche

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I also realized that since you hold far out you must be really good with very short bends comparatively speaking as you don't need to modify your technique at all.


Do you have a record breaking 5" red bar as a goal?

Thank you. I've been told by Strongmitts that I hold the bar out a bit far in front of me, but when I'm bending it sure doesn't feel that way. Of course my shoulder flexibility has always been quite poor, so perhaps this has something to do with it. I'm actually attempting to hold the bar as close as I can to my chest. I never considered short bending to be my stength. About 6 to 6 1/2" seems to be my ideal length. The 280 was 5 3/4", by the way. David's Challenge Bars have grown so popular (I always hoped they would) that he's fresh out of 300's for the time being. I'd love to try a 300. As far as a 5" Red, that's probably a bit too lofty of a goal for me. That's Terminator Territory!

Again, thanks a lot guys for the kind words!

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Amazing! Eric will soon be selling his magic bending rags to board members. Is that Iron History shirt legal?    :bow


Awsome job Eric...That bend was perfect

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