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New Hublifting Pr This Morning


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After I two missing two workouts in a row I attempted a Hublift PR today. I have only been practicing the Hublift/hold for slightly over two months. Durring this time I have not been able to budge a 25lb. plate. I have been improving my hold times with the 10lb. and 5lb. plates but up untill this morning had never been able to budge the 25 pounder. Durring this whole time the plate plate would just sit there and refuse to move. :dry

Today however the 25lb. plate came unglued. :rock I was able to lift one plate and hold it for a few seconds. I did this first right handed and then left handed. And then made second lifts with each hand. While I was only able to maintain a hold on the hub for a few seconds, I feel that I have passed a personal record.

My usual hublift/holding consists of raising a 10lb. plate in each hand and holding them untill one of them slips out of my hand. At which time I set both plates down and imediately hub lift a pair of 5lb. plates and continue to hold those untill my grip is fatigued. I typically do three "sets" of this excercise.

Today after performing the pair of 25lb. lifts I decided to up things a notch and place a 2 1/2lb. plate on the 10's while holding them for time. Then after dropping these I proceded to lift/hold the 5's as usual, untill grip failure. I only did two sets of this today.

I am going to try duct taping a 2 1/2lb. plate to the flat side of the 10's next time for some progression of resistance. I figure I should start using the "12 1/2's" and then dropping to the 10's.

If all goes well, in a month or so I am going to need to find a hubliftable 35lb. plate in the gym. My longterm goal is to be able to hublift a 45 and hold it for 60 seconds.

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