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Training Prgram With Grippers Only


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Hey guys. I have a set of Heavy Grips from 100-300 lbs. I am wanting to train them to be able to close the 300 and one day give the COC #3 a shot. The first day I received them I was able to close the 100, 150, and 200 pretty easily. The 200 was decently tough. I got the 250 within a half inch or so. What would be a good routine to work with grips only. I am currently bodybuilding, and am a pretty strong guy overall. I also work my grip when moving weights and things in the gym, by doing some pinching and lifting 5 tens stacked together(thats tough) from time to time. I also have a Powerball Gyroscope which I used every day for overall hand, wrist, and tendon strength for sport specific results. Right now I am just working the grippers for about 10 mins. each day after my workout in the weightroom which is 3 days per week with 1,2 days rest in between. I do full reps with the grippers when I can, some I do partial reps, and at the end I do a few negatives. Most of my reps are fast and explosive. Let me know what you think. Brand new to grip training. Remember, only going to do the Heavy Grips for specific grip training, would appreciate to hear of a specific program I could try with them alone. Thanks.


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Thanks for the KTA link, but it is a little more involved than I would like, just for gripping. I am positive I will one day be able to crush the COC#3 just by working the grippers my own way because I work hard and am a determined person when I want something done. I am just wanting a little advice, be it simple, as to how to train and certain exercises to do with just the grippers, and maybe to get there a little faster than I would if I were to do it just on my own instinctive training. Again, thanks for the advice, thats just a little more involved than I would like to get with gripping. Its not going to be my #1 priority but I wil show people that you can develop a strong grip without focusing on it more than overall bodybuilding itself. All advice is appreciated from anyone who can give some. Thanks.

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I don't know for sure what you mean by "more involved than I would like". IF you are referring to it being too time consuming, its not. I just finished phase 2 yesterday, and none of my workouts lasted longer than 20 minutes. Most were probably around 15 minutes. The workout is BRUTAL, so if you mean that it requires more energy than you would like then you are probably right. It does demand determination which it sounds like you have. I wish I would have bought it long ago. If I had I may be a gripmaster by now. EASILY worth the money. Just my 2 cents.

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sounds good what your doing. just go by feel, thats the best way. and always vary your training; just working with grippers is ok but, you should do as many different kind's of grip training you can.

and working up to a #3 should not be that difficult, because there are so many different strength' grippers out there. you can just work through the line and get there.

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