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Comporable Grip Feats


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I would like to get some input on what you guys think are comporable grip feats.

So far I have managed to close the coc#2 filed , and I'm about 1/8 from closing the beefbuilder sm. I can also lever a full length 6lbs sledge, I'm pretty close to getting the 8 pounder. I can pinch grip and farmers walk a pair of 25lbs plates for about 50 feet. I can barely deadlift a 35lbs block hex weight.

Now for the equivalencies. I believe that closing a coc#2 is comporable to pinch gripping two 25 lbs plates, and levering a 6lbs sledge.

Even though I can't quite close a bbsm I believe it is comporable to pinch gripping a 37.5lbs hex block weight, and levering an 8lbs sledge.

Closing a coc#3 would be equal to pinch gripping two 35lbs plates or a 40 block weight, and levering a 10-12 lbs sledge. Please let me know if the above seems about right. I know that some of you specialize on certain feats so those figures will be slightly off, but I want to know if the above is more or less about right.

Thanks in advance.

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i dont know if those comparisons can be drawn.....grippers are for crushing power where as plates are pinching power, but i could be wrong...my gym only has rubber coated plates with a little tiny lip on both sides....and i can easily do two 45's of those....BUT i dont know how that would compare to smooth side or what i could do with smooth plates, i can do a #2 5 times now.

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I think it's a little diff for everybody. Your list seems to fit you well, so that's all that matters.

You should be nailing that SM soon if your mashing yout BTR #2. :rock


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