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Alternative To Blobs & Block Weights?

Old Dax

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FYI: This is my first post.

Searching around for a block weight that could be adjusted in weight, I hit on this idea. I have access to unused 1 litre paint tins and figured they were:

1. just about the right (i.e. comfotable) size for my hands, and

2. easily loaded, by filling with scrap lead small discs (0.5kg)

I stated playing at work, in my lunch break, and decided to train individual fingers with the thimb on Mon & Fri, and to use all fingers+ thumb on Wed. this is in addition to reverse wrist curls followed by CoC on Tues evening and a wrist roller (home-made) set up in squat racks @ shoulder height just working flexion of the wrist then allowing the weight to slide down to ground level under gravity, done on a Thurs evening.

The single finger+thumb work is done for 4 "sets" of 5sec holds (i.e. singles), little finger left hand first working next finger and finishing with index finger+thumb. Then start the same method for right hand. All fingers+thumb are done for

6 "sets" of 5sec holds, rest is about 1 min between holds.

I have had a little pain in the elbow (RHS- I'm right handed) it seems to be tennis elbow, it's not too bad as yet but I certainly don't want it to get worse.

Any tips on prevention / treatment?

I've worked up to about 15.5kg for the right hand using all finger+thumb, left hand is about0.5 kg less for the left hand.

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No replies? :(

Oh well, just to update, I have discontinued pinch/block gripping and the COC griooers. The elbow pain is reducing and I'll slowly introduce grippers back, when it's gone

Old Dax

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I've posted on this a few times lately. I had elbow tendonitis too.

Try working the grippers with your hand along your body instead of elevated.

To rehab, work extensors, pronation/supination, and reverse curls. Wrap it with a support wrap.

You'll be fine.

There are other ideas I've brought up that you can find if you do a search.


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For an idea as an alternative to block weights, why don't you try rocks? They become eroded and smooth after years and years in creeks and streams. The ones I have probably only weight 20 pounds, but they're wide as hell and slippery to boot. Give 'em a try!


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Also I think maybe vitmin c,e, MAnesium 500 mg daily, and

exercise for the lungs, losse the big belly, coral calium.

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Thanks Jedd,

The extensions sound good (elastic/rubber bands). I already do reverse wrist curls, I like them. I do them across a bench and have worked up to 26.5kg for four sets of 8 (27kg next week!). I know it's not mega-weight but it is increasing.

The comment on hand position is interesting I was wondering myself about this, but I couldn't think of a reason. Also the problem is only on my "strong" side which puzzles me. I also do wrist roller (flexion only) once a week too.

Supination is my handicap, as it is especially limited on my RHS. To illustrate: if you hold the forearm parallel to the floor and thumbs up = 90 degrees. Then I can just manage about 120 deg. LHS I can almost manage 150-160deg. I guess normal would be 180+deg. I believe this came about because of years of martial art practice with a lot of emphasis on wrist twists/locks. (I actively practised from age 13 to about 33).

Stones rocks sound good too! The tins were good, I will return to them when thing have healed. I was only using the finger ends / tips, from the 1st knuckle only as it seemed more of a challenge.

Mooinabc1, thanks for the suggestion. I already use 1000mg Vit C (time release) each day. What has really seemed to improve any slight tendinitis as well as my elbow, has been fish oil. I am currently taking 3x1000mg capsules three times a day and it has surprised me how effective it seems to have been.

Thanks for the responses guys!

Old Dax

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