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Jeff's Grip Log

Jeff Parker

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After a year of gym training, I've decided to start training more specifically for strongman with a goal of competing in a contest this fall. From watching strongman on t.v. and going to any events I can, I've decided that having an iron grip would be great to have so here I am. I train 5-6 times a week right now, and I think I'll start doing grip 2-3 times, depending on how I'm feeling. Here's my grip workouts, I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions on how to make my workouts better.

Monday, March 22

RT handle

3x 20 second holds with 100lbs each hand. Left hand held for around 15 sec. or so

3x 140lbs single lift each hand

IM Pinch Grip Block

4x 30 seconds with 40lbs with right hand

4x 20 seconds with 40 lbs with left hand. Got to work on that left hand!

CoC #2 close with right hand x2

#2 2 negatives with left hand, can't close it yet with left

#1 8 reps with right, then 6, then 6 again, then 4

#1 2 reps with left, then 2, then 1, after that my left hand was gone.

That was my first real planned out workout. I think I'll do another one either on Wed. or Thur, depending on how my grip feels after my regular gym workouts.

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Welcome. I look forward to reading your log.

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Well, my grip was feeling ok today, so the plan was to do a grip workout after my regular workout at the gym. Unfortunatly while I was loading a plate onto the bar, I was distracted by one of the good looking female members, and crushed my middle finger. I can't grip anything with my left hand, so no grip workout today. Instead, I thought I would post my goals that I am looking to accomplish.

Close the #3 gripper

Close the #4 gripper, yeah, I know that sounds riduclous, but hey, I shoot high.

I don't really have a time frame for those as I am still so new to grip stuff.

This fall compete in an amatuer strongman competiton and perfom well.

Win an amatuer competiton in about a year.

Start competing in pro events in 3 years.

Win a pro event in 4 years.

Compete in the WSM in 5 years.

Win the WSM in 6 years.

This seems to be a rather lofty set of goals, and I hear ALL the time from my friends and family how it's never going to happen, but somebody is going to be the WSM, and I plan on working harder than anyone else to get there.

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Shoot for the sky, even if you miss you'll be amoungst stars.

Sounds good looking forward to reading about your progress. So what contest are you competing in? What are some your stats? Age? Weight?

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Welcome to the gripboard.

Do you do any thickbar workouts during your regular gym training? Doing so would help to get you used to not only picking up a weight, but holding on to it as well. This would come in handy should any of the events involve thick bar (thickbar deads and clean & press come to mind).


PS .... about anyone who says you can or can't do what and why, the only thing that matters is that you believe that you can do it .... go for it!


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In response to danegarreau. I am 20 years old, 6'5" 215 with 16 and 1/2 biceps and a 45 inch chest. The contest I'm thinking about entering for my first try is the lights and middleweights fall strongman challenge. Im currently making the equipment that will be used in that contest so I can practice with it.

In response to cjcocn. The gym I currently go to is what I like to call an old man gym, and we don't have any thickbars there to use. When my membership runs out I will look for a gym more equiped for heavy lifting, but until then I think I'll try and get one for home use.

Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement!

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Ah, I see. The only guys I ever workout with or talk to are into bodybuilding, so they always are refering to size. My best bench is 265, Deadlift is 430, Squat is 335, clean and jerk is 210, and bicep curl with strict form is 170. I saw your gallery and was wondering if you made the 220 stone yourself. I want to have all the events to practice for, and have made a couple, but was not sure how to go about making the stones.

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Sounds good. I am a strongman competiter myself. I compete in the lightweight teens.

Yes i did make the atlas stone myself, it isn't perfect but works very well.

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Well, I had to take more time off for my injury than I thought. My finger was pretty bad. It still hurt today, but i was sick of waiting, so I went ahead and worked out.

I made my farmers walk implements today, and they turned out sweet.

100ft down and back with 112 per hand

100ft down, 50 ft back, 162 per hand

100 ft 162 per hand

hold 162 per hand for 45 sec.

The handles I used are a bit thicker than the ones used in competiton, I believe they use 1 and 3/8 and mine are 1 and 5/8. Not much bigger, but I think when I do a contest they will feel easier.


#1 right hand for 8, left for 3

#2 1 for right, 1 negative hold for left

My hands were dead from the farmers so that was all the gripping I could do.

I also worked with my new hussafel stone which weighs in at 212. I put pipe in the concrete at the top so i can add more weights, making the stone adjustable from 212 to 400 pounds!

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My homemade farmers have handels that are 1 5/8 thick also. I think it will help out alot because once contest time rolls around, the contest handels will feel easy.

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Back to my grip workout.

started with my CoC grippers today cause i wanted to put the most effort into my crush today

warmup trainer 12 w/ each hand

#1 10 with right, only 1 with left, my left hand and forearm are gone from my first time with my farmers

back to trainer, 12 w/ right, 7 w/ left

#1 again, 6 right, 1 left

#2 didnt make any real attempts, just did 2x5 neg w/ each time

back to #1 10 w/ right, 2 w/ left

Farmers hold with 1 5/8 handles

162 per hand for 45 sec

182 per hand for 30 sec

202 per hand for 22 sec

Pinch grip block

1x50 each hand

1x55 each hand

1x60 could only do it w/ right, helped with right on the left hand

1x65 PR with right, helped again for the left

Felt good about my workout despite problems with my left hand.

I really need to work on the farmers, I would like to do a contest June 19 where I would need to do 225 per hand for 200 ft. I have a LOT of hard work to go!

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Just a gripper workout yesterday as my hands were mostly done for from the deadlifts and shrugs the day before.

Trainer 20 each hand

#1 10 w/right, 4 w/left

#1 8 right, 3 left

#2 right hold, left neg and hold

#1 10 w/right, 5 w/left

Trainer 22 each hand

#2 right hold, left neg and hold

#1 7 right, 3 left

Then I played poker with the guys and I did some work with the trainer and the #1 while we played, no idea how many I did, but it was more than I've ever done before.

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Today was strongman training, but with a lot of grip work involved.


warmup, 112 per hand for 200 ft w/turn

132 per hand for 200ft w/turn

152 per hand for 200ft w/turn

162 per hand for 200ft w/turn

172 per hand for 200ft w/turn

I felt I could have done more if I had not started out so light, next time I will start with 172 and go up from there. Also, I might start timing next time.

I made a 2 inch thick bar to practice with, it's a LOT harder than I expected it to be!

clean and press with thick bar




I have tons more shoulder power left, but I can't clean very well.

2" double overhand deadlift

max out at 190, wow, I thought I could do a lot more

2" one hand under, one hand over deadlift

300 for 4 with not much of a problem

I need to develop more power in my thumbs I think, cause I cant lift for nothin in the double overhand. Are there any grip exercises to do that would help me grip the 2" bar double overhand?

Hussefel stone

220 for 10 yds out and back

270 for 10 yds out and back

260 for 10 yds out and back

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Made a new pinch block thats 4.5 inches thick

4.5" pinch block

maxed out at 35lbs for both hands

25 lbs hold 3 sets

3" pinch block

went for 68 with right, moved it just barely off the ground, would have been PR

45lbs hold 3 sets

Turns out my thickbar that I thought was 2" is 2 and 5/8. The pipe I used is made for plumbing and 2" was the inside diameter. I thought something was odd when my hand fit around my thickbar the way it fits around the RT.

2 and 5/8" Thickbar

reverse curls with 70lbs 3 sets of 6. Very strict motion.

My hands were to tired to do anything with the grippers after this, but I think this kind of workout will really help out my thick bar cleans.

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Iv'e been to busy with school to go online and post so there are 2 missing grip workouts that I can't remember, but this one is from yesterday.

Strongman workout

Farmers Walk

182 per hand, could only go down 100 ft, dropped them on the turn.

182, same result

182, again, only 100ft

168 went 100 ft down, made the turn and 100 ft back, also was the first time Iv'e timed. 30 sec.

2and5/8 thick bar

clean and press

130 for 7 PR!

136 for 4 nuts, was trying to add some intensity and still get 7

136 for 4 next sunday ill start at 136 and try for 8, always like to get PR's!

double overhand deadlift

maxed out at 200 even

170 for 6

170 for 5

Hussefel stone

loaded it to 272

10 yds out and back without a problem

292 got greedy, went 5 yds out and back and it almost dropped

212, the stones weight without adding more. Went total of about 30 yds without to much of a strain.

100# and 150# sand bags. Practiced shouldering for a while.

Im getting closer to my goals. Still have a little over 2 months before the contest, and I have LOTS more work to do, but feeling very confident.

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4.5" pinch block

new PR for right and left. 40# right, 38# left

35# 5 singles right and left

filed down my #1

I really liked using this so I just did singles with it for about 30 min

Eh, not much of a workout, I'm still sore all over from my event training on Sunday.

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Strongman training was yesterday

Farmers walk

178 per hand for 200 ft w/ one turn PR

was really happy with this since last week i could only do 182 half the way

178 again, did 200 ft again, bout 30 sec both times

2 and 5/8 thick bar clean and press

140 for 4

140 for 4

140 for 4

Still have a lack of power in my cleans, got to work on them

Was out real late the night before so my energy was gone and thats all I did.

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