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First Real Pinch Workout..


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Well today I decided I wanted to do some plate pinching. It was more first time so i'm more or less just expiermenting so tell me what do you guys think...

Warm up with 3 10's to a full dl

Then grabbed 2 25's into a full DL and passed them back and forth until I could no longer hold them.

Then I did 2 sets of negatives with 2 35's

Then I just wanted to see what 2 45's felt like so I picked them up with 2 hands and held them until gravity took its toll

Let me just say this. I love pinching when I started I figured how much of a workout can it really be. Well I was sweating and working my ass off. While doing the 2 25's I ripped the skin between my thumb and pointer that just pissed me off and made me want it more. I think i'm going to start doing pinch on saturdays. This was also after a very heavy shrug workout.

O and for all you guys who can pinch 5 10's damn that seems impossible to me. Well just wanted to tell everybody my first expierence with pinchin

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Congrats on liking your first pinch workout. You should get 5 10's in time. They just feel weird at first. What do you weigh? What do your hands measure?

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Well before this school year around 170-175 now i'm a whopping 210-215 :D I been powerlifting put on some weight. I believe my hands measure around 7 3/4" but thats mostly b/c I have a big palm I have pretty short fingers compared to all my friends. I'm also 5'10" and 18 years old. Anything else, and thanks for showing interest Matt

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I would also try playing around if you still have energy after the workout. I like to clean various stuff using a pinch grip. Snatching and swinging stuff is fun too but watch your head.

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