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Deload Brown

Rick Walker

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“Deload Brown”© The Ultimate Way to Train for Pain.

Many grip feats require one to pinch something and lift it from the ground. Whether it be a blob, 2-45s, or 3-25s, one must have the hand strength to break the weight from the ground. To overcome this, some trainees buy lighter blobs or slide a pipe through plates and add some weight that way. The big problem with all of these methods is that none of the training situations equal the real life implement. The lighter blobs are not as fat and cumbersome as the 50 and hence, do not truly strengthen your hands to handle the 50. Putting a pipe through the plates keeps them from sliding apart, or separating-a huge training variable that must be taken into consideration.

Being a firm believer in all training methods, I bought some Jump Stretch ® bands to incorporate into my training. One day it hit me, these bands could be used in grip training. This was one of my best ideas to date.

I took a small piece of oak, about 2 feet in length and 10 inches in width. I measured in from the edges about 4 inches on each side and drilled a very small hole. Next, I screwed 2 hook screws into the holes. I then attached a mini Jump Stretch® band to each of the pins in my rack and then to the hooks on the board.


Depending on where I put the pins in the cage, the bands will deload the weight. I then went from hole to hole and calibrated each pin setting so I knew exactly how much weight each pin placement deloaded from the ground and at lockout. I then started my experiment.

One of the biggest things I have been chasing since Big Steve and Tommy did it a year ago was 3-25s pinch. I saw the picture of Sorin doing it a long time ago and I couldn’t wait for the day that I could stand up with them. Pre Deload Brown© days, I had brought my wife out to the garage with the camera at least 10 times in attempts to get photo proof of the feat. Every time, I failed. I couldn’t even break them off the ground. After less then a month with the deload system, I attempted the feat again, then time with the video camera running. I stood up with them easily with each hand. It was a joke. The deload system worked!

Now, it could have just been a fluke. So, I am doing another test as I write this. I am now chasing the 6-10 pound plates pinch. This is an incredible feat regardless of hand size and so far I only know of 3 guys who are doing it: Wade Gillingham, Big Robby Vigeant, and Heath Sexton. Jedd Johnson is very close as well. It is truly an elite hand strength feat.

I will report back on my findings as they arise.

How does one train with Deload Brown©? It is easy. Take the goal-whether is be the blob, 5 or 6-10s, 3-25s, 3-35s, 2-45s, blob by the face, WHAT EVER IT MAY BE! Set the pins in the cage (this is something you will have to experiment with), loop the bands around the pins in the middle then attach them to the hooks. Grab your implement, then step on the board to get it to the ground. Load the implement onto the board, and step off. The band tensions SHOULD NOT be so great that it instantly lifts the implement off the ground! That is not only dangerous, but an indication that you have a long ways to go before you ever lift the implement without deloading it!

Now grasp the implement and lift. The weight will be deloaded off the ground, and as you lift, the band tension will be less and less and the implement will get closer and closer to the real weight.

In prime conditions, when you lock the weight out, it should clear the deload platform, allowing you to support the entire load.

A quick note of precaution. If you are using enough band tension that the implement is still being supported at lockout, take note not to let the implement slide off the deload platform. Not only does this risk the implement falling and crashing onto your legs or feet, but the deload platform will shoot upwards. This could injure you in places that you do not want to be injured. I speak from experience.

I believe this one of the best ways to train the pinch. I would be interested in hearing other opinions on this as well as experiences if you do decided to give it a try.

I will be updating this as well as I continue to test the Deload Brown© system.

Rick Walker :rock

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We use a homemade "deloading" contraption for the inch DB that Jeff Peterson made. It's another good tool to train grip.

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Rick good idea. Another way that is very simple is to make a see saw

............did you figure it out already?...... Yes a see saw.... take a pipe

preferrably 2 1/2'' or 3'' lay it on the ground now put a 2x6x 2 ft long

plank across it with even amounts on each side so that it stays balanced level. Now put your 50lb blob on one side and a 10lb plate on the other... WALLA a 40lb blob, or micro load the other side with 2 1/2lb plates and take or add as you wish . It works for everything but the inch. Pretty simple a pipe and a short plank

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I can't believe I originally missed this topic. Damn good ideas and advice guys!

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I had skimmed over this thread when it first popped up, but now that I have some bicycle innertubes (aka "poor man's bands") I will give it a shot. Thanks Rick.

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