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How to program grip in with powerlifing?


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I've been doing grip for about a year now. I usually do powerlifting, but injury had me out which is why I focused more on grip. Now that I'm ready to get back to powerlifitng, I'm wondering how others program the two together. More specifically are there any prominent grip competitors that have good programs I can tinker with?


Do most competitors specialize in grip, or are they powerlifters that work a lot of grip into their routine?

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It's really not that hard. Trial and error is the best approach. Just don't expect everything to go as fast as before, if you add grip training your workouts will be longer. Just accept that, then you'll be fine.

Just train your grip while you lift weights, it really isn't more complicated than that. It's actually much easier to train grip while you're lifting because your CNS will be fired up and you'll get better results.

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At the moment, I've been doing a split of 3 days grip, 3 days powerlifting (with straps for deadlift and rows)

Monday - Powerlifting

Tuesday - Grips

Wednesday - Powerlifting

Thursday - Grip

... ect

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I don't know of any programs out there other than the paid ones you can find on Gripboard. I haven't paid for them so I have no idea what they look like. It might be worth checking out the workout reports and training routines section here to get an idea of what people are doing/did when they started. 

7 hours ago, Fist of Fury said:

Trial and error is the best approach

This is true. It's kind of hard to program, and maybe bad to try. I think you'll find that you get more unexpected days off with grip because your hands need to rest longer than you thought they would. I usually try to rest anywhere from 4-7 days for each grip "discipline". My weeks used to look like this:

Monday: Grippers and pinch, legs

Tuesday: Upper body (bodyweight, mobility stuff that doesn't tax my hands)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Legs

Friday: Bending and arms (weights)

I tried to stick to that for a while but some weeks my hands recovered faster/slower for grippers/bending and it got shifted. Now I kind of go with the flow. I still do everything else on the same days, and just work grip in where it feels good.

With grippers specifically I've found they're good to do with squats/deadlifts. That's how Magnus Samuelsson said he did it. It's more important to get lots of rest for grippers than bending/pinch because they use bigger muscles. I wouldn't do them less than 4 days apart, but it's whatever works for you. Maybe you've got a healing factor like Wolverine.

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I think it would help to define your goals... Do you want a stronger grip to aid you in powerlifting or to be a grip athlete?  

For me I care about grip more, and my routine is pretty grip/wrist and bending heavy.  I could't train powerlifting and grip at the same time at this level.  Mainly due to time.

If you want to train your hands so they aren't the weak link in your powerlifting just pick a few of the basics and throw them into the mix. Nothing wrong with either.


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atm I am doing a powerlifting full-body routine on MWF and grip on T and Sa, seems to be working well but I am a noob so I progress with little volume

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