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I'm transitioning from long haul driver to home body. Need to adjust my routine


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I've been on the road for many years, and am now starting a business so I wo'nt need to be out there as much. The current routine I used was to allow me to get a workout while driving. Now that I'm at home, I can go to my gym. They have most of what would be needed for a comprehensive grip workout. I'm not looking to get big forearms, or to be good at rock climbing or anything. I just want as a strong a grip as I can get.

My current routine is as follows

Pony pinch - 3x15 reps

Rubber band extensions - 3x50reps

Ivanko gripper - 3x15 reps

Reverse curl thing I bought from Amazon 3x20 reps

Wrist curl thing I bought from Amazon - 3x20 reps

What changes (if any) would you make?


thank you

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Well if strength is what you want.. Low reps.  I'd recommend a sledge hammer and something with a thick handle.

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