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I reviewed Iron Neck 3.0


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I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the equipment review, as this is not a grip tool, but I believe that because gripsters do weird unilateral deadlifts with loading pins, having a strong neck is a really good advantage to have for these lifts. Two muscles that attach the head/neck to the shoulderblade are the upper trapezius fibers, & the levator scapulae, so neck training does help train scapular stabilization in this sense. This also allows working a lot of the smaller muscles that otherwise do not really get worked at all, because when are you ever turning your head against resistance?

I had only ever previously done flexion/extension with the Ironmind harness and just recently got an Iron Neck 3.0 (it is still on black friday sale) which is their latest model. I had someone express concern about rotating the neck against resistance - it should be noted that the resistance comes from perpendicular to the neck, not from above, so the discs & vertebrae are not compressed from any gravitational/vertical load, so there is not compressive/shearing forces occuring during any of the neck rotation, you also don't have to rotate the neck at all, you can just rotate your body.

My review of it is here:


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That looks interesting. I’ve done a little neck bridging but not too much. I’ll watch video later.

I think the neck is very important to train and often overlooked.

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