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Two Youtube Videos, Both Concerning Famous Individuals


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Here are two links. The first one is a Rogue movie on Terry Todd:

The other link is a Podcast from about six years ago by Louie Simmons:

The Todd piece is a movie, just under 90 minutes, produced by Rogue.

The Simmons piece is more or less Louie demonstrating his many different pieces of equipment. 

The Rogue movie is a rather extraordinary production, practically beyond comprehension for a "strength" movie.

The Simmons piece is 100% pure Louie, delivered only the way Louie could deliver. 

I don't believe there could be two more "different" sorts of individuals. Todd was an intellectual, connected with the right people, with a PhD. Louie was definitely "blue collar", intense, but with a passionate delivery on matters that he in theory possessed no qualifications of a traditional nature to actually deliver. I got a hoot when he scoffed at NFL players using "90 pounds" on a Reverse Hyper machine, thinking it was idiotic and wasted time. I got a hoot because 19 years ago, I purchased one of his machines (when they were still pretty obscure), it fixed my back, was a Life-Changer for me, but I dialed it down significantly when I read on this forum that some members maintained that top physicians felt it could damage the back. So, I dropped the weight down to 60 pounds, and use it strictly for Rehab and Prevention. 

I think these two movies would make a great college writing assignment where the professor tells you to read or watch two different books or movies, and then do a "Comparison and Contrast" regarding the pieces of work. If I had that 1973 assignment today, these videos would be what I would pick to write my term paper. 

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ive seen bits and pieces of both videos.. they are great.

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