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Gripper training and reprogramming

Ole' Puller

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Gripper programming/ Retraining and conditioning:
• DHWOG WD2 (The mighty CROM spring)
• Set training
• Time under tension
• Over crush

"I'm just finishing up a good gripper training session I'd like to share. After some thought, I've decided to try to get back into closing grippers from the 142 - 154lb range. This is my second workout with these addictive training implements and I opted for set work, with a sprinkle of time under tension and a dash of over crush. My reason for revisiting my love for gripper training? Simple ... I'm over 50 and obviously bored!!! Seriously though, I miss gripper training and we only live once!



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On 2/27/2022 at 6:01 PM, John Knowlton said:

Nice work. 

Thank you brother!

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Gripper training and reprogramming:

• DHWOG Vulcan/ "CROM SPRING"/ Levels 7 & 8
• 3 different closing sets
• Over crush on the last rep

"The reprogramming continues ... Last week I worked the CROM spring on the lowest setting, (level 6) today I trained on levels 7 & 8. I'll gradually increase the resistance in upcoming training sessions as I continue to follow my set training and reprogramming program."



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Gripper training/ Mash Monster set & negatives:
• FBBC #2 MM set with audible clicks and hold
• Silvis "Triceratops" adjustable set up for negatives

"Today's gripper training and reprogramming involved mash monster set closes and negatives done safely! The main emphasis was on closing with enough intensity to hear the handles slam shut and performing proper negatives which both provided a good session that felt satisfying."



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