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Squat Simplicity

Luke Whippo

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Training has been going well. 2021 I have gained strength in the majority of my lifting and tighten up the mid-section. I'm not obsessed with a scale but I did drop 15#. While I added some weight to my squats I'm not squatting enough and I don't feel as strong and as good as I could if I were to squatting more, more as in more often, not more weight.

My dead lift form has improved significantly since my last post in my old journal, lifting those low reps too frequently is not needed now. 

I don't care for doing half parallel powerlifting squats (because I dead lift, a parallel squat is like the same lift). In the last month I have gone back to the basics in a squat workout and I feel 100x better, stronger, and I'm bigger.

Strength training and seeing results from training does not need to be a complex thing.

The main aspect in this journal is going to be squatting, full range of motion squatting, no sloppy reps, no half reps. It don't get any more simple and basic than that.................


This weeks training:

This week I did some floor pressing without a rack. I'm currently doing a few strict reps with 190-200 and some cheat reps with around 225, then I'll do a set of 10-15 reps. 

I also did some explosive high pulls, working to touch the bar to the neck and chin.


I only squatted once this week, I plan to squat again this week.

Monday 12/27/21

Squat 61# x 51 quick reps

I did this in passing through my garage this was very easy, but my body was pumped all night for that one set. (a few weeks ago 40 reps with the 45#bar was a tad harder, just a tad).

A Few Moments With Brother A West, LOL-


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5+ minutes with the bar after your heavy sets 3x a week will lead to 100 lbs on your max in 1.5 months. Butt should about touch the heels. Alternate front and back squat. So you're right on about the pump lasting all night. Slow down the reps, 10+ second reps on the 45 lb squats will do wonders. That's 5 seconds squatting up as well. Slower is better. Time under tension.

Changing up form is important. It will develop your weakness. Try all the ridiculous stuff you can in those 5+ minutes in order to round out your strength. Don't avoid standard of course.

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Doing ridiculous stuff is just that and makes I’m talking about not simple anymore.

Counting time under tension is not necessary, adding 100# to my squat in 1.5 months is bogus and the type of thinking I want here.

you may just be trying to help, cool, but please refrain from this talk, it’s not my thing.

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New Years Eve, so I Dead Lifted heavy last Saturday for 8 hard reps, now my right leg is all tight and strange, no back pain at all, but I bet this is a disc issue. I'm not in my 20's and 30's anymore. You young guys take this in.....................

I knew today I was not going to push myself, but I still had a good one-

Steinborn Squat (I don't own a rack)-

188 x 28

198 x 15

2nd set I had an awesome high going into it!!!



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No squat today, however I took simplicity to some 3" bar clean press for reps. I never tried to see how many reps I can get, but the goal is to beat it next time, simple as that.......

I have a solid steel 3"barbell, 75# empty.

Clean and press for reps-

75# x 24 (grip WAS shot)

85# x 10


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Saturday 1/8/21 gym did some deads up to 385 didn't push it, wanted to see if the right leg feels strange, so far all good, it took about 10 days for my leg to feel right. Did some standing strict pressing 1-2reps and some light explosive high pulls for reps with 125.

Sunday 1/9/21


72# x 68reps.

Breathing: today I made sure to take one deep breath between each squat as opposed to repping them out. I feel this is important going forward because when this shit gets heavy that's how it's gotta be done. I was able to maintain the entire set of 68 reps in that fashion. This kept me from getting winded. Getting winded causes a physiological problem with heavier loads. It is still psychologically tougher to do the set this way because the mind wants to perform the reps quickly. I think if I keep it this way I'll develop that psychological strength.  


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188 x 33

Kept 1-2 breaths between every rep, maybe 3 on a rep here and there. Now this is the kinda workout that deserves extra mashed taters at dinner baby!!!


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Saturday 1-15-22

Dead lifts-

up to 395 x 5

Sunday 1-16-22


78# x 73reps

Monday 1-17-22

Teeth lift-

105 x 15,15

Floor Press-

145 x 16

170 x 5


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Saturday, gym, nothing worth talking about.

Sunday -

squat- 83# x 81 reps


Teeth lift - 107.5 x 20 reps


Floor press - 130 x 19, 170 x 7

BOR - 120 x 21reps


Squat - 194 x 30



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Sunday -
Squat - 89# x 89 reps

Teeth lift - 110 x 22, 10

Floor press-
126 x 23, 148 x 10

BOR- 126 x 25

Thursday 2/3/22

149 x 45

111 x 7, 116 x 4 speed



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Dead lift- 225 x 16 DOH, 280 x 11 (slowly getting used to doing this early in the AM after a night of beers).

Clean and press for reps - 126 x 12

Sunday- Squat-

105# x 106 reps (no problem):)

Monday - teeth lift - 117.5 x 19, 16

Tuesday- floor press - 140 x 20, 170 x 7

BOR - 133 x 25

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Dead's 225 x 10 DOH, 260 x 16 DOH (still not pushing it too hard here, I'm still getting a hard work in)

Clean and press from reps, every rep is explosive high pull power clean - 129 x 10, 131 x 6


Squat - 110# x 111 reps (LOL)

Curls - 80 x 20

Monday - Floor press 126 x 25.

BOR - 146 x 20

Wednesday- Teeth Lift 120 x 10, 10

Curls - 90 x 15

Thursday - Squat 203 x 37 


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