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CoC#1.5 to CoC#3 way


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Hi All! 

My name is Yaroslav. Im from Kazakhstan. Im newby in grip sport. As all the grip amateurs I wanna to close CoC#3 gripper and I decided to write my traninings here.

Few words about me:

Height - 193

Weight - 92

Training experience - 1 year 

Current best results:

1) CoC#1.5 TNS -20reps

2) хват-6 (like CoC#2 hard rgc) TNS - 11 reps

3) хват-7 (like CoC#2.5 rgc) TNS - 1 rep

4) хват-8 (like CoC#3 easy rgc) MMS - 1 rep

I got CoC#3 hard 76mm and current time I can't close it from any set (DS too).


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19 hours ago, Fist of Fury said:

Good stats for a newbie. Do you play chess, whats your rating?


Chess? Yes, i play, ofcourse. 

1800-1900 rate on Lichess.


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Sunday training at home.

I will say "CoC#2 hard" when training with my хват-6 to be understood what rgc I use.


Left hand. CoC#2 hard TNS 2x7 (means 2 reps 7 sets).

Right hand. CoC#2.5 TNS 1x1, CoC#3 light MMS 1x1, trying CoC#3 hard MMS - no grip.

My right hand has not been recovered yet from last training at Friday. I'm training too often. The left hand opposite was recovered for 5 days. I'll try to give my right hand more rest to be good enough recovered. Also Im going to try to combine my squat training with grip training in gym. On my last training in gym my grip dynamometer ДК-140 displayed 86kg on right hand and 80kg on left. At home these values are: 80-82 kg and 74-76kg respectively.



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10 hours ago, weightlifter said:


Chess? Yes, i play, ofcourse. 

1800-1900 rate on Lichess.


Okay, pretty good. You're ahead of me then, I just started only a few months ago. Addictive as gripper training and just as frustrating as well :laugh

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Training at gym. Monday.

Back squats on racks from bottom position (as Brooks Kubik did)

120/5 x5

Attempts "хват-8" (like CoC#3 easy) MMS. From 7 attempts 3 were successfull. Max dynamometry (on "ДК-140" device) was 88kg by right hand and avg. 84-85 at right hand. So I think I need 90kg dyn. for assured MMS closing CoC#3 and 92-93kg for assured MMS closing CoC#3 hard (and MM1 cert attempt).

TNS "хват-6" (like CoC#2 hard) 1 set 20 reps with 5-6 second avg. between reps (I was taking gripper from table, closing it and putting gripper back; every rep was like this). My best result before was 15 reps such a way.


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On Friday I had not been recovered yet. Dynamometer data for right hand were 80kg. Any attempts to close the CoC#3 were unsuccesfull. For left hand - CoC#2 hard 2-3 TNS reps x 5-6 sets.

Lunge squats. 80kg 5 reps left leg + 5 reps right leg x 5 sets.

Sunday.  Unplanned training at home.

Right hand. CoC#2.5 wide sets (35-40mm) 3-5 reps x 5-7 sets. After every rep I set gripper again. Tried to close TNS CoC#2.5 by left hand - 3-4mm left to fully close it.


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Training at home.


Few sucsessfull attempts to mms close ХВАТ-8 gripper (like a CoC3 light rgc) for 1 rep in a set.

Next left hand CoC2 hard between wide set and css close for reps: 5 reps 5 sets.

Right hand CoC2 hard: 7 reps 5 sets.


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