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Training Forearms + Grip


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Hello, I love to train heavy Wrist Curls as well as all other exercises that build huge amounts of forearm mass. I have been training my forearms since I started lifting and I gain muscle mass very easily. I am new to training crushing grip strength and I was wondering if training forearm mass the same days that I train grip strength would hinder the progress of my grip training. I plan to train my grip strength 3 days a week and include several training sessions spread out in each of those 3 days. Is this a good idea and would it be possible to include my forearm training in the same days as my grip training. If this is not a good idea which body part should I include my forearm training with. The days and bodyparts I currently train are as follows: Monday(Grip), Tuesday(Chest and Back), Wednesday(Biceps and Triceps), Thursday(Shoulders and Grip), Friday(Squats), Saturday(Grip), Sunday(Rest). As you can see all I do is lift and sleep, this may seem like to much. But the days that I do two major muscle groups, I split into two workouts in order to take full advantage of my gains in muscle mass. I have the advantage of having as much time to lift as I need so whatever routine that you guys think is best do not worry about how time consuming it is, I LIVE TO TRAIN. :rock

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When I perform wrist curls and grippers in the same workout, the exercise performed second inevitably suffers a little bit. This is especially true if you perform the first exercise for high reps.

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Do whatever that works for you.

If you feel that you can train your grip and forearms the same day, do so.

If you feel that you can't train them both the same day, train them different days.

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