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Luke Whippo

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Done today too, 80lb give or take, solid steel. Haven't touched this guy in near a decade!


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Not much finger wrap there. Strong lift, even for a guy that looks to be 7' 4"!

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Hi Eric,

That training and photo was done completely on a whim, I've never posted pictures of myself anywhere but here, I don't practice it. I'm way under 6', that gripping has my body leaning and I just so happened to be standing under the dip in the ceiling, too funny.

Yeah, not much wrap there, thanks for noticing, my forearms still have DOMS (because I trained double overhand deads two days later), but that thing left me with DOMS for at least 48 hours, from just 4 reps each hand. 

The last time I did that lift was 2009, (haven't touched any thickbar since) I will hopefully continue to lift that bar more often for more reps. Maybe in a decade I'll have larger plates on it and I can update the photo?  

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It’s definitely a very humbling diameter for most of us. Fun lift though!

Yeah, add plates... or work up to a clean?

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On 06/10/2019 at 14:50, EricMilfeld said:

Il n’y a pas beaucoup d’enveloppement pour les doigts. Forte portance, même pour un gars qui semble mesurer 7' 4" !

what you mention is a good element, lift plays a key role in large diameter objects; you must have strength in your wrist, thumb and front bars and even all the fingers that squeeze the smaller your hand and this is a consistent fact

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Way cool , can you post some pictures of your bar.

years ago I made a 3 inch Olympic bar.

It as revolving ends and weighs just over 100 pounds.

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