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The Bearhuggers Grip Log


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Hey guys I’m new here but been lurking for a few months. Been hitting grip hard since Decemberish when I caught the fever ha, figured it would be good to log stuff here and hopefully get some advice from the experts here.

My ultimate grip goal is to close the COC 3, so far my best is a close on the 2.5 but it was far from a CCS so I have a lot of work to do.The problem is that grippers bother my tendinitis like nothing else, and on top of grip training I also train Jiu Jitsu and have fought/fight MMA so I have a history with elbow pain. Thickbar doesn’t bother it and pinch work rarely does either so I’ve been doing more of those than grippers, only going to hit grippers now when I absolutely feel 100 percent. I’m also using the IM extensor bands more than i was in the hope that it helps. My other goal is to pinch 2 45s.

So my basic idea is to train grip twice a week (I also grapple and train in the gi 1-2 days a week where I’m utilizing many of the same muscles) and maybe 3 days a week if I feel up to it. I leave grippers on its own day. I follow a basic pull/push/legs/off lifting program and usually throw grip in on pull and/or leg day.

So Im following the Clay Edgin 8 week program for Rolling Thunder right now and throwing it on pull days. Just finished up the 2nd workout of the first week and pulled 137 for 3 sets of 8 on my Titan 2.5 inch revolving handle. Could’ve gone heavier for it but the things a beast and I’m progressively adding more weight each workout. 

Did plate pinch curls where I pinched 2-3 tens together in each hand and did alternating curls, burnt me out pretty good. Also did some work with plate pinching 2 35s and 2 25s.

Did some levering with an 8 pound axe I have (need a heavier hammer) and finished with some light shrugs and bent over rows.

If my elbow feels up to it I’ll hit grippers later this week, if not I’ll do thickbar and pinch again. 

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Trained Jiu Jitsu in the gi twice this week which works the grip heavy so today Saturday was the first time back hitting it since Monday.

Pulled 147 for 3 sets of 6 on the Titan Rt. Had a disappointing pinch workout but I sliced my thumb pretty good last week doing it on different plates and I realized by the end of the workout that I was holding it awkwardly, but by the time I fixed it my grip was shot haha. I was focusing on pinching 5 tens for a few weeks and I think it messed up my more narrow pinch as well, had a lot of trouble with my 35s.

Finished with a basic upper body lift with curls, shrugs, triceps extensions etc. 

Also did reverse curls for the first time in the hope that it helps my tendinitis. Taking it easy on grippers until it dies down.

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Are you in Texas?

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On 8/4/2019 at 5:54 PM, AdamTGlass said:

Are you in Texas?

Nope not even close ha, whys that?

Just finished up a workout for Tuesday August 6th. Did kettlebell squats and in between I worked on grippers.

Did a basic 5x5 type workout with my GHP 5, setting it for the first one and then used a handle from a different gripper as my “block”, trying to get 5 in a row without having to reset the gripper in my hand. I saw a YouTube video where someone was doing this and I’ve never done a CCS or used a block before, was definitely tough with all the time under tension. A couple of the sets I banged out 5 in a row fairly easy where I took a nice deep set , other ones it started coming unglued around the 3rd.

This method should really help my sets I feel like. The 5th set was one of my better ones even though I was tired simply because my set was already improving from trial and error.

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And a couple hours later and my elbow is killing me.

Thick bar, pinch etc don’t bother it but as soon as I hit a Gripper anymore it kills the outside of my arm. Making me question whether to continue using grippers at all, but the COC 3 cert is my ultimate goal. I took over a week off between gripper sessions and thought it was recovered, apparently not. 

And yes I have the Ironmind extensor bands and use them several times a week. I just started adding reverse curls to my routine as well but only for 1-2 workouts. My elbow might just be too shot for hand grippers I guess.

Gonna focus on pinch and thickbar for a while

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On 8/6/2019 at 3:37 PM, Hopefully said:

Fix up all trigger points in your forearm and do deep tissue massage at every spot where it hurts. Also start doing wrist circles in a bucket with rice, do controlled CW and CCW circles. 3-4 times a week. Trust me on that one. Start stretching your fingers and forearm in every way until it is completely loosened up. 

Practice the movements in the video below until you can do them without trouble. 

And dont give up. Put in the effort and fix it. There's reasons for the pain, without fixing it rest will give you nothing. 

Thanks for the advice and video. I hit pinch quick a couple days this week after BJJ. 

Just finished up a thickbar  and upper body pull workout. Was hungover so the numbers were terrible but hit the Titan rt,  and did a couple sets of axle bar rows which is quickly becoming my favorite exercise.

Did a couple sets of reverse curls as well as plate pinch curls where I was pinching 2 10s in each hand for them. 

Elbows not in much pain at all now, it’s literally just grippers that explodes it. I’ll be back on the grippers but I’m going to really work on that flexibility and elbow pain before I do it.

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Teacups are good for sore elbows too. I started doing them for shoulder mobility when I was doing a lot of pullups and they were even more beneficial for my elbows. I do them while rolling baoding balls in my hand between sets with grippers and pullups and it unwinds all the tension in my whole arm.


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Thanks for the advice I’ll try to implement them in my next workout.

Got an Atlas Stone workout in today. Practiced shouldering technique with my light 110 stone and did a little loading with my 240 which felt super heavy today. I did pulls and grip just two days ago so I must’ve been more fatigued than I had thought. Trying to get a stone workout in once a week or so to get more proficient at it. Finished with a bunch of reps practicing loading with my 170 because I felt a stretch in my lower abdomen on the 240 that was probably close to a pulled muscle. Too much too soon maybe since I just started with stones and have some weaknesses most likely ha.

Did 3 sets of squats afterwards with my safety squat bar. Haven’t used this thing in years but going to also be a weekly exercise, it felt great on my back and shoulders compared to back squats.

Just did a warmup with 135 and then 225 for a couple sets of 10 as I was smoked from the stones. I’m just easing back into heavy squats as all ive done for years were ketttlebell squats because of injuries and don’t want to push it.

First time throwing a stone workout in on leg day. It’s a brutal full body workout so trying to figure out which days work best.

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So yesterday I did pushes. 

3 sets of strict press with only 115 and 135 for a set. Have a history of bad shoulders so taking it slow.

3 sets of Tricep extensions with 80 pounds.

3 sets of DB incline bench. Was using awkward standard dumbbells with the loadable point at the end which made it awkward and ended up tweaking my elbow curling it up.

Did gi Jiu Jitsu at night. Think I’m gonna switch back to no gi for now since it’ll be easier on my arms and grip.

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Titan axle bar bent over rows with 198. Sets of 10,11, and 12. Just getting into doing rows on the axle bar and wasn’t sure how 198 would feel so shot for 3 sets of 10 and could’ve went heavier and will next workout

Ez curl bar preacher curls 2 sets with a 45 on each side. Haven’t done preacher curls in forever and was surprised that it felt pretty light. Finished with two sets of preacher curls with a 40 pound DB, doing a lot of holds and pauses.

Did some plate pinches with the 35s, mainly picking it up and passing it hand to hand.

Also shrugs

A little sledge levering with my 8 pounder to finish up.


Would’ve deadlifted today but I just started running again yesterday for the first time in years so didn’t want to push my legs and back too much too soon. I’m really enjoying the axle and thick bar work lately as it’s not exclusively a grip workout.

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Did more squats on Monday. Couple sets with 225 and 275.

logged a couple miles in yesterday jogging and walking. Enjoying trying to get back into it some running and also doing real squats again.

might grab a upper body lift today but I really should continue taking time off upper body lifting to let my arm and shoulder heal.

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Did pushes today after 8 days off upper body lifting. Tried 3 sets of ten strict press with 135 although the 3rd set I cut short a few reps bc my form was falling apart.

3 sets of high rep and slow flys with my 45 lb dumbbells.

3 sets of 15 standing tricep extensions on my tricep bar. 

Gonna ease back into some grip work tomo. 

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Need to start getting a full warmup in before going heavy on grip.

used a loading pin for two 35s plate pinching. Couldn’t quite get them to lockout and down, then I went out and did a bunch of work with my atlas stones and when I came back out of breath got it with each hand. First time using a loading pin so it was technically a PR as it weighs 3 pounds and 70 was the most I’d ever done without it ha. 

Did 2 sets each arm of sledge levering and basic light shrugs/curls/bent over rows after the pinches and stone work.

Been working the extensors and the stretches you guys posted but my right elbows still in real pain. About to ice it right now.

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Bought a 90 lb hex Db today and cut it up. Was still sore but got it to full lockout and down  with my injured right arm but couldn’t do a legal lift with the left. So training to get it with my left is my new grip goal while I lay off with with my right arm. The coating is super slick and won’t hold chalk well which makes it a challenge.

First time training with an actual block weight and I liked it. I’ve worked with inverted dumbbells and kettlebells before but never seen or used an actual cut up DB. 

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