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Hard Squats/Deads For Grip Routine

Luke Whippo

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My avatar is recent and I'm wearing GGC 2005 contest shirt.

So after just training moderately for several years I finally am making some progress and this isn't a routine that will help me in obscure grip feats, but this mainly for general forearm and grip strength. Lately I find that doing higher rep squats before DO deads helps me grip the bar.

I'm going to post up my training starting from April and will try to update every week.

Here we go......... 

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I've been training one day a week for the last 1.5 years.


Saturday 3/30/19


I've been starting with dead lifts for over 6 months, time for something different, I started with squats last week at 230lb and 260x12




Squat rack was free, ah heck I'll start light 135lb x5

225 x 2

245 x 2

270 x 10, 290 x1 paused in the bottom for 3 count, 300x1 paused for 2 count.


Dead lift-

295x1 double overhand grip.

305x2 DO grip

315x3 DO grip

325x3 DO grip

335x1 DO grip

355x1 mixed grip (called it a day on those, 2-weeks prior was my heavy day)


clean and press-

135lb x2 presses

140x2 presses (old style Olympic press, back arched)


Barbell power/cheat curls 115lb x8 (smoked).



Squat 185x2 (cold)





Dead lift-

295 x1 Double overhand (no hook) DO

305 x2 DO

320 x2 DO

330 x3 DO nice!

350 x1 DO hard

365 x1 mixed grip, switched hands x1 mixed grip (very, very easy) 1st rep flew up, form felt perfect, flat back stayed on heels, leaned back bar very close to legs.


Barbell clean and press-

140 x2 presses

145 x1 x1 presses (old style Olympic press, arched back)


Power/cheat barbell curls (45lb bar, real deal)

115 x1

120 x6 (killer)

125 x4 (more killer)

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I walked in and a guy was already squatting, I waited till 225lb was on the bar.......

225 x2
Here we go mother.........
250lb x21 / deadlift 300 x 6 DO (could've done more on the deads) That was very little to rest, I did lay on the floor for a min with a bottle water on my head, but I loaded the bar to 300 and went right in, grunting on every rep.

Dead lift
320 x 3 DO (double overhand)
330 x1 DO (very tired)
340 x1 Mixed grip x1 
375 x1 mixed grip x1

Very happy that I got 375 and it wasn't that bad after all that chit.

Barbell clean and press
135 x 4 presses
145 x 1 press
150 x1 press 

Stay with it........

Barbell curls
95 x 2
Power cheat-
135 x3
140 x3

I be happy with the workout, but it ain't ###



Saturday 4/20/19


245 x1 COLD BABY!

255 x1 x1

Here we go.........280 x17 failure......no rest......dead lift 305 x7 DO, rolled around the studio, I give thumbs up while rolling around cursing, pouring water on my head. The gym owner said "hes just being dramatic". Huge PR here, hell last was a PR too!


did a rep with 345, Guy asked if he can use my bar, sure I need the rest.......

clean and press 135 x3, I guy was now up to 315 on the bar.......

Dead lift 365 x1, 385 x1 (happy with that being totally wrecked)



strict 105x2

Cheat curl-

115x5, 125x4, 130x1


Good workout......still sucks......but a stronger than last week.

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This is going to be a more moderate workout, going too hard again is going to screw me up too much, I know.......... I'm a ####.



245x1 x1 cold


290x11 no rest 305x1

Dead lift

285x1 DO

315x7 DO

325x4 DO (OK!)

340x1.5 DO lost my grip and was out of it.

365x1 mixed grip


Barbell clean and press



155x1 (it's been a few years since doing that)


Cheat curls

115x9 This put me down, only "all out" effort of the day, and PR.


saturday 5/11/19


Took longer than normal to warm-up today.



225lb x2 x2

245 x2 x2

265 x2 x2

285x14, 309x1


Because I didn't go past 15 I added weight and did a single still while breathing very heavy, it was still higher reps than the last 2 weeks...........but things get better........


Dead lift

325 x 6 DO (PR for reps in DO)


I actually went down on rep 4, picked myself up and spit in my hands (for gripping, chalk sucks) and did two more reps. I liked this much better than diking around with 300 or less first.....save it for the top weight......anyone who does heavy DO knows how that kills the CNS, this is real tough stuff.


Done with deads, got too much other chit to do today, but feeling real good, but smoked.


Clean and press 135 x 4 strict, went down......


Cheat curls 135 x 5 PR for reps, went down again.....dry heaving....


...Clean and press 145 miss, waited, got a sip of H2O, 145x1


Fun day, looking forward to next week.

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Saturday 5/18/19


Oh boy, it's gonna be a hard one was in my head since I woke up.



135 x3 (haven't warmed-up that light in quite sometime)

185 x2

225 x3

266 x21 ........Holy muther#$#$......wanted to stop at 11!!! Stayed on the floor for a few minutes.





330 x 6 DO Went down a couple times during that set.


Clean and press

135 x1

145 x2-presses


Strict Powercurls-

95x1 very strict

110 x 6 Started very strict, started leaning back towards the end. Hacked up something on that, I wanted another rep, after all that, the curls made me gag.


All PR's today except the presses. I was dead after squats.


Looking forward to next week.



Saturday 5/25/19



135 x few

185 x few

225 x 2

245x 1

269 x1

290x13 failure, didn't rack it, just went down on rep 14. Still a PR for reps.



335 x7 DO PR for reps in DO, went down on rep 6, got up hit another.


Clean and press-

140 x 3 presses failed rep 4

150x1 slight push.


Power/cheat curls-

125 x 6 PR for reps.


Squats didn't go as great, but the main thing was I got more reps than last time with that weight and went till failure.


This is no excuse but there was a kid in the studio today so I refrained from shouting F bombs, which usually gets me through more reps.........no need for that chit, but it's interesting.


I guess I'll just do better next time. I was really smoked after the squats.

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Saturday 6/1/19



135 x1

185 x2

225 x1

245 x1

269 x1

300 x11 no rest, add 20lb 320 x1 (grunted so loud on that one). PR, the set of 11 was not till failure, but getting close. Some days you just need to back off a tad (that is really weak talk!).


Dead lift- 315 x10 DO, that was nice, I went down at rep 8, got up, got two more, went down again, dryheaving.


My best DO for reps with 315 is 12 when fresh, this was not fresh......so I'm happy, and it's a big jump from 300x6 8 weeks ago.


Clean and press- 135 x 5 presses PR for being strict.


....when down, dry heaves......


Power/cheat curl- 125 x7 PR, went down whole body was shaking!


Saturday 6/8/19


Well I kept my promise, more reps in the squat did happen today!



135 x2

185 x2

225 x1

245 x1

269 x1

300 x16 too failure! (5 rep PR) No F-bombs where shouted but I was grunting so loud that I heard someone say "he sounds like a Go-cart. I for sure would have been thrown out of  Planet Fatness!


Dead lift Doubleoverhand 320 x10 this went to grip failure, I did go down after rep 8.


I'm Totally destroyed right now!


Barbell clean and press

145 x2 dizzy

145 x2 much better, but couldn't get 3

150 x1 strong.......I don't why I didn't go for 2? Wuss move on me.



115 x6-7 pretty strict, can't remember how many? PR for strictness reps.

Cheat curl

135 x1, 150 x1 PR


What happens next week......stay tuned to find out, cause not sure yet, but should be fun.

Edited by Luke Whippo
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Saturday 6/14/19



warmup singles working in with a partner, 135, 165, 195, 225, 255, 275

306 x 11, no rest, 326x1


Ok, at rep 5 on the squats I knew I would not get 15, I thought about quitting at 10, but I hate 10's on squats. I could've done better, and I will. There is a huge difference in recovery not going "all out"........so I better hit some PR's


btw that 326 squat while still breathing very heavy is about 10lb away from lifetime PR territory.


Dead lift DOUBLEOVERHAND 325x10 PR for DO reps!,


the first 8 were quick, I had to stop for a few seconds and spit in the hands......2-more. I like doing these after hard squats.......I've never been able to consistently get over 6reps DO with 315+ in consecutive weeks like I am now!!!


Clean and Press

145 x3-presses PR for reps


Very tired now.



120 x 8 PR for reps, these were somewhat strict powercurls......this killed me!


Saturday 6/22/19


I did end up training today.....I'm on vacation mode (got that from a thread), but I need to train so I can doing some drinking on vacation.


......and stress levels are high, I had to get-in and get it done.



warmup singles up 275

306 x12 (failed rep 13), 1-rep PR, I actually gave-up at rep 13, I think I could've done it.


Dead lift-

330 x 8 Double overhand, I would call this a PR because I didn't go down until rep 8.......due to time I didn't get up and do anymore reps.


Clean and press

145 x1

160 fail

160 x1 Strong, I think a slightly push pressed ?



135 x 6 PR That was awesome!

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singles up to 275

306x7 Phuck, I racked it, no rest, 335 x1 OK that's a PR


I did actually get through the first 6 reps quicker than ever, but rep 7 felt real hard, once I get used to this heat, or it gets cooler, this 306 should be doable for over 12reps.


Things just went bad from there, I'm used to have a nice pump in the grip/forearms from doing higher rep squats, this really affected my DO deads-


Deads DO 335 x3 (barely held on to rep 3), thats it now I'm doing singles.

145 x1 DO

155 x1DO barely held-on x1 mixed grip, that was very easy.

375 x1 mixed


Clean and Press

140x2 horrible

140x4 PR


power curls

140 x 2 (failed rep3)

150 x1 (ties PR)

Clean and press 150x1


160 miss


I thought I had curled 155, but can't find.


Pretty crappy day, even though I had some PR's, nothing beats the feeling of higher rep squats to near failure.


Saturday 7/6/19


Another hot one, but things were better today, I thought I was going to vomit three times........that's means "I" trained hard and I love that feeling!



warm-up with singles to 265

295 x10, no rest, 340 x1 PR


Still having a hard time doing reps, the heat just sucks up all energy........I'm going to do something a bit different next time.


Dead lifts

335 x 4 DO Failed rep 5 DO, no rest, mixed grip x2, grabbed some chalk x3 DO.

So I was looking at a total of 7reps DO in short time.....I'll take it......I'm dry heaving at this time!


Clean and press

135 x 6-presses PR! (shocking, felt like I had another, but was about to pass out).


Power curls-

130 x7 PR! (YES). About to puke again!!!, thats was  brutal.


One of the big strong boys walked to me after curls and said "those were the ugliest powercleans I've ever seen" I said, "training hard isn't pretty my friend" while I was dry heaving.

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Saturday 7/13/19


 I changed two things, first I narrowed my stance to where I can utilize my legs, my stance is so narrow that I can't go below parallel.


Before when I stance was allowing me to go below parallel, my legs lose power, squats are a leg exercise. The second thing I changed was I broke-up my sets so I can do a higher rep set......add weight, do more reps with no rest.......add more weight for a heavy single. This paid off..........



Warm-up with singles to 269

290lb x 12, no rest, 315 x4 (screamed on every rep), no rest 345 x1 PR



340lb DO x 6 (barley held on to rep 6) mixed grip x1 flewwww up, but I was DEAD! Still a PR for DO for reps!


Clean and press

140 x 5 PR for reps


Power/cheat curls

135 x7 PR

145 x1

155 x1 PR!!!


Saturday 7/20/19


Very hot today, no energy, lucky some air was on in the gym today.


Squat- singles up to 269.

290 x 13, no rest 346x1 PR by 1lb


Dead lift

345x4 DO mixed grip x2, chalked up DO x1


The 4 reps was a PR for DO and chalking up real quick and hitting another added to that PR


Clean and press

135 x1

145 x4 PR for reps



130x6, failed rep 7

130x4"ALL OUT"


Today was a more moderate day on squats, I was still a tad beat up from last week.

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Saturday 7/17/19

Another hot day and no air conditioning in the gym.


doubles from 135 to 269

290 x 15 OK that felt great, wasn't to failure and not really a PR, but the first 10 went quicker than ever, the last 5 were brutal.

Dead lifts-

346 (1lb increase) Double Overhand x 2 chalk x2 mixed x 3 (switched grip each rep), chalk DO x1 (barley) This took me down, it was hot I couldn't breath, I was dry heaving and loudly hacking, someone actually asked if I was OK, YES!!! This is what I like! So we are looking at 5-reps DO in short time again.

Clean and press (strict old fashion presses)


150x2 PR for reps (I'm sure I never did 2 even back in my heyday, I was always a crappy presser.

Barbell curls (45lb bar)

125 x8 PR for reps, the first rep was STRICT and HARD, the rest were cheat'in 

I when down and started hacking again after the curls.

Now I feel great and I'm ready for some post training drinking!!! 

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Double overhand dead lifts are my grip work. I did all that other stuff years ago. I'm going back to the basics, keeping it simple, get in, train, get the hell out!


Saturday 8/3/19

Very hot, some air is on in the gym, but it's very stuffy. I was nervous and hacking before I even started.........is that because I didn't drink whiskey last night or because I drank mildew HA HA Cucamonga!!! 

Maybe the fried seafood?

Here we go.......

Squats- doubles up to 265lb

286lb x 17 PR!  racked it and went down, stayed down for a while.

That is a 6lb PR for 17 reps and I was huffing and puffing at rep 8. I had no energy after this. I took forever to load the bar to 336lb for my deads and I'm thinking, "I have no energy to lift this DO", lets see what happens.

Deadlift 336lb x4 DO, chalk, x3DO

This is a tad better than what I did with 335, so I'm happy. I didn't go down here today.

Clean and press, not doing reps here.

135 x2, 145 x 1, 155 x1 Stopping, I've been here way too long now.


120 x 9 PR for reps, 1st rep was strict and was harder than last week HA HA!

Feel good now, time to party.....alcohol please!!!



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Saturday 8/10/19


doubles up to 285

306x10, meh, no rest, 320x5 If I can't get a PR in high reps I'll do lower reps while still breathing real heavy, the 320 was a PR.

Dead lift DO 340x5 went down here, thought about, wanted to do more, but I have no time. 5reps without re-chalking isn't bad for me. Forearms and wrists are PUMPED!

Clean and press

135x4 155x1

cheat curls

135x2 155fail, 145x3 PR for reps.

I was totally rushed today, I wanted to do more, but then I'd be spending more time to recover. This is why I don't train those obscure grip stuff anymore, when it comes down to having only a choice to do what "needs" to be done, there's no argument, this is the bread butter.

I feel good though, DOMS is starting......MOTHERS FREAK!!!


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Oh, so much stress happening, I should be training though? Hopefully.......all I want, is to train some high rep squats. Oh the madness..........the anxiety. I need to calm down, how bout some Mothers.........



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Sat 8-17

Here we go again freaking being rushed and it is way too hot and humid............ 

squat 276x12 had enough, I don’t believe I’m fully recovered from last weeks squats. 315x1 355x1 PR

sweating so bad, no energy at all.

dead lift 336x4 DO, chalk, x4 DO not bad, but I had sweat dripping through a skull cap with each rep, couldn’t take anymore.

clean and press

135x4, 145x4, 160x1

by this point I had no time to gather a lighter weight for curls so......

curls 135x6

BS is what I have to say about today.


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Another week of B.S., what's going to happen tomorrow? I don't have a clue, I'm supposed to train, but lots of drama happening, hopefully the weather will be like today. Gimmie a shot!


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Saturday 8/24/19

Nice day today, still pressed for time as usual.


warmed-up with reps in the 6-8 range up to 255

276x16 Nice moderate set, I got a nice cardio and quad pump from that......WAY easier than last week, Air helps (maybe I'll play "the air" later). No PR though, just working for better conditioning.

Dead Lift-

336 x 5 DO, chalk x 4 DO, I'll take that PR! 9 reps, I went down at rep 8, actually while I was chalking up after 5 I was about to vomit, pass out, something, I was F###ed.

Hookgrip 365 x 1so easy, this is something I'm bringing back IF I think about it and have time, a decade ago I routinely pulled 430ish hookgrip several days a week, I'm focusing on big forearms and grip with my deads but I'd like to pull heavier. 

Clean and Press

135 x 5 presses STRICT, 155 x 1 FLEW UP.......wish I had time to do more.


95 x 3 STRICT

115 x 9 Pretty strict at first, kinda ties my PR for reps but strictness beats my previous best........WENT DOWN HERE! ABOUT VOMIT.

Wanted to do more, but WTF, I guess I have a F###ing life, good workout, feel good, next week will be a chit storm, so who knows about then? Time for Alcohol and maybe LOUD GUITARS!


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The DOMS is feeling real good now, its mostly because of the higher rep squats. I don't really give two chits about being considered "strong", I really love the workouts. And now here is a hot little number which jas nofin to do with anything I'm talk'in bout.......1...2...3.....


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I'm looking forward to destroying iron this weekend, already I'm feeling like a caged animal......whats going to try and stop me? Who knows but I'm posting to scare that B.S. away. Its gonna be a $hit storm, but I've already got some negotiations happening to help my odds. Must be the weather, but I'm raging..........like a "Mad Dog".


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