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A climber grip journey

Roch Climber

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Hi everyone. I'm a climber getting into grip as a way to progress in my sport. Lots of cool info on the board, made me want to start grip, helped me a lot and got me motivated. I thought that might be interesting for some of you to see how a climber train and i would be happy to give back. 

Grip oriented goal : progress in climbing (climb v14/15 and 8c+/9a, pessimistic and optimistic values, is the long term goal  if that make sense for some of u),  progress on gripper

Strenght goals (some of those might be a bit optimistic as grip is my main focus but we will see) : 5 one arm pull ups, double body weight bench press, triple body weight deadlift, a good form iron cross on rings, a good form front lever pull up

Why train grip : Climbing specific strenght training destroy my finger pretty bad, especially as i'm heavy (for a climber, i'm a little bitch by powerlifter standard i suppose haha) and i started late. Gripper and thick bar seem somewhat more pulley friendly and gripper probably promote hypertrophy better than static holds, i saw some carryover in the climbing to grip direction, so i guess it must work the opposite dirrection as well. 

Stats : 25, 1m85, 80kg off season, 19.5cm hands

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Was chilling reading Hopefully grip log instead of studying and came accross a comment by Anwnate telling him to set deeper then open for the ccs to get more skin friction, tried it on my T which was laying around, freaking eye opener. My setting was dead wrong, felt so much easier. Did a quick 1rep of each gripper warm up, closed the #2 CCS with my left much easier than the first time i did it, then close #2.5 CCS with my right first try. I did it again to video tape my setting so some of you might drop more knowledge bombs on me !

Anwnate if you read this you just made me gain a few week of progress in 10sec, thx dude ! 

The videos are pretty bad, as I shake a lot when I try hard it seem and I go partially out of sight when I'm closing cause I'm not really thinking about the camera but not trying to get any sort of credit so who care. The setting is visible tho, that's what matter i guess (unless there is some special closing technique as well, I help with the thumb as much as I can I think it's allowed, that's all the shenanigans I do). Also I close pretty slowly compared to the videos I see, I don't know if it's a lack of technique, fear or injuries, the fact that I used to train static hangs or just that it's hard for me.

The ccs is probably sloppy as the credit card make noise against the handle, I guess I should try to fit it further down the gripper so it goes smoothly, got to work on that.


Anyway so psyched ! 

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