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Balancing bending with grip and traditional strength training


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Hey just wondering if any of you guys also try to juggle bending along with grip training, grippers, and traditional strength training.  Every week ive been switching things around trying to make it work.  I feel 3 days per week is all my body can handle nervous system wise lately.  I typically add a 4th day in which is way lighter in intensity whenever I can.

What i did this week

 Tuesday- grippers.  Sledge. Bending.  For grippers i alternate one week going heavy for singles and doubles with a week where i go a little lighter and try to get like 4 sets of 5 with close to my 5rm.  Sledge i did levering pronation supination and isometric holds for radial and ulnar deviation.  Bending i did 2 horseshoes and 4 60d penny nails.  I also did about 6 or 7 sets of 20 pushups through out.

Wendsday- weighted dips.  Weighted pullups.  Heavy one arm rows.  Deadlift. Leg press.  Fat grip hammer curls

Saturday-my grip marathon day.  I typically train for about 3 hours.  Doing rolling thunder plate pinch pinch block hub moontop etc.  I typically do 3 or 4 movements than finish with either wrist work or easier bending.

Sometimes instead of this Tuesday-lower body and grippers.  Wendsday-upper body.  Saturday grip and bending.  Than also throughout the week ill bend a few nails most days or one horseshoe per day.

Ive experimented with a ton of different training styles and i know I have to prioritize but i really do enjoy all of the disciplines and want to include all of them at varying intensities throughout the week.

I am new too grip about 6 months in.  My numbers are rolling thunder-140 blockbuster pinch-55 flask-70 axle-283 horseshoe-st. Croix ultralight 0 easy.  60d penny nail easy.  My bending i want to go slow with so even though i have more in thr tanki want to perfect form and just increase slowly

Anyways feel free to critique but I really just wanted to start a discussion with how you guys balance bending with grippers and general grip training

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