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my overall train log


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lost my vintage gripaccount, so hello again friends :-)



squat  200kgx10, 250kgx3

europinch 67.5kg 5sec.

russian bullet 5kg 10sec.

horne handshake 72.5kg 5sec.

finnish ball 33.4kg no lift



benchpress 180kgx3

bicepscurl 70kgx15

2" apollons axle 155kgx1

rowing 120kgx20.20.20



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German Open Grip Championships three weeks out.

today i tryed to break the worldrecord on the horne handshake (72.5kg for 10sec.) 

but i had a missload. so 75kg for 12sec. are in my books :-)


finnish ball 32.8kg ok but 35.8kg no lift

finnish double ball 45kg ok 50kg no lift

horne shallow hub double key pinch 37.5kg ok 40kg no lift

silarukov 2" rolling handle 50kg



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horne stub 5x5sec 12kg 

horne handshake 2x8sec 52.5kg

benchpress 182.5kgx1, 150kgx5.5

silarukov double roll 2" 164kg PB, 174kg no lift



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wrong load
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today only easy going, my hands are sore from work

benchpress 185kgx3, 150kgx8

hornetop 50kgx5 with 5sec. holds

IM hub 23.75x3

IM blockbuster 25kgx1 left hand

bicepscurl 47.5kgx8.8.8


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german grip championships 11 days out. last heavy workout.

dynamometer 80.1kg

russian bullet 5kg 8sec.

finnish ball

34.75kg PB

artos 38.8kg no lift but lift off

horne handshake

82.5kg 10sec. PB

92.5kg PB max weight



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russian bullet is a unique gripper. its longer and with handstop. much easier to close than a coc3 but you have to hold the double weight.

i am not good at grippers so my best on silverbullet is coc3 24sec. and russian bullet 12sec. 


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benchpress 190kgx2, 150kgx11, so no chance for 200kg at the nationals next week but i will try it

apollons axle 160kg no lift

and then some MAS-Wrestling



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grip germans one week out, so today i check the obstacles of the medley. i did only one lift per hand to keep power. 

weights are load only without top and pin

silarukov orbiter 3kg 3reps

horne halfpenny 7.5kg

horne stub 10kg

silarukov block 8mm 12.5kg

silarukov 76mm hub 15kg

horne goldbar 17.5kg

silarukov 100mm hub 20kg

silarukov 50mm block 22.5kg

silarukov 65mm dumbbell 57.5kg

and last one with both hands 

silarukov double roll 3" 100kg


cooldown with squats because upc germans one month out






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Nice work big guy!

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thank you!


today first steps into bending, want to try the steel shredder rally from mr. horne. dont know the right technique.

5 trys with 6.3x7.9" nail best was 6sec.

2 trys with Ironmind Yellow Nail best was 19sec.

loosing time because of slippery ironmind wraps, they turned around the nails. maybe wrong wrapping to.

edit. ah ok need magnesia 


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upload videos
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today arrived two new toys. i am so happy. the 24k blob trainer from silarukov russia and the dube cube from grip n bend canada.



i tryed the dube cube half penny for a 14.05kg lift and realize how bad i am, there is need for minimum 3kg more to be good



glob top 10.8kg

benchpress 250kg with bands and chains

steel shredder training 10x14"








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steel bending to parallel

10mm x 12" ~34sec.



250kgx1 and 260kgx1

still not hitting the depth. no strong enough for the required 300kg at this setting, next i will try my old inzer gripper. dont want to get stronger fear for pain in lower back.



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Competitions No. 141 & 142 

happy placed 2nd (15 men and 5 girls) at the german grip championships.

dynamometer +3kg from training

russian bullet +/- 0 from training

finnish ball -3kg training

horne handshake 52.5kg + 25sec. from training

medley was bad

58sec on the 52.5kg handshake was to much for my week hand, so missed the first three tops in the medley (dubecube bearing, horne halfpenny and stub) and 100mm hub and left hand horne goldbar so only 11 of 20 points.

benchpress placed 1st with 190kg. 
200kg two reds because some air under my ass 🤗 but power no problem, now three weeks time then try again.




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today start with david hornes steel shredder III

119k and 124k no problem in aprox. 30sec. each


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Steel Shredder III

130k & 136k no problem


CoC#4 :-) thumbhold 21.9kg 17sec.


Dube Cube Quarter 17.65kg conjugate with + bands






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Steel Shredder III

150k ok

158k ok

168k ok

178k ok


Otevoima Double Kuula 52.7kg no lift



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my attempts from yesterday

Steel Shredder III 

today I tried to balance missing power and technique with drooling and screaming of a calf sucking cow 😓






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only rehab an d prehab this day with

benchpress 10x  105kgx3 on bands

then bison, twister, fingerbands, IM egss, orbiter for some light reps and sets







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no time for preperation, so only lazy check the settings with loose wraps and suit up to wimpkind 275kg. shitty 250kg will be first attempt in two weeks.


2018-02-23 20.10.52.png


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my pecs are still sore from last weekend

benchpress up to 150kgx1 raw 

benchpress up to 200kg rageX 53



Steel Shredder III

10mmx9.5" 190k ok

10mmx9" 203k ok

10mmx8.5" 219k no lift

at the 8.5" i had only place for two finger, not enough power for proper kinking, then loose some skin in my right hand.

i think i must now try 12mm steel.



bamboobar with kettlebells on bands 2x



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thank you :-)

i tryed fast for the lead, my old performance was the 178k now 190k ok and 203k to attack the welsh and hungary

Steel Shredder #3 - ongoing score 24 Feb
Event: Braced Bend – 14-8” 'Spike' Style Bar Bending (Rated steel)
Open Class results (21 competitors, 8 countries)
Zsolt Hornyak (Hungary) - 203k
Reuben Hughes (Wales) - 203k
Sirko Petermann (Austria) - 178k
Daniel Strauss (England) - 178k
Steffen Knaak (Germany) - 150k
Elizabeth Horne (England) - 130k (Female)
Danton Briggs (England) - 95k
Patricia Luxner (Austria) - 82k (Female)

Women’s Class (6 competitors)
Elizabeth Horne (England) - 130k
Patricia Luxner (Austria) - 82k

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some illness so only minimal

benchpress 140kgx3

ironmind hub 22.10kg

dube cube quarter 15.0kg no lift


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