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Paul Markowski

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Yesterday, I modified my Little Monster gripper (now called FrankenMonster) by permanently placing a 6" copper piece of pipe on to the short handle.  This way, I transformed the Beyond-the-Range short handle into a regular short handle.  So, the workout began with me using the "toggling" principle to get what I believe to be the best workout of my life!!  Toggling, in "grip-speak", is when you continuously change the force you are exerting on a heavy duty gripper that you have secured (in my case, a power rack) in order to take advantage of leverage. So, what I do is this:

  • I get a great hold of the gripper in the power rack and then close it using my body weight to my advantage
  • once closed, I then "lay off" a little as I move my body more to the side of the gripper (this takes some body weight off the gripper)
  • I then allow the gripper to move a little out of he power rack hole which then gives only hand grip strength a true test
  • as I squeeze and squeeze that gripper trying to maintain control of it, once I realize that it is becoming too much for me to keep relatively closed, I then use body weight once again in the Power Rack to bring it back to a closed position
  •  then, I once again allow that gripper to be "free" in the hole of the Rack and now it is my pure gripping power controlling the gripper
  • this "back and forth" from total Rack control to pure grip power is what I consider to be "grip toggling"

I did a pretty good set today which took almost 19 seconds!!  My hand was toast after this set.

See video below for a visual take on toggling....




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Anyone else not able to view this on iPhone ?

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1 hour ago, Roger Roberson said:

Anyone else not able to view this on iPhone ?

Did not work on my iPhone either

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Hmmmm....does not even work on my IPhone....however, it works just fine on a computer!!

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