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I was wondering how good do u guys think i will do on the RT i'm getting it for my B-day, i can almost close the #3, around 2/10 of an inch or closer, my hands are 7" :angry: which sucks, but if u told me that would be great. :bow

PS: i know u guys wont get it exact but if u took a guess it would still make me feel better :rock

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Did you get your RT yet? If so what can you do? FWIW I also have small hands, right around 7". I'm just comming off a back injury and I've started the KTA program so RT training won't be a big priority. Still, I'm working toward a "body weight" RT lift and I think that is a resonable goal (for me that would be 135lbs).

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Big hands, little hands.... what's the friggin' difference?!? :blink:angry:

Just train, man! Don't worry about how big/small your hands are... just lift and lift heavy - "keep your eyes on the prize"... I don't have big hands and I don't let it bother me that I don't. Just lift!!! :):)

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yeah thanks man, and no gollan i haven't got it yet

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