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Putting Together A Workout

Guest PineAway

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Guest PineAway

After reading some of the workout routines on this board, I felt it is time to alter my grip/hand/forearm workout. Right now, my workout looks like this...


Sports store plastic gripper- 12 reps

CoC Trainer- 10 reps

CoC #1- Single, rest. 3 reps, rest. 5 reps.

CoC Trainer- back down set, 10 reps again.


Pinch Grip training. Same weight all around. I do a single upright row and rest, and then work my way up to 5.

Friday- Wrist Roller work. Same weight all around.

Palms down, 1 rep each way.

Palms up, 1 rep each way.

Palms down, 2 reps each way and finished.

I also have access to a sledgehammer for leveraging. Can someone help me peice together a decent workout?


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O.K., first off... what are your grip goals? To someday crush the #3? To do thick bar lifts? What?

The best thing you could do REGARDLESS of what you want to accomplish is to get a good grip machine. You cannot go wrong on this... a good grip machine will give you gains faster than anything else IMHO. The grip machine I recommend is the NYB grip machine - it's the perfect machine for beginners such as yourself. Here's the link:


Get some weight plates and load it up to do negatives. Use a weight you can handle for now; when you get used to using the machine THEN you can go hard and heavy. Add the grip machine to the routine that you are currently doing and measure your progress. Once you fail to make consistant gains, it's time to change your routine. And don't be afraid to add weight to the grip machine... you're goal is to have HAMMER HANDS! :tongue That will close that #3!! :cool

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