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Podcast - With Chris Rice From March 2015


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I came across this Podcast last night with Chris Rice.

I do not know if it has been posted here yet. If it was, I certainly missed it.


This podcast is great! Chris gets into all sorts of great stuff about his life, his climbing, his training and his outlook on it, as well as training vs testing vs doing.

Some real good information, and it is also cool to get a chance to actually hear someone's voice from our internet community.

The best quote for me was about 42 min into the interview when Chris was asked "What training achievement are you most proud of?

Chris says "None of them"...

and then he goes on to say how its not the training that motivates him,

"I train so that I can do, and I am proud of a lot of the things I have done. Not so much of what I lift in the gym or accomplish there."

The best part is when he then says,

"I think probably the thing I am proudest of is being happily married for 42 years to the same woman. "

He then adds:

"Which doesn't have much to do with training, but training probably kept me sane enough that she kept me around."

Chris also at one point describes an exercise that I never even heard about called the Ukrainian Deadlift.

[it is just past 55min mark]

I will let you listen to that yourself...

Anyway, the podcast interview is 1hr and 40min of solid talk and worth checking out for sure. It is free and you do not need to give away your email to listen to it.

This morning I looked over who else has been interviewed on this "Superstrengthshow" and found there are other episodes that might be interesting.

[They currently have over 130 episodes]

Here a a few I will be listening to eventually. There are over 130 of them, so I am sure there are other great guests beside these...

001: Mike “The Machine” Bruce – The Man With The World’s Strongest Neck

002: Dave Whitley: Redefining The Impossible And Forging The Strength To Tame Iron

004: Jedd Johnson: The Grip Strength Authority

005: Logan Christopher: A Strongman’s Journey to Mastering the Mind and Body

006: Mike Gillette: The Most Dangerous Man In The World

017: Kalle Beck: Your Path To Becoming The Ultimate Strongman Starts Here!

036: Steve Maxwell: Strength, Longevity, Health and Spirituality

041: Bud Jeffries: Combining Maximum Size and Strength With Endless Endurance

046: Adam T. Glass: Discover The Strength Within and Become The Ultimate Version Of Yourself

051: Zach Even-Esh: The Underground Strength Coach – Part 1

054: Andrew Durniat: How To Break Your Physical Limits by Strengthening Your Mind

055: Chris Rice: Strength Training Longevity And Life In The Iron Game!

059: Laurence Shahlaei: Secrets Of A World Record Holding Strongman

073: Tom Furman: Discover The Secret To Kicking Ass and Training For Life

087: Brando Vanschoyck: How To Overcome Adversity and Believe In Yourself

098: Frankie Faires: The Promise Of Biofeedback – Less Pain and More Gain

119: Mike Bruce: The Machine That Fixed A Broken Strongman

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Thanks to any of you who listened to my Podcast. I have listened to quite of few of them - most are pretty good and some are great. Some I simply didn't have the interest in what the subject matter is - but I learned something from about all of them. Please listen and enjoy.

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Absolutely great podcast, I don't think I need to say that I recommend listening to it considering who Chris Rice is and where this is posted, but if you haven't given this a listen yet it's a very informative and entertaining hour and a half or so. Oodles of good info, thanks for posting the link, and thanks to Chris for taking some time out and sharing some of his Iron-game insight once again.

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Thanks for sharing. Listening now. Good stuff.

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