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350X1 Front Squat.

king crusher

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Hey all. So I did 325x2 and it felt smooth so I tied a PR and put on 350. I should have went for 355. I think I may have got the 355.

After this 350 single I did 350x5 back squat. Those vids are on my channel.


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that's awesome power right there

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Thanks guys. I have not had 350 on my shoulders in well over a year and it felt heavy up there. Tough to get big air before the decent. I'm glad I was able to complete it. Next time should feel better.

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Very strong lifting!

You look good for 375 right now and 4 plates pretty soon. Front squats are really great one of the few exercises that I can do as apart of rehab.

Your just a little forward which is common with the max lift but your legs had more then enough speed to force you through it easily. Have you thought of trying straps to help stay upright easier or does the crosshand just work best for you? I only mention it since I lack flexibility and have been using them and they really do make the position a little easier.

Your back is really strong obviously based on your deadlifts and you do a great job maintaining a tight upper back which I've noticed some people struggle with on this lift and the back gives out quicker causing the forward dump.

Either way keep it up! I hope to see the 4 plate front squat soon. :)

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Thanks Stephen, yeah I feel my deadlifting has helped my squat a ton because I honestly rarely squat at all. I have been front squating now for a few months with some consistancy though. I'm hoping adding all these squats help my desds even more as I want to pull 600 this summer! Yes I feel a 400 front squat could happen this summer too.

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