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How Do You Cycled Your Workout?


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Hi guys!

High volume with medium intensity, or low volume with high intensity?

What do you prefer?

How cycled the two?

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4 days on, 1 off, so 10 days is considered 1 workout week for me.

Every 4 or 5 workout weeks we change it up. Rest-pause, time under tension, total failure, super-sets, giant sets, drop sets, etc.

Every other leg workout during those 10 days I back squat. Every other shoulder/trap workout in those 10 days I deadlift.

Only grip work is using the axle from time to time and use the fat gripz on a lot of stuff.

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Thanks for the answers guys. I was wrong, however the question, sorry. I specifically refer to the grip training. Use the same volume or intensity as any other muscle?

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