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Workout Routine To Help Close The Hg250 And Move Onto The Hg300


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Hi guys I've been using grippers for just under a year since I took an interest in them. My hands aren't very big and are quite thin so its been quite a challenge using grippers. I decided to go with the heavy grips to start with as I felt I'd start with them and if I got better I'd eventually start buying COC'S.

I'm currently struggling to close the HG250 I'm around about a half a centimeter from closing it but just can't get that last little bit closed. I've just decided to buy the HG300 which got delivered today as I thought this would help me get the 250 closed. I have a HG100, 150, 200, 250 and now a 300.

I can close the 200 easy for reps I'm so close to closing the 250 but I gave the 300 a blast earlier and my god was it tough I could barely get my fingers wrapped around it or get it budged at all so its going to be a massive challenge. My question is can anyone recommend a routine I can use to get the 250 closed and hopefully tackle the 300 as I'd feel delighted if I could get them closed in the future.

I love using grippers ever since I started I think there brilliant to use and its good being able to develop that hand and forearm strength that can come In very handy in day to day life. Anyways thanks for any help you guys can give me.

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There can be hundreds of ideas people can present to you on how to program your grip. What counts most is that you decide what you want and where that goal will be at. I suggest looking at logs other members have and how they train grippers to give you a starting point in what you want to achieve.

For grippers, again, there are many ways you can train on them. Work on the final part of the close by using mms (mash monster set) closes. Attempt to close the heaviest one you have by cheating it close (forcing it in with your other hand or on your leg). Work reps one day, then on another, work heavy singles with a goal gripper and take note of how close you really are compared to what was done last time. If you want to get more out of the close, file one handle of the gripper to get a beyond the range training effect.

Work pinch! You do not need to buy all kinds of pinch tools yet. The most simplest tool that will work is a pony clamp. You can also target two fingers (reps/holds) if you work the index-middle and ring-pinkie fingers.

These are just a few things that you could use for getting started.

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John - that is a great post. Thanks for the advice.

Glad I could help.

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