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Little Big Horn Hand Technique


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Anyone out there know the benefits between using different style hand placement on the new Ironmind little big horn? I know you have the over-hand, neutral (handshake grip), and under-hand grip. Or is everyone different and it just depends on what's comfortable. Also where on the horn are you gripping from? The bottom larger 3" end or closer to the smaller 1.5 " end closer to top of the cone.

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Baddest ass anvil lifter there is...

I grip it the same way.... Some people grab it like a vbar with the thumb out in front of the bar... I grip with the index and middle knuckles facing forward and thumb on the side/rear... Right hand would be thumb facing my left or vice versa

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I didn't even have to click the link to know it would be Adam :rock I know his 2" V-Bar is tops too. I think 355# :yikes

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