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Squatmores Rtprogram - My Log.


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Thought I'd make a log of just the 10 weeks of this program and nothing else.

It'll be easier to evaluate and follow the progress that way. Easier to look back and find it all.

First I maxed out in RT, cant remember the date but I had been sick for over two weeks and still got 70kg without killing myself.

Took that as my trainingmax and then started at 70% of that = 50kg.

That turned out to be too light.

Got 31 lefty and 33 righty @ 50kg the first session.

Second training session I made a 10lbs jump instead of 5lbs in weight to get the reps lower.

So I got 18 lefty and 21 righty @ 55kg.

We'll see how week 3 goes. I might do a 10lbs jump again. Haven't decided yet.

I do kettlebell circuits, bodyweight training and heavy compound exercises for my full body training.

Putting grip after the heavy compound exercises, such as front squats and benchpress.

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Today I did the assistancetraining of the RTprogram.

First I did a kettlebell/bodyweightsession:

2 pullups

8 stepups on a box with 2 20kg kettlebells racked

8 bw rows

8 cleans with 2 20kg kettlebells

AMRAP in 21 minutes.

Completed 6 rounds. My biceps got so damn fatigued after round 2 that I had to do one armed kb rows with a 20kg kettlebell instead of bw rows. They killed my biceps.

Then I did reverse grip bicepcurls on my EZbar - palms down;

5@25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 45kg and then I did a set of maxreps on 25kg right after the last heavy set. Think I got 10 reps.

Plate pinch curls on my red rafter device, 5kg attached almost all they way out on the device. Makes it much harder than platecurling a 10kg plate, much harder. 3x5 there.

Some sledgework and kettlebell bicepcurls like these:


The first variation.

King exercise!

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1 minute/stations counting reps. 4 rounds. 2 minutes of rest after every completed round.

Skip rope.

1x 20kg kettlebell swings


1x 20kg kettlebell goblet squats

Forgot the reps. Did well and didnt have to puke even tho I got alittle nauseous.

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Ordered an IM hub and another rated coc3,5 today. Looking forward to getting them :)

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Ahh, restday yesterday.

Today I did:

Incline benchpress (i have to build my upper chest. Im flat there and have muscle on my lower chest. Starting to look like a woman with saggy tits.)

Did RT between set.

warmup 6@40kg (im not counting the loadingpin and handle. only when maxing out)


@57,5kg: 18 reps lefty and 20 reps righty

felt tired today before starting but it went pretty well anyways.

I think I did too much "recoverywork" a few days ago. Went all in, lone ranger heavy man :) Gonna calm myself down on recoverydays as RT-days are getting heavier.

I feel this is working out for me :)


bench dips, 4set

light wristroller 3 sets. 25kg.

thumb clamp 3 sets.

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Warmed up with some 8kg (superlight) snatches, presses, swings and some dumbell rows.

Rounds of:

2 pullups

8 stepups with two racked 20kg kettlebells

8 bw rows

8 cleans with two 20kg kettlebells

AMRAP in 21 minutes.

Just managed 6 rounds last time and got a bit sick. Today I got 7 rounds with 2 minutes to spare.

Didnt get any sickening feelings and I didnt really get out of breath.

Conditioning is coming along well!

Then I did biceps with EZbar.

Had like 4-5 seconds of rest between sets.

@30kg:10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Same thing with reverse bicepcurls, same weight.

My forearms are still burning. hehehe

Did 3 reps each hand with a 10kg plate pinch curl followed by 3 sets of 10 wristcurls, no rest, just alternating hands. went light.

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Missed a couple of days of training cause of work, but today I got another session in.

I went benchpressing for warmup and CNSbooster.




@60kg: 16 lefty and 15 righty. My hands are tired after 2 days of hard work. Im happy with the outcome anyhow. I know I could have gotten a couple reps more if I wasnt fatigued due to work.


3x1 30kg I can do much more but I'll save some in the tank. Also my biceps and upper arms were hurting from the workload the day before. Feels almost like inflammation. Gonna rest, stretch and do side levers.

I tried out my new ironmind hub tonight and got around 23 kilos both hands. Hard, really hard lift. But fun! Feels like I can improve a whole shitload on this lift.

My coc3,5 that arrived today also was rated 174 lbs. Nice, lower 70's.

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Its 3 days since I trained and my thumbs are totally messed up from hubbing :)

I am sore and weak as all hell in my thumbjoints and pads!

Thursday today, Im going to do some more RT on saturday.

I skipped yesterdays assistancework cause I have pulled my biceps, both of them, at work. They feel hurt, like I have an inflammation. Gonna rest tl they get back to normal.

I had to train something today so I went front squats and deadlift.

warmup and 4x5@80kg frontskwatt. Gonna increase 2,5kg every week and keep doing 5x5 for the rest of the year.

Deadlft I went light for speed. Must be a year since I trained deadlifts.

10@60 and 100kg

3@ 130 and 150 kg.

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Couldnt stand waiting til tomorrow. Felt pretty good and rested so I went for it.

Dumbell arnold press for warmup.

Handstand pushups almost 4 reps, back to the wall.

Benchpress.....2x4@100kg and 15 pushups with 3 sec pause when down.

RT between bench sets.

6@40kg (not counting pin and handle)


@62,5kg: 13 lefty 14 righty PBs both hands.


warmup 2-3 sets and then holds with ~20kg til failure 3x1.


3x1@40kg piece of cake, Im strong in wr. I can prolly get around 60-65kg = 135-140 lbs.

THumbclamp 3x10.

Nice session, really nice.

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Forgot to wright yesterday;

Benchpress 10@60kg

standing dumbell press (dont know thw weights, around 25kg each I'd guess) 1x8

Handstand pushups; 4 reps, 3 reps

Benchpress; 8@80kg

benchpress; 2@100kg

Benchpress; 3@110kg

Pullups; 6

Red rafter 3 reps

Benchpress; 4@100kg

Pullups; 5

Red rafter 3 reps

Pullups; 4

Red rafter 3 reps

All red rafter reps were slow and controlled, almost paused when my arm was at 90 degrees

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I did some frontsquatting tonight and couldnt help myself, I trained grip. Was supposed to train it on friday.







3 or 4@55kg

@65kg 11 lefty and 14 righty both PB. Alittle tired in my lefty. Dont know why really. Dun matter, still a PB. Hehe


1x @30kg

1/2x50kg Couldnt get it up. :( half way.

3x1 straight in a row @40kg

Hub Ironmind:

nothing special, holds at weights under 20kg. Weak lefty today.

Dumbellrows 4-5 sets

Some pullups for fun with assistance from a stretchband.

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Today some benching took place.

10@bar and 60kg



@120kg 5,6,6. Used a metal bench sling.

A few pushups mixed grip.

A couple of handstand pushups.

Tomorrow I'll rest and on monday I'll squat, RT, wristroll and other stuff. Great times

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Okay, so I didnt do exactly what the program said today but...

I went benching and it went surprisingly good taking that I have been working long days all week as a mover on a moving company. Heavy azz furniture and pianos, running up and down stairs for 8-10 hours straight.

Been eating badly and too little almost the entire week due to stress.

I did the last day of the week today and when I got home I was in a bad mood.

Couldnt stand sitting still being angry so I went out to the garage and started training.

Benchpress, I think 8x2 at high weight. Some 4 and 3 on a little lighter weight.

After this I trained some RT:

6@40kg (not included loadingpin)

3@50kg (not included loadingpin)

1@60kg (not included loadingpin)

3@70kg (not included loadingpin) PB

Then I maxed out. I thought "okey, squatmore said that it might take a week or two to get used to lower reps and getting your true max out, so I'll do some singles up to max."

Following weights are WITH handle and pin.

1@ 75,4kg PB both hands.

1@ 77,8kg PB both hands. Tho almost dropped it with my right hand. EASY lefty!

1@ 80,3kg PB lefty! I got half way up with my right hand before dropping it. Maybe I'd get it if I tried again but I was satisfied!!

Didnt go any higher lefty. I know with the fatigued state I was in from work, the poor eating and everything took atleast 5kg more off my true max!

All in all, the program worked well skwattmo'! Thanks dude! I added 10+kg, maybe even 15kg to my max in less than 10 weeks cause I didnt rest for an entire week between sessions.

I took down two goals for 2014!


I will max out in alittle more than a week and then again after another week to add even more to my maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

After this I did 3x15 on my CHRIS RICE CLIMBER CURL DEVICE! Thanks Chris for that superb unit!

Reverse bicecurls 3x15

Sledge fingerwalk til falure. amost 3 full "rounds" each hand.

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Guest Squat More

Glad it worked for ya buddy, and 15kg to your max is right around what I experienced when I used it as well. I never did run a second full cycle because I hurt my back and wanted to focus on the bosco bell and other things grip related. I think I will run it left hand only starting in the next few weeks and give my right hand a break since I have begun to experience some wrist pain over the last few days.

I am working on a 2HP program for the Europinch right now, there is a rough "draft" written and my cousin who is very new to grip is running it so his numbers may not fully be indicative of how well the program will work - it is just to give him a guide on training since he is the type of person who is like a chicken with their head cut off without a laid out, black and white program to follow, but makes gains in strength quickly when he has a laid out plan. I have also shared the Europinch program with Stephen Ruby and Juha Piironen, maybe if they try it they can give me some more solid feedback on it.

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Tried maxing out today but I felt from the beginning that this was not a good day for RT.

I stopped at 70kg. Was just around what I could pull today.

THink last weeks maxout took its toll.

Now, I'll rest another week and then I'll ease into the grippers. Might bend some steel aswell through december.

January will be all out grippers :)

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Yea but there are a few factors that need to be considered

I train in my garage where there is no heat. I live in Sweden where it is cold. Not optimal for doing RT :)

Grippers tho, I can train inside until spring time

I might do as you said, keep training until the real cold sets in but its impossible to train in the garage in -30 degrees :)

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Damn you got me thinking.

I tore out the basement and moved in what I need for another round of Skwattmo's RTprogram.

Lets play! :)

Repweights will be;

week1: 62,5kg

week2: 65kg

week3: 67,5kg

week4: 70kg

week5: 72,5kg

week6: 75kg

week7 77,5kg

week8: rest

week 9 maxout.

Assistance exercises will be; hub, blockweights, thumb clamp or sledge fingerwalk after RT and wristroller.

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Guest Squat More

I train in northern Canada, in an area I know has colder days on average than many parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland due to air currents coming from the Northwest Territories, in a basement as well. Your point is? :laugh

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Yea but I was in the garage up til now, it has no source of heat or isolation. There is ICE on the inside of the window mate ;)

Now Im in the basement, warm and all :)

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Today I tried to up my pullup strength alittle. Man am I bad at this exercise................

Did very high volume with sledge deadlifts between sets. Kept it up for like 30 minutes. Didnt count reps and sets. Did like 8x2 aggressive and powerful reps after a pyramid of 1-5.

Then a couple of sets of dumbell rows.

Sigh, Im bad at pullups haha

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First session on the second cycle of Mr Skwattmo's RTprogram.

Even tho I didnt feel fresh (its due to lack of patients - cant take 2 weeks off!!!) I PRed with two reps lefty :) 1 rep short of my PB righty at the same weight. I would have gotten it if I was rested and fresh.



6x3@95kg explosive, threw it up.

Between sets of bench I went RT;



@62,5kg: 15lefty PB 13 righty 1 rep short of last cycle PB.

I skipped the wristroller today and went for some 2h pinch o my 60mm pinchblock.

Worked up to two holds on 73-74kg. werelike 5-6 seconds both, in my head.

Between sets of 2h pinch I did some dips with +18kg weight. sets of 5. Explosive, flew into the roof ;)

All done in under 40 minutes. Felt great.

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Today I had a benching session again; 6x2@95kg explosive stuff.

did 3x3 10kg sloooooooow plate pinch curls. Easy. Nothing really taxing, afraid to drain the strength on the RT if I go too heavy or do too much volume.

Then I did pullups, 31 reps, sets of 2,3 and 4. Explosive.

Tomorrow its rest. I feel a slight cold coming on. Running nose.

I have to look at the program again, forgot to do the holds last round. *profanity*

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  • 3 weeks later...

benching 4x4@107,5kg

RT 8 lefty 12 righty @ 70kg. PB.

Got a few more weeks to go on the second cycle before I max out again.

Hoping to be near 90 kilos!

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