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Grippers, Rt, Hub And Anything Else

king crusher

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My first post will be my first workout on my new RT and Hub.ld be great.

I am unsure of the exact weight of the im 15" oly loading pin, large carabiner and the rt handle/hub. if anyone has these weights that would be great. my scale is a old dial one, not very accurate.

anyway, I worked up to a max of 190lbs of plates and was able to get that well off the floor, id say 4-5 inches but not fully locked out. I then dropped to 170lbs of weight and locked that out. then did some lighter weight for some reps.

As for the hub, I was able to lock out 40lb of plates, and was not quite able to get 45lbs of plates off the ground, though it was sliding around almost coming up.

I know these numbers can only go up from here.

question on the hub. if using JUST my fingertips it is harder than kinda using my thumb, pointer and middle but than placing the side of my ring finger on the hub, is that a legal pull?

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The IM Loading Pin, Rolling Thunder and clip is about 6-7 lbs altogether. The Hub alone is about 1.5 - 2 lbs.

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Those are some nice numbers on the RT!

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Those are some nice numbers on the RT!

Thanks Iroc. My goal is to get over 200 locked out. Thats my short term goal. Left hand will need a little more work to hit that goal ha!
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Nice. You might also want to consider picking up a 2" and 2.5" Crusher from FBBC. They're similar in feel to the RT, but they spin much faster. I like to alternate them into my workouts along with the RT.

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Cool Thanks.

You're welcome man!

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Well I got my MM0 cert approved today. Wannagrip should be posting the video. Now onto the MM1. Probably able to do that now so really I am thinking a MM2 is my goal.

Going to hit the RT and Hub tomorrow again!

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Todays grip workout was blah. My 2nd session with my rolling thunder mainly. I barely broke 180 in plates off the floor. I took off a 25 and did a couple reps but still felt weak. I did a rep left hand with the 155 than dropped to 130 in plates for some light work.

I than did some hub pinches. These felt better, I locked out 40lbs in plates R hand and 30 L. I was also using the 30 R hand and raising it up to shoulder height. I was close to shoulder height with L.

I messed around with grippers but felt weak today.

Yesterday I did a big back workout at the gym using lots of heavy hammer strength, rows and some doh deads to 4 plates. So that killed my RT today I guess.

For those that gym lift and do grip how do you break your days up?

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Todays workout was a little of everything.

I started with some bending. My 2nd attemt ever bending and its a galv. 60d spiral nail. 6".

I have no wraps so for now im improvising. I used a pair of insulated leather (winter) gloves. I made sure to not do any bracing and kept my hands above the waist.

I got it bending really nice but after 3 or 4 good hits my left had mainly was getting sore. The gloves only provide one thin layer of leather. So I used some micro fiber towels and wrapped the ends. Then it easily was finished off.

I got the 60d to 1 3/8"

I was still feeling strong so I grabbed one of my 1/4×6" hex bolts and tried with just the gloves again. Not sure if I was wore some from the nail or this was harder? But got it bent some and had that deep bruised feeling so wrapped it in the micro towels and went again. Got it bent about half way and the wrists were feelin it some so rested and about 5min later I wrapped it all up again and got it in four more hits plus a hand clenching or w/e its called.

Got the bolt to 1 1/4"

Fast forward 20-30min and the rest of my workout (inside) consisted of...

Started by trying to pinch 2-35s. Nope. My 35s are black and have real sharp edges. Seems worse for pinching?

Next I was able to pinch 5-10s and got them half way to lock out, about a foot off the ground, before they dropped.

Next was 2 attempts at ccs #3. Both attempt were 1/8th out.

Next was im hub.

I worked my way up to 45lbs of plates right hand! 35 left. I then dropped some weight and did some more pulls r and l.

Next was RT...

I did a couple pulls of 130 to warm up than tried 195 worth of plates...nope. tried once more and with my left pointer assisting I did lo the 195 so didnt need a lot of help.

I then got 185 off the floor about 4" right.

Dropped to 165 and lo right and left.

dropped to 145 and did four reps in a row, resetting grip with both r and l.

did a 7sec hold right hand @145 and 3sec left.

In between all this I was working with the 3 right hand and my hg300 left.

I got the 3 only once the other 5-6 trys were a hair to an eight out. Just fried already.

Got the hg300 once in left and it got worse from there.

Everything from elbows down fried now. Did a few singles tns with the #2 each hand then failed at that even. TOAST.

Probably too much at once but oh well. The workout (besides bending) was about 30min.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So both my Aug vacations are now over. :( and today I got back in the gym after too long off.

I did back and biceps today, back always works my grip and forearms as I go pretty heavy and dont own straps. Did a lot of hammer strength and low rows for back. Fried grip and forearms also. But got home and ate a bunch of pasta and rice and got a wild hair to do a rt pull. Loaded 170 on no warmup or chalk and got it not to hard.

got it very light with left but not off the floor. With chalk it would have im guessing.

Gonna do a serious grip workout soon.

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Started at the gym for a 90min leg workout. Then went home and did the following...

Weights in plates only.

RT. 170x1 r and l

180 lost it just before full lo, 180x0 left.

185 broke off floor right no left.

145x10 r and l. First 5 of each were no re-grip last 5 of set were quick re-grip each rep.

145x5 r and l no re-grip reps.

IM Hub. 45x0 r and l but broke it a couple in off ground r.

45x1 r full lo. Zero left...felt like 1000lbs left lol

35x5 no re-grip reps r and 3 left.

Did a single close with the #1,2 and 3 than..

35x3 no regrip r and 1 left.

Missed the 3 by a hair and than messed with the 2 for some closes.


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Today was just some light grip work. As my whole body is pretty sore from hitting it hard in the gym this past week.

I started with the coin challenge with my 3 and held it for 11 sec. Then went to IM hub.

Weight in plates.

35x1 r and l.

45x1 r 0 left.

got 50lbs barely broke off floor and than slid it across the rubber mat about 8in. 0 left of course.

35 for a couple more singles r and 1 left.


160x1 r and l

170 right but barely lo. Just been doing too much lately. 0 left but it was close to coming up.

135x10 r and l

135x10 r and l

135x10 r and 7.5 l

135x8 r and 6 left.

Only about 30-40sec rest between all the 135 sets.

Did two singles with the 3 inbetween the above sets. And two attempts at my hg300 with left. Missed both today. Have done before so I know my hands are a little overtrained.

Finished with some #2 closes.

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Have not been using my grippers for over 2 weeks. Today I did some warm up closes with the 1 and 2 and than tried a tns on the 3. Very close but not closed. About 1/8th inch. Then set it and did 4 reps.

Going to do a full grip workout this weekend.

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  • 5 months later...

Well I am dusting this log off. Today I did squats which consisted of 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 365x1, 315x1.

Then I went to rack pulls from just below the knee.

225, 405, 505 all for 5 reps then 555x1

After the 505 set I got 4 reps on the #3 and after the. 555 I got 3 reps with the #3

By now my grip was already a little spent but went for some rolling thunder pulls. I have not used the rt since sept first...my last log entry. That's pathetic.

Anyway I worked up to 180(in plates) and got it to lockout but lost it right at lo.

I then dropped to 160 in plates and hit that and tried for my #3 immediately after and missed by almost a quarter inch.

Then did another single with the 160 and then got the #3 to less then a eight!

Last set got the 160 and got just shy of 18 reps on the #2.

Pretty good workout. I did take some vids I will put on my YouTube.

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