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7 Weeks Till The Fitness Expo Strongman Championship

Daniel Lambert

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Hi Guys,

There is 7 weeks to go now till the Fitness Expo Strongman Championship and I got some work to do to get in shape.

Have dropped my training back a bit with some business ventures in the mix and after recently getting into some Boxing with the Mrses my strength on the big four has dropped back a bit.

Was an easy event last year with only 4 events over 1 day, this year the competition has stepped up a bit and is now 8 events over 2 days;

Day 1:

280kg Conans Wheel

Steel Log-Lift 1RM

Inch Dumbbell Lift 1RM

Partial Deadlift with straps 1RM

Day 2:

122kg Hercules Hold

Natural Stones - 101kg, 114kg, 126kg, 139kg, 155kg

95kg Wooden Log for reps

Deadlift 1RM

This is gonna be a tough event with 6 weeks of training to prepare, time to pull heavy!

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Wednesday's Training, 29th May 2013

Third day training calves in a row, they feel swole

Clean Deadlift felt real tight and real strong, felt good for more but left it at 180kg as I wanted to keep my back arched and tight all the way through, def would've got my groove on with some back rounding and hip shaking if I went heavier.

Partials felt nice, unfortunately sumo is still stonger! Conventional feels and looks so much better though! Haha

Alternated sets between back and leg exercises and had a good pump on for my Lats and Hammys, felt like I was gonna Hulk out and rip out of my clothes! If only ....

Apollons Axle - 60kgx2, 80kgx2, 100kgx2, 80kgx2, 60kgx2

Atlas Stones - 3x3-100kg

Sprints - 5x20m

Double Unders - 4x5

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 6x30-125lb with 2 sets each toes in, toes straight, toes out

Clean Deadlift - 60kgx10, 100kgx8, 180kgx1, 140kgx5

Partial Deadlift - Conventional - 200kg, 240kg, 180kgx3

Stiff-Legs Deadlift - 3x8-100kg

Lying Leg Curl - 6x8-80lb with 2 sets each toes in, toes straight, toes out

One-Arm Dumbbell Incline Row - 3x10-30kg

Behind The Neck Lat-Pulldown - 3x8-72kg

Rope Seated Face Pulls - 2x30-36kg

Reverse Pec-Deck - 3x10-60lb

Barbell Shrugs - 2x10-100kg

Duration: 70 minutes

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Thursday's Training, 30th May 2013

Calves were looking bigger today, hopefully more than 'plasma growth'.

Decided to wrap my elbows loose for bench and it helped heaps, took away the shoulder pain I get when I bench with a close grip and it wasn't so tight that the wraps acted like a spring in the bottom of the rep, so was still putting in all the work :)

Power Snatch - 5x1-60kg

Power Clean and Jerk - 5x1-80kg

Behind The Neck Push Jerk - 3x1-100kg

Concept 2 Rower - 2x500m

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 3x50-125lb

Close-Grip Bench Press - 20kgx5, 60kgx5, 80kgx1, 100kgx1 - with pause, 110kgx1 - no pause, 80kgx5

Dumbbell Strict Press - 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 37.5kg, 30kgx3

Dumbbell Seated Press - 20kgx8, 22.5kgx8, 25kgx8

Dumbbell Seated Laterals - 3x8-12.5kg

Dumbbell Seated Curl - 12.5kgx10, x8, x6

One-Arm Dumbbell Seated Extensions - 12.5kgx12, x10, x8

High-Cable Hammer Curl - 3x10-48kg

Dumbbell Lying Extensions - 3x12-12.5kg

Wrist Rotator - 3x1m-5kg

Duration : 60 minutes

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Fridays Training, 31st May 2013

Went to Cereal Killa for breakfast, so had plenty of good food in me for fuel - had some Pomegranite Tea, a Nutella and banana milkshake, Soliders an Egg and French Toast with poached nectarines, highly recommend Cereal Killa for brunch #Delish!

Easy day of training today so did a bit of this and a bit of that and trained with Amelia too, so things got a bit competitive (BW to W ratio)

Hub Pinch Lift - 5kgx3, 6.25kgx3, 7.5kgx3

One-Arm Deadlift - Hook Grip - 60kgx2, 80kgx2, 100kgx2

Fingers Deadlift - 110kgx2, 130kgx2, 140kg 1/2 rep

Heavy Gripper Holds - 2x30 seconds-100lb

Front Squat - 20kgx5, 60kgx5, 100kgx5, 120kg - wraps, 140kg - wraps

One-Leg Box Jump - 60cm, 70cm, 90cm, 3x2-80cm

Barbell Vertcial Jump - 3x2-BW+20kg

Standing Long Jump with 5 seconds pause - 3x2-BW

Hurdle Jump - 3x2-80cm

Kroc Row - 50kgx5, 20kgx30, 30kgx20

Straight-Arm Pulldowns - 2x15-42kg

Polaris Seated Row - 2x12-120lb

Reverse Pec-Deck - 2x5-80lb

Standing Calf-Raise - 5x100-BW

Extra: did a sneaky 1500 reps total Standing Calf-Raises while working, gotta make them babies grow!!

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Monday's Training, 3rd June 2013

Great atmosphere today, trained at Lynfield Rec with Amelia, Yousef and Dan and shit was talked, lifters were pushed and motivated and weights were smashed to pieces!

Changed my exercises a bit, swapping them for tomorrows lifts as Lynfield didn't have the equipment needed and decided to do some different exercises for calves and back as they have some machines I really like for those muscle groups.

Could've, should've, would've got 190kg maybe even 200kg on Olympic Style Squats today. 180kg felt good though, scouts left it there and will hit 200kg next time round.

Should make note that when I un-racked 180kg I did abit of a one legged balancing trick, slidding a 2.5kg plate on the floor out of the way haha so was happy to take the win with 180kg and leave it there.

Wanted to do Jujitsu tonight, but remembered class wasn't on tonight because the instructor went on holiday for the long weekend lol all good :)

Session 1:

Squat Jerk - 20kgx10, 30kgx5, 40kgx5, 50kgx3, 60kgx1

Behind The Neck Push Jerks with 5 count negatives - 60kgx3, 80kgx1, 3x1-100kg

Olympic Squat - 100kg, 140kg, 150kg, 160kg wraps, 170kg wraps, 180kg wraps, 190kg miss, 160kgx4 wraps

Concept 2 Rower - 2x300m, averaged 45 seconds

Double Unders - 13, 6, 5, 8, 4

Calf Press Machine - 4x50-100kg with 2 sets each toes in and toes out

Hack Lift - 2x3-140kg

Barbell Lying Hip Extensions - 100kgx10, 140kgx8, 180kgx6 with 5 count pause on last rep

Leg Extensions - 6x5-100kg with 3 sets each toes in and toes out

Bent-Over Row with purple band - 50kgx10, 60kgx8, 70kgx6, 80kgx4

Pull-Up - 3x6-BW with 2 count pause

Korora Seated Row - 5x6-100kg

Barbell Shrugs - 100kgx10, 140kgx10

One-Arm Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 2x10-7kg with 2 count pause

Duration: 120 minutes

Session 2:

Jump Rope - 5x3 minutes

Duration: 20 minutes

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Tuesday's Training, 4th June 2013

Another great session today, working towards that 140kg paused Bench Press, session by session.

Technique for Log-Lift was very clean today, no press out! Aiming for 115-125kg at the Fitness Expo.

Decline felt really good, though when I moved to Board Press I had trouble staying in the groove, looking at my training now I probably should've done some more warm-up sets for Board Press as the groove is a lot different to Decline.

Wanted to Press the 50s today, but was happy to take 2 easy sets of 4 with the 40s. Last week it was 2 HARD sets of 2-3 with the 40s, so progression was still ther today.

Calves were looking SWOLE today! Amelia got a photo, see if I can upload it later.

Session 1:

Log-Lift - 5x1-92.5kg

Atlas Stones - 3x3-100kg

Sprints - 5x20m

Sledge Hammer Strikes - 5x10-8lb

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 4x70-125lb, 2x20-125lb + Amelia with 3 sets each toes in and toes out

Decline Bench Press - 20kgx5, 40kgx5, 80kgx3, 100kg, 110kg, 120kg - with pause, 125kg - no pause, 100kgx5

2" Board Press - 100kg, 120kg

Dumbbell Bench Press - 40kgx4, 40kg+30kgx4+4

Dumbbell Incline Flies - 20kgx8, 20kg+10kgx8+8

Ez-Bar Incline Curl - 2x8-28kg

Dips - 2x10-BW

High-Cable Lying Hammer Curl - 2x12-48kg

Ez-Bar Seated Extensions - 2x10-28kg

Cable Reverse Curl - 2x10-48kg

Duration: 120 minutes

Session 2:

Jump Rope - 2x3 minutes

Boxing - Foot Movements and Pivots - 10 minutes

Boxing - Shadow Boxing - 10 minutes

Duration: 30 minutes

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Wednesday's Training, 5th June 2013

Feeling good for the middle of the weak, no evil DOMS hindering me from getting into it hard and heavy.

Calves seem to be recovering fairly quick, so smashed them again today - of course still short of failure, think I'll measure them cold this weekend and see how much they've grown! :D

Deadlifts felt real nice, hook grip was easy too. If I hit 220kg at the Fitness Expo I will be over the moon! Being that it's a 8 event competition, deadlifts won't be easy, so I'll be happy to take 220kg

Back work was strong today, BTN LPDs on 42kg was way too easy haha I put the pin in the wrong plate (thought I put it in 66kg) so I just ripped it out anyways and had a mean pump! Felt like my traps were up to my ears!! Watch out Jonnie Jackson! :

Session 1:

Apollons Axle - 60kgx15, 100kgx3

Atlas Stones - 2x3-100kg

Sprints - 5x20m

Sledge Hammer Strikes - 5x10-8lb

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 30x10-125lb with 10 seconds rest with 15 sets each toes in and out

Deadlift off mats - 60kgx10, 100kgx5, 140kg, 180kg - hook grip, 200kg - straps, 180kgx3

Partial Deadlift - 140kg, 180kg, 200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 180kgx3

Stiff-Legs Deadlift - 100kgx4, 120kgx4, 100kgx4

Lying Leg Curl - 2x10+5 partials-80lb

One-Arm Dumbbell Inclne Row - 2x5-45kg with 2 count pause, 30kgx10

Behind The Neck Lat-Pulldown - 102kgx4, 72kgx10, 42kgx40

Rope Seated Face Pulls - 4x8-60kg

Reverse Pec-Deck - 4x10-60lb

Barbell Shrugs - 2x10-140kg

Duration: 100 minutes

Session 2:

Jump Rope - 2x3 minutes

Boxing, Foot Movement and Pivots - 10 minutes

Shadow Boxing - 10 minutes

Duration: 30 minutes

Albums listened to during training today were;

D.I.T.C. - All Love

Jay-Z and Ghostface Kilah - American Ironman Mixtape

Onyx - Bacdafucup

With the best track for today being;

Onyx - Slam! :D


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Fridays Training, 7th June 2013

Easy session today with a bit of grip, squats, plyos, calves, back and boxing work. Struggling on the Inch Dumbbell, yet hitting PBs on other grip exercises, hopefully this new grip strength will carry over to the Inch Dumbbell by the time the Fitness Expo comes round.

Was extremely motivated to hit something big on Front Squats today after seeing my man Yousef hit 150kg easy last night, although doing them with a pause off the pins ment no stretch reflex, which ment leaving my ego at the door haha

Session 1 and Only;

Inch Dumbbell Lift - 10kgx3, 30kgx3, 50kgx3, 60kgx1, 50kgx3

Fingers One-Arm Deadlift - 3x2-60kg

Thumb Deadlift - 3x3-25kg

Heavy Gripper Touch and Close - 2x12-100lb

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 2x100-125lb with 1 set toes in and toes out, then 50 with 125lb + BW standing calves for 60 reps

Power-Rack Front Squat with 5 seconds pause - 20kgx5, 60kgx5, 100kg, 120kg - wraps, 100kgx3 - wraps

Kneeling Jump to Box Jump - 60cm, 70cm, 100cm, 3x2-70cm

Vertical Jump with 5 seconds pause - 3x2-BW

One-Leg Standing Long Jump - 3x2-BW

Long Jump - 3x2-BW

Kroc Row - 2x12-40kg

Straight-Arm Lat-Pulldowns - 3x20-42kg

Polaris Seated Row - 3x10-240lb with 1 set to hips, to chest and to neck

Reverse Pec-Deck - 2x15-50lb

Boxing, Bag Work - 10 minutes

Albums listened to during training;

AZ - Doe or Die

Black Moon (Smiff-N-Wessun) - Enta Da Stage

With the best track today being;

AZ - The Come Up



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Saturday's Training, 8th June 2013

Great session with only 4 hours sleep!!

Conans Wheel felt real good, Hercules Hold and Log wasn't too bad, Stones felt good although I need to push the pace when I lift them now! and bettered my lifts from yesterday on the Inch Dumbbell Lift!

Amazing things can happen when your training in a group of motivated strongmen, no music today, good times and some fun in the sun.

Conans Wheel - 50kg, 90kg, 130kg, 170kg, 210kg x1 Turn, 2x1/2 Turn-250kg, 1x1 Turn-270kg

Hercules Hold - 6 pick-ups with 117kg (234kg Total)

Wooden (Hillbilly) Log-Lift - 6 lifts with 85kg

Natural Stones - 2x101kg, 114kg, 126kg, 139kg, 1x101kg, 114kg, 126kg, 1x101kg, 114kg, 114kg

Inch Dumbbell Lift - 52kg, 52kg, 62kg, 62kg

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Mondays Training, 10th June 2013

Trained with Yousef at Lynfield Rec for Session 1, great session as always #IronBrothers.

Was really happy with how Squats went, none of the sets were to failure! Yeah Buddy! Olympic Leg Press was a bit of fun, felt like my eyes were gonna pop out from the pressure haha so I just left it at 4 reps, no need to strain myself on that as its only assistance.

My calves have adapted to the volume now, so I am going to change up the reps each day and see if I can keep the growth going! Haven't measured them yet, but they looking bigger!

Log-Lift was great again this week, no press out! Feeling good for Log Max at the NZ Fitness Expo. I took it easy on the other events since I was doing them after Squats etc. still felt easy and like I was good for more .... Wednesday!

Session 1:

Calf Press Machine - 12x30-180kg with 6 sets each toes in and toes outs

Squat with 5 seconds pause - 2x5-20kg, 60kgx3, 80kg3, 120kg, 160kg - wraps, 170kg - wraps, 180kg - wraps, 3 seconds pause, 120kgx4, 160kg

Olympic Leg Press - 200kgx10, 280kgx8, 360kgx6, 440kgx4 - wraps

Dumbbell Back Extensions - 3x10-40kg

Seated Leg Curl - 2x8-126kg, 2x8-97kg with 2 sets each toes in and toes out

Corner Row - 60kgx10, 120kgx8, 140kgx4

Neutral-Grip Pull-Up - 3x6-BW

Korora Seated Row - 50kgx20, 2x10-100kg

One-Arm Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 6kgx12, 12kgx6, 8kgx10

Dumbbell Incline Shrugs - 20kgx10, 2x10-30kg

Duration: 90 minutes

Session 2:

Jump Rope - 2x3 minutes

Log-Lift - 5x1-95kg

Atlas Stones - 2x2-107kg

Farmers Walks - 40kgx50m, 60kgx50m

Tyre Flip - 2x4-250kg

Sprints - 5x20m

Donkey Calf-Raise Machine - 4x30-150lb

Boxing, Bag Work - 10 minutes

Duration: 40 minutes

Albums listened to during training;

Killarmy - Far, Love and War

Children of the Corn - Children of the Corn: The Collectors Edition

Hell Razah - Hell Hop Volume 1

With the best track today being;

Children of the Corn - Uptown Connection



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Wednesday's Training, 12th June 2013

Not feeling to flash today, so I went with the flow and took it easy. I was definitely capable of more kg on some exercises, but wasn't gonna be a dummy and make myself worse to the point that I won't recover. Plus Amelia kept my ego in check and reminded me that vomit induced from training is stupidty, not intensity! :D :D

Karlson Squat and Hip Flexions felt lovely, a really good contraction in both of those exercises, look forward to seeing the results and carry over from them. I think Karlson Squat will carry over nicely to Tyre Flip and PL style Squats.

Session 1 and ONLY:

Apollons Axle - 4x4-60kg

Atlas Stones - 2x1-107kg

Tyre Flip - 2x4-250kg

Harness Pulls - 2x25m-100kg

Sledge Hammer Strikes - 3x5+5+5 with 5 from left, overhead and right each set

Donkey Calf-Raise Machine - 3x15-300lb

Snatch Deadlift - 20kgx8, 60kgx4, 100kg 120kg - hook grip, 140kg - straps, 100kgx3 - straps

Partial Deadlift - 100kgx2, 140kgx2, 180kgx2

Karlson Squat - 2x10-60kg

Standing Hip Flexion - 2x10-20lb

Standing Leg Curl - 2x10-20lb

Dumbbell Incline Row - 2x10-20kg

Neutral-Grip Lat-Pulldown - 2x8-60kg

Seated Face Pulls - 2x10-42kg

Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 2x8-12.5kg

Dumbbell Incline Shrugs - 2x10-12.5kg

Album listened to during training;

Pharoahe Monch - Internal Fairs

With the best track today being;

Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says



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Thursdays Training, 13th June 2013

Session 1 and ONLY:

Squat Jerk - 3x3-40kg

Behind The Neck Push Jerk - 3x5-60kg

Double Unders - 10, 5, 19, 7

Donkey Calf-Raise Machine - 3x10-390lb

Close-Grip Incline Bench Press - 2x10-20kg, 60kgx5, 80kgx3, 90kgx1 - pause, 100kgx1 - no pause, 80kgx5

Strict Press - 20kgx5, 40kgx5, 60kgx1, 70kgx1, 60kgx3

Smith-Machine Seated Press - 20kgx8, 40kgx8, 50kgx8, 60kgx4

Cable Upright Row - 36kgx12, 42kgx12, 48kgx12, 54kgx12

Strict Curl - 20kgx8, 30kgx8, 40kgx8

One-Arm Dumbbell Lying Extensions - 10kgx10, 12.5kgx8, 8kgx20

Rope Hammer Curl - 42kgx8, 48kgx8, 54kgx8, 24kgx20

Ez-Bar Incline Extensions - 23kgx30, 2x10-33kg

Wrist Roller - 3x1m-5kg

Duration: 60 minutes

Albums listened to during training;

Mobb Deep - Juvenile Hell

Lords Of The Underground - Keepers of The Funk

With the best track today being;

Lords Of The Underground - Keepers of The Funk - The FULL album!!



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Fridays Training, 14th June 2013

I dropped back the volume today, since just starting to feel fresh again I thought I would be smart about it and not wreck myself again.

Working nights Fridays and Saturdays, so I don't want to be sick or feeling sluggish!

Went to Carl's Jr for a nice reward and refuel for a hard week of training, always feel recovered after Carl's :D If you haven't had Carl's Jr yet, get off your seat and go get some!! :P

I music again today, wasn't a long or a tough session, didn't feel like grabbing the mp3 player either so yup. Jammed to some Deep Purple beforehand though :D

Hit a PB on Box Jump today, super happy with that - old PB was 110cm. Missed 140kg on Front Squat at the bottom, coming up I blanked out and went into the rack haha dang it! Next time!

Session 1 and ONLY:

Pinch Lift, Barbell in Corner - 20kgx3, 25kgx3, 30kgx2, 2x3-20kg

One-Arm Deadlift - 60kgx2, 80kgx2, 70kgx2

Index-Finger and Middle-Finger Deadlift - 60kgx2, 80kgx2, 70kgx2

Heavy Grippers - 2x15-150lb

Box Jump with 5 seconds pause - 70cm, 100cm, 112cm, 117cm, 3x2-105cm

Vertical Jump - 3x2-BW

Standing Long Jump against purple band - 3x2-BW

Hurdle Jump - 72cmx2, 78cmx2, 80cmx2

Front Squat with 5 seconds pause - 20kgx2, 60kgx2, 100kgx2, 120kg, 140kg miss

Dumbbell Bent-Over Row - 20kgx12, 30kgx12

Ez-Bar Pullover - 2x12-28kg

Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 2x6-12.5kg

Duration: 40 minutes

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Monday's Training, 17th June 2013

Great day of training so far, trained at Lynfield Recreation & Youth Centre this morning with my iron brother Dan and saw some motivation, an old dude, must be about 70yrs! Benching 60 for sets of 8 paused reps, unracking it and all himself! Beastmode engaged, never2old style!

Squats were interesting, 200kg was easy! Then 1/4 ROM to go and I got stuck and fell forward a little bit, that's a new thing for me, me and Dan both agreed it was a technical issue, falling forward a little on the way up.

Session 2 was at Miada Gym Avondale Auckland with Amelia, good fast session, getting it done! Tried some new shoes on the Log and they felt amazing! Think i'll be using them from now on!

Walked Peaches for just over an hour, usually wouldn't think of it as a Training Session, though Peaches was coach today! Was some fartlek training, sprint, walk, jog, walk, sprint! She was full of energy and tired me out a bit haha :D

Session 1:

12" Box Squat - 20kgx20, 60kgx10, 100kgx2, 140kgx2, 180kg wraps, 200kg wraps, 190kg, 140kgx5 wraps, 180kg, 190kg

Olympic Leg Press - 200kgx10, 300kgx10, 400kgx5

Seated Leg Curl - 2x12-112kg

Dumbbell Back Extensions - 2x10-50kg

Calf Press Machine - 2x40-180kg

Corner Row - 40kgx10, 60kgx10, 80kgx10, 100kgx5

Neutral-Grip Pull-Up - 2x6-BW

Korora Seated Row - 2x12-80kg

One-Arm Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 2x8-12kg

Dumbbell Incline Shrugs - 2x20-22kg

Duration: 60 minutes

Session 2:

Log-Lift - 5x1-97.5kg

Atlas Stones - 2x2-107kg

Forklift Tyre Carry - 2x50m-60kg

Karlson Squat - 60kgx10, 100kgx10

Standing Hip Flexion - 2x8-30lb

Standing Leg Curl - 2x12-30lb

Pulldown Obliques - 4x20-60kg

Standing Calf-Raise Machine - 4x20-300lb

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 4x40-125lb

Sprints - 4x30m

Duration: 30 minutes

Session 3:

Fartlek Training with Peaches ;)

Album listened to today;

Napoleon - Kingpin Wit The Inkpen

With the best track today being;

The whole album was ok, no one track was enjoyed more than the others.

Peace :D

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Tuesday's Training, 18th June 2013

Only one session today, wanted to do another overload session but thought I'd best play it smart since I still got a second bench session on Thursday!

More calves, have dropped back on the volume today and it feels like I haven't done enough work for them ..... 10,000 partial BW standing calves later maybe? haha :D

Short, short rest for upper body assistance so the weights were light, like doing that for upper body assistance at the moment. Good contraction, and doesn't tire me out for the rest of the week!

Session 1:

Axle Muscle Snatch - 20kgx10, 30kgx5, 40kgx3 - no thumbs

Axle Muscle Clean and Jerk - 50kgx5, 60kgx5, 70kgx3, 80kg - no thumbs

Axle Zercher Carry - 6x25m-60kg

Donkey Calf-Raise Machine - 7x30-300lb

Power-Rack Bench Press with 3 count pause - 20kgx10, 60kgx5, 80kgx3, 90kg, 95kg, 80kgx5 - feet up

Behind The Neck Strict Press - 20kgx15, 40kgx5, 60kg, 70kg

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press - 2x5-30kg

Dumbbell Flies - 20kgx8, 25kgx6, 30kgx6

Ez-Bar Seated Curl - 3x15-28kg

Push-Ups - 2x10-BW

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 2x20-12.5kg

Rope Seated Extensions - 2x15-24kg

High-Cable Lying Reverse Curl - 2x15-42kg

Duration: 60 minutes

Listened to the radio today, think it was Flava. Best track being;

Jay-Z and Kanye West - N****s in Paris


Think I have found my new 'amp up' track! Really wanted to smash the weights and go ballistic, it's a close battle between this track and Metallica - Master of Puppets! :D


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Wednesdays Training, 19th June 2013

Trained early in the morning and late in the evening today, feels like it has been two days! Enjoyed High Tea with Amelia at Stamford Plaza Auckland between the two and watched The Internship with my mate and brother to end the day! A great, motivating film, move over Remember The Titans and Gridiron Gang!

Morning training was fast and easy with short rest throughout, in the evening I trained some Chest and Back like a bodybuilder with my mate Mark, he is 6 weeks out from competition and still moving some heavy weights! Beast mode! Was a nice change, focusing on the contraction for each and every rep - slow and controlled :D

Session 1:

2" Deficit Deadlift - 20kgx20, 60kgx10, 100kgx5, 140kg, 180kg, 200kg - hook grip, 180kgx2 and 140kgx2 - straps

Partial Deadlift - 140kg, 180kg, 220kg, 3x1-180kg, 3x1-140kg

Dumbbell Back Extensions - 60kgx5, 70kgx5

Standing Leg Curl - 2x6-40lb

Standing Hip Flexion - 2x4-40lb

Dumbbell Incline Row - 2x10-25kg

Neutral-Grip Lat-Pulldown with dead stop each rep - 2x8-84kg

Seated Face Pulls with 3 seconds pause - 2x10-48kg

Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 2x4-20kg

Dumbbell Incline Row - 2x12-20kg

Duration: 50 minutes

Session 2:

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press - 20kgx20, 22.5kgx15, 25kgx10, 35kgx5, 42.5kgx5, 45kgx3, 20kgx12, 20kgx8

Bench Press - 60kgx10, 80kgx6, 80kgx4, 90kgx4

Dumbbell Flies - 3x8-20kg

Pull-Ups going from as wide as the bars went and moved in each set, ending with my hands together on the last set - BW x8, x6, x6, x6, x6, x8

Wide-Grip Lat-Pulldown - 54kgx15, 66kgx12, 78kgx8

Album listened to during training today;

GZA - Liquid Swords

With the best track being;

GZA and Method Man - Shadowboxin'



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Thursdays Training, 20th June 2013

An easy day of training this morning, bit of this and that, having a fun session. Short of failure for everything, focusing on muscle contraction and control with the assistance work.

Session 1 and ONLY;

Squat Jerk - 20kgx10, 40kgx5, 60kgx3

Behind The Neck Push Jerk - 60kgx2, 80kgx2, 100kgx2

Reverse-Grip Bench Press with feet up - 20kgx10, 40kgx5, 60kgx5

Strict Curl - 10kgx20, 20kgx10, 30kgx5

4" Board Press - 60kgx5, 80kgx3, 110kgx1, 3x1 with 5 seconds rest-80kg

Rope Hammer Curls - 3x8-36kg

Smith-Machine Seated Press - 20kgx8, 40kgx8, 60kgx4

High-Cable Curls - 3x12-18kg

Cable Upright Row - 3x12-42kg

One-Arm High-Cable Lying Curl - 18kgx20, 18kgx15, 18kgx10

One-Arm Dumbbell Lying Extensions - 9kgx10, 2x8-12.5kg

Alternating Dumbbell Curl - 3x20-12.5kg

Ez-Bar Incline Extensions - 2x20-18kg

Ez-Bar Reverse Curl - 2x8-18kg

Seated Pulldown Obliques - 2x10-60kg

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 2x40-125lb

Standing Calf-Raise Macine - 2x10-300lb + 2x40-BW

Recumbant Bike - 15 minutes

Album listened to during training today;

Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion

Amelias Mix

With the best track today being;

Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge


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Fridays Training, 21st June 2013

Today I woke up a bodybuilder! Haha :D I needed something different today, a fun training day.

What did I feel like doing for fun? Well, I drove to the gym and during that 10 minute cruise through traffic I decided I would train LEGS! I could visualize me and Kai Greenes legs becoming one set of tanned white swole rump steak LEGS!

After my first warm-up set for Squat I thought about this Leg session I had dreamed up and thought about what I had done during the week, came to the conclusion that training like a bodybuilder would be a stupid thing to do, a great way to tear a muscle!

Training like a smart athlete who knows his limits for the day would work just fine though and I figured I could have very little rest between sets, focus on that mind muscle connection and really isolate the target muscle, contracting the muscle through the full ROM which would make it harder to recover between sets and allowing my muscles to fatigue with light weights and less stress on the CNS.

My plan worked wonders, I had a sick pump, could feel the target muscle working throughout the set, fatigued but did not fail and 16 hours later, feeling fresher than yesterday! :D

Maybe I'll train legs again tomorrow! ;) haha ... Magic Cow building Calf Circuit at the end, I call it the 'Double Up Down Double' haha :P

Session 1 and ONLY;

Smith-Machine Back Squat - 20kgx10, 60kgx10, 100kgx5, 140kgx3

Lying Leg Curls - 4x12-50lb

Leg Extensions - 4x15-30kg

Standing Leg Curl - 4x15-20lb

Standing Hip Flexion - 4x12-20lb

Dumbbell Back Extensions - 4x15-20kg

Barbell Lying Hip Extensions, feet raised - 4x8-60kg

The Double Up Down Double:

-Using a weight which would be 15-20 reps short of failure on the first set

-Double up the amount of reps on the next exercise and go down by 2 reps on the first exercise for the nex set and then onwards

-No rest at all, on to the next one!

-3-5 minute static stretch for calves after

Standing Calf-Raise Machine - 300lb x10, x8, x6

Calf Press, bent-legs - 160kg x20, x16, x12

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 125lb x40, x32, x24

I am gonna experiment with the above Calves to Cow Magic, I think 5 days on and 2 days off may do the trick!

Albums listened to during training today;

-9th Prince - Prince of New York

-60 Second Assassin - Remarkable Timing

Two very talented poets, coming from Killarmy and Sunz Of Man. If you like real hip hop, these are two albums you should haven your collection!! :D :D :D

That's all I got for y'all today! Goodnight!

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Mondays Training, 24th June 2013

Not much to say about todays sessions. Squats were nice and speedy and calves feel super super swole! :D

Session 1:

Box Squat - 20kgx10, 60kgx10, 100kgx5, 140kg, 180kg, 200kg - wraps, 180kgx2 - wraps, 3x1-160kg - no wraps

Corner Row - 40kgx8, 3x8-80kg

Leg Press - 3x10-280kg

Seated Row - 4x10-60kg

One-Arm Dumbbell Bent-Over Laterals - 4x8-12kg

Circuit: 10 reps full ROM + 10 reps partial ROM - slow and controlled tempo, no rest

Leg Extensions - 3x20-45kg

Seated Leg Curl - 3x20-60kg

Calf Press Machine - 3x20-180kg

One-Leg Standing Calf-Raise - 3x20-BW

Donkey Calf-Raise - 3x20-BW

Duration: 50 minutes

Session 2:

Recumbant Bike - 10 minutes

Lying Leg-Raise - BW x10, x8, x6

Pulldown Obliques - 42kg x20, x16, x12

Pulldown Abs - 42kg x40, x32, x24

Standing Calf-Raise Machine - 300lb x10, x8, x6

Calf Press - 160kg x20, x16, x12

Seated Calf-Raise Machine - 125lb x40, x32, x24

Band Stretches - 20 minutes

Duration - 40 minutes

Albums listened to during training today;

Showbiz & A.G. - Soul Clap

Gang Starr - Step In The Arena

With the best track today being;

Gang Starr - Execution of a Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Pt. 2)


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Tuesday's Training, 25th June 2013

Fun easy two sessions this morning. I am very very sleepy and also very exhausted, so no stories tonight.

Session 1:

Sprints - 5x30m

Log - 5x1-100kg

Stones from 1" Deficit - 4x1-107kg with 10 seconds rest

Floor Press - 20kgx10, 60kgx5, 80kgx3, 90kg, 100kg, 80kgx5, 4x1-90kg

3" Board Press - 100kg, 102.5kg, 105kg x3

Dumbbell Incline Flies - 20kgx6, 15kgx8, 10kgx6

Dumbbell Bench Press - 30kgx6, 25kgx8, 20kgx10

Cross Body Hammer Curl - 20kgx10, 30kgx6, 25kgx8, 15kgx20

Close-Grip Bench Press - 2x8-60kg, 2x4-80kg

Ez-Bar Reverse Curl - 4x8-18kg

Session 2:

Lats, Calves and Stretches


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